Life on the Farm

Hi there. My name is Anna. I am 18 years old. I weigh 124 pounds and have 36DD breasts. I live on a farm in Minnesota with my parents. The closest neighbor is about 2 miles away. My best friend and her parents are that neighbor. We are always together. When I was 15, my parents and Shelly’s parents decided to have a party. There were only going to be our families there. That was fine with me, because I was eager to hang out with Shelly. We always have fun together. Shelly is the one who taught me just how fun life on a farm can be. We don’t have a huge farm, just a few ponies, 3 great danes, and a couple of sheep. The first time I went to her house, her mom said she was in her room watching tv and just to go up there. When I walked into her room, I almost died! There she was, laying on the bed NAKED!! Her tv had a porno on it, and her german shepard had his head between her legs!!! As I stood there amazed, she motioned for me to sit on the bed. I was a little hesitant, not knowing what to do.
“Come over and join us.” she said.
“I don’t know,” I replied. “What are you doing?”
“You haven’t had sex yet?”
“No, not really, I have played with my pussy, but I haven’t been with a boy yet.”
“Ooohhhh, you are in for a treat!!” she said.
“What do you mean?”
“Come over here and lay down.”
I went to the bed and sat on the edge. Shelly got up and let the dog out of her room. Then she came over and sat down next to me. She reached up and started rubbing my breasts. I tried to pull away, but she wouldn’t stop. All she said was, “Just relax and let me show you something.” So, I gave in to her. Next thing I know, I am naked and my legs are spread wide open. Shelly is on her knees between my legs.
“What are you going to do? What if your parents come in?”
“Don’t worry, I will make you feel sooo good, and my parents won’t bother us at all. They are the ones who taught me all about playing with the animals!”
“Are you sure?”
“Very, now just relax. I want to make you feel good.”
As I lie there, the first thing she did was spread my pussy lips apart. I could feel my pussy get wet. She rubbed my clit with her thumb as she inserted a finger in me. It felt so good. I was getting really turned on, and started playing with my tits. They are big and I can suckle on my nipples. Very hard, erect nipples. Seeing me suck my nipples turned Shelly on even more. She slowly moved her head between my legs and started licking up and down my pussy. My body responded! I was shocked! I never thought I could get turned on by another girl! Boy was I wrong!! We continued to play with each other for awhile. Getting wetter and wetter by the minute.
“Can I bring King back in?” Shelly asked as she played with my nipples.
“For what?” I asked, I wasn’t sure of all that.
“He won’t hurt you, but his tongue feels great! You will love it I promise!”
“Okay, just don’t let him bite me!”
“He won’t, he loves the taste of pussy!! You’ll see.”
With that said, she opened the door to her room, and let him in. Immediately, he came to the bed and started licking my juicy pussy. Shelly was right! His tongue felt amazing! He licked deep into me, and I thought I was going to cum, but Shelly made him stop.
“What did you do that for?” I asked.
“Turn over so your butt is in the air, it feels better that way.” Shelly said.
I was beginning to trust her, so I did what she asked and got on my hands and knees. King came right back and started licking away again. Boy, I need to teach my dog about this I thought. As I am thinking of ways to get Rowdy to do this to me, King decides he has had enough of licking, and jumps on my back.
“What is he doing?” I ask Shelly.
“Don’t worry, he wants to fuck you. It is good to. Just let him and you will see what I mean.”
“Will it hurt?”
“Maybe a little. He is large, but it will feel real good.”
The next thing I knew, Shelly was guiding King’s erect penis into my tight pussy. Boy was it long! But she was right again! It did feel good. King started humping me slowly at first, but then he got real fast, and I felt something hard in me. Shelly told me not to worry, it was just his knot, and it made it better. I was afraid he would be stuck there forever, but was told that it would go down after he came. As King pounded my pussy, Shelly licked and sucked. I was in heaven!! It never felt this good when I played with myself! Just when I thought I was going to scream, King came inside me. His load was huge!!! It ran right out and Shelly licked it up. Then she let me watch and play while she got fucked. From then on, Shelly and I always have a great time together. I was so excited that my parents were having a little get together. Saturday arrived, and I saw them pull up to the house in their truck. I noticed that Shelly had King with her, and thought that was good. She had shown me how to get Rowdy to play with me, so now we both could get it at the same time. What I didn’t know was that her parents and my parents had other ideas.
I still had to do the chores in the barn, and Shelly’s mom and dad suggested that she help me. So, we went to feed the ponies. Little did I expect everyone to come to the barn. Shotgun, my stud pony was tied to the side of the barn. I couldn’t figure out why until I saw my mom on the floor, rubbing his very long cock.
“Come over here baby, feel how big he is”
“Mom! What are you doing?”
“Oh baby, I know you play with Rowdy and King with Shelly. Daddy and I watch on the tv. He installed cameras so we could watch. I just thought you might like to play with Shotgun.”
I looked over at my dad. He was nodding his approval, and I could see that Shelly’s parents were into it also. Her dad had a huge buldge in his pants, as did my dad. I wasn’t so sure of it all, and then Shelly went to mom and took the tip of Shotguns cock in her mouth. I decided it must be okay, Shelly was never wrong in the past. I walked over to my pony. Knelt on the ground next to mom and Shelly. Took ahold of his cock and began stroking it. Looking over at dad, I was shocked to find him, Shelly’s mom and dad lying on the hay. My dad had her dad’s cock in his mouth and her mom was siting on my dad’s cock, rocking back and forth. Mom told me to lie down on the floor beneath Shotgun. I did as I was told. Shelly was still cucking his cock while mom stroked it. All of a sudden, I was covered in horse cum. It came out in big long bursts. Shelly and mom came over and started licking it off of me. I never imagined my parents were into this sort of thing! As Shelly and I watched while the adults came and came–we were made to lick and suck the cum off of them. Then they sat and watched while King and Rowdy fucked us both for what seemed to be hours.
Before all this happened, I was very mad that my parents wanted to own a farm. Now I realise that a farm is much better than I had ever dreamed. Shelly and her parents cum over alot. I can’t wait until the next time!!!!!

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  1. slutty little sister

    i ho[e we here more and soon

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  2. country stud

    farm is nice sometimes i always loved the extra farm hands but i enjoyed your story.cant wait for a new chapter

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  3. luvbigwomen

    Absolutely wonderful story. I came while reading the story then licked my hand.

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