Lessons From Daddy, Part 2

Having finished my coffee, I turn to my daughter and say, “Ok sweetie, Lesson 2 – How to please your Man. This lesson will be non penetrative sex, only oral or mutual masturbation.

Good love making is you and your partner in harmony, doing whatever comes naturally to please each other while pleasuring yourselves also, building up a trust with your partner while doing so before finally coming together as one – to complete the more pleasurable act of making love.

The 2nd lesson is again about teaching self control, I have already said while pleasuring you I really wanted to fuck your brains out; now I want you to do the same for me and feel the same lust and passion.

I want you to start by giving me a lap dance, teasing me. Full body contact is allowed, do whatever feels good for you. Pleasing a man is easy; its 50% visual stimulation and 50% physical stimulation. For a women I think it’s more like 25% visual and 75% physical, maybe because women can multi-orgasm. While pleasing me, I want you to pleasure yourself; bring me off as many times as you can while using me to do the same to yourself.”

My daughter gets up and starts to walk away.

“I’ll be back in a second, I want to get ready.”

She returns wearing a very sexy see through lace half cup bra with a matching lacy thong and a very sexy mini skirt that barely covered her lace thong or pussy.

I start the music, Cyndi Lauper singing “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

“Not very sexy, but I thought it might spur you on,” I laughed.

I’m sitting down as she danced into the room and over to me, moving her body with seductive hip gyrations, dancing around and around, thrusting her ass back and wriggling it towards me. With her back facing me, she bends over, thrusting her ass into my face. I can smell her sex. I lick her asshole through the thin band of material, licking upward over her wet panties and pussy. I could feel her lips open up slightly. Turning around she slowly bends her knees, continuing to gyrate her hips. Next, she leaned forward, giving me a good view of her barely encased mounds. She reaches forward, opening my towel so she could see the effect she was having on me; I was so hard it had been like a tent pole under the towel. Slowly and sexily licking her lips, looking me straight in the eyes, she leans into me as if to kiss me but instead nibbled on my lower lip. With this my cock twitches and she leans over even more, bending down as she does, her mouth hovering over my cock. With one quick lick she encircles the head, licking off the small amount of pre-cum from its slit.

Standing up again, she danced backwards slightly, continuing with the now more pronounced circular hip gyrations. She brings 1 hand to her waist, I see her open the button on the waist band of her mini skirt. With outstretched arms she opens her hand and it drops to the floor. Turning around, she bends over giving me the most lovely view of her ass and barely covered pussy from the rear again. She thrusts her ass back within an inch of my face, her scent is so strong now it is intoxicating. Now she bends over more as if to touch her toes, her pussy is so close to my face. She grabs my ankles and pulls my legs forward and straight out, I lean back into my chair moving my ass forward slightly so I can use the back of the chair as a head rest. My hole body, like my cock, is now stiff and straight. She covers my cock head with her mouth and I feel her tongue licking yet more pre-cum from it.

Lifting her chest upward so that she can squat down slightly, she sits on me, thrusting her groin forward, her panty covered pussy forces my cock down flat. This is a little uncomfy as it is being bent unnaturally, but quite pleasurable as she now starts to thrust backward and forward along its length, rubbing herself against its stiffness. I feel her wet panties soaking my cock in her juices as they flood from her pussy.

She starts to purr, then groan, “Ooooh Yessss! I so want your cock in my pusssssy!”

“Not Allooowwed Baaaby giiiirlll!” I say as my cock starts to ache and then twitch.

Oh my god, I’m cuming! And so is she, moaning “yes” as I feel orgasm after orgasmic spasms shoot through her body and I shoot my first load over her panties which are soaked with our combined juices, then a second and third load follows.

Sliding down my legs Anita drops to her knees, a hand moves behind her back to the clasp of her bra and it pops open. Shrugging forward as she stands, I see it slide off her shoulders. Turning around she straddles my legs again, and with outstretched arms her hand opens and her bra drops to the floor joining her mini skirt. Again she squats down, this time forcing my semi stiff cock against my abdomen, rubbing her soaking wet panties up and down 3 times before she lays flat on my chest. She slowly slides down my legs and is again on her knees, still flat against my body. When her tits were over my cock, she took hold of my dick and lifted it up and placed it between her breasts. Then she places a hand at the side of each of her breasts pushing them together to engulf my slowly stiffening cock, massaging up and down. It is soon back to full erection. That feels so good I think she’s been secretly getting some tips off her mother because she gives almost as good a titty wanking as my wife Jane does. I’m now fully erect again and she stands and turns around yet again, dropping her panties to her ankles and stepping out of them. Next she’s straddling me, thrusting her ass into my face and ordering me, “EAT ME!” She then proceeds to fuck my face with her pussy.

I lick out her love tunnel with a fast strong licking action, swallowing as much as I can. Her body starts to spasm so I quickly move to her swollen clit, sucking it hard and then nibbling it gently. What happens next takes me totally by surprise – she lifts herself slightly from my face and starts to squirt her juices! Buckets of juices almost drowning me – cumming again and again I can feel them running down my body, covering me in her sweet nectar. She collapses, laying down against my body, her pussy is still in my face. I carry on eating her pussy and she continues to flood my face with her pussy juice. Its in my hair and all over my face and chest. I’m one hell of a sticky mess.

She eases herself down my body slightly and then she took my cock into her hand. With her hand wrapped around my shaft her fingers closed tight, she pulls her hand down my shaft, the foreskin slipped back over the head revealing the purple head beneath and my cum hole. The head was covered in cum and pussy juice as was my lower stomach. Next she lowered her head and opened her mouth and when her lips enclosed around the head trapping it inside her mouth, I nearly lost control. She licked her tongue around the top, pushing her tongue into the small hole at the top, trying to make it as big as she could. She got all the cum from it and then took it all into her mouth. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back her throat. As it slid down she gagged slightly and then she pulled back up and down again.

She cupped my balls in one hand and started to roll them around, placing 2 fingers of the other hand at my asshole and slowly pushes forward. OMG! I cant control myself any longer! I feel that aching in my balls and the pressure is building up. I start to come with the most powerful jet, it’s a wonder I don’t choke her, cum is running from her mouth as she can’t swallow fast enough. I feel so week I can’t support both our weight; I collapse and we fall off the chair to the floor.

OK, that’s enough. Lesson 2 is almost finished. I’m changing the rules a little though; when I get hard again I’m going to fuck you senseless.”

Anita chuckles, “But Daddy, that’s not allowed.”

“Teacher makes the rules so teacher can break them. Lets call this extra credit – get that ass up in the air! Your pussy is so wet I’ll get nowhere, there’s too much lubrication. I’m going to fill that ass up.”

With that she gets on all fours. With all the juices covering my cock and her ass, my semi erect prick slips in easy. I started to pump away slowly, being only semi hard i didn’t want to come out. I carry on at this pace till I start to stiffen, then I’m building up speed until I’m pumping in and out of her ass as hard and fast as I can, grunting loudly.


She starts to squirt again and she comes so violently that her juices can be heard splashing onto the floor. Spurred on by this, I find an extra last bit of speed, and with balls slapping against her ass I erupt like mount Vesuvius into her ass, cum flooding from her ass I pull out and we both collapse to floor.

We must have fallen asleep because I woke up laying next to Anita. She is also just waking.

I move in closer to her, giving her a kiss I say, “Wow, baby girl, you pass that lesson with a big A+++! Let’s go shower and then its off to bed for a little rest. Then we can eat and start the last Lesson. No. 3 is just called Fucking – You will learn the difference between this and making love tomorrow. Oh yes, and if you like, you get to use Mummies strap on or double ended dildo.”

“Ummm, that sounds good.”

To be continued.

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