Limo Driver

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The Limo Driver

I worked in a yuppie bar in downtown Little Rock for just over three years. Every one of my friends who worked with me took home some drunk slut or another regularly. I was happily engaged and trying to support my wife to be and two daughters. I wasn’t the bartender. I wasn’t a server. Nor was I the manager. I was the barback. Nothing more than a glorified busboy. I was better known by one of the nicknames the customers had given me. All the bar served was tap beer in pint glasses. It was my responsibility to collect, wash, and restock the glasses.
With a crowd of two hundred plus people in the bar that leaves a lot of empty pints for me to pick up. They have yet to find any two guys much less one guy to replace The Glass Guy / Glass Nazi / (my favorite) Cupmonkey. I could sweep through both floors of the entire bar, dodging drunken rednecks and snatching up pints as I went in about three minutes. I was usually carrying between fifty and seventy five pints plus the assortment of wine and brandy glasses stuffed in my pockets. On a busy Friday night it was normal for me to toss over five thousand glasses behind the bar. At almost a pound a pint and rushes lasting between four and six hours, I got a brutal workout five nights a week. Along with model good looks I should have been taking my pick of the bar whores every night. If it weren’t for the fact that I was usually too busy to slow down much less chit chat with the ladies I would have been hard pressed to remain faithful to my fiancĂ©. The rest of the staff got used to the women asking about me and told them all I was married with children but that didn’t stop some of them from groping and hitting on me as I passed their table.
Drunk women can be every bit as perverted and persistent as men. Don’t get me wrong. I have never been much of a ladies man so all the attention was nice. I just had to be totally unavailable but there was no harm in being polite and friendly. For three years I turned down offers from countless women trying to take me home. I passed up orgy invitations with bachlorette parties. I smiled and walked away from more pussy in three years than most men come across in a lifetime.
So what do I do when my wife to be hands me back my engagement ring? I quit and got a day job. I could have stayed and continued to drag in money by the handfuls and dipped my stick in a different piece of ass every night. I chose a day job because my ex no longer required me to be home all day with the kids. I missed the nightlife so I got a part time job driving a limo taxi on the weekends. So instead of picking up all the drunks empty glasses, I shuttled them around from bar to bar till eight or nine o’clock in the morning. By that time all my chances for going home accompanied had either found other or passed out.
It was Thursday afternoon when Alan called me. He seemed overly cheerful and almost sounded happy over the phone, which was odd considering he gets about ten hours sleep a week. He runs his limousine company like cabs, as long as you stay in city limits its fifteen dollars door to door twenty four seven. I got to watch the phones for a few days during the week while he was out of town and I wanted to strangle him when he got back. He asked if I had any plans for the weekend. I told him archery season opened Friday and I was planning on getting in some hunting in my free time. Then he asked me if I wanted to work a private party from Friday morning to Sunday evening. Despite my desires to kill Bambi I was also so broke I was scraping change for cigarettes so I told him deer season was five months long. Bambi could wait a few more days.
I picked up the limo at nine Friday morning along with directions to the client’s home. I didn’t have to be there till ten but I liked to be early. I’ve been known to get lost and end up late. Thirty minutes later I pulled in the drive way with plenty of time to spare. It was a moderate house just outside of town with a bright blue mustang convertible parked out front. A large man in full camouflage was busy loading up a beat up ford bronco with a lift kit and super swampers. I got out of the limo and walked up to the man and introduced myself. He said his name was Jimmy and that I was here to pick up his wife. He explained that he was going to deer camp for the week and that his wife takes a trip to Tunica every year when he leaves for the woods. I offered to help him load his truck but he was almost done and told me to go get his wife’s bags from the house.
I wished him good luck as I went to the front door and knocked. Come in, said a pleasant voice from behind the stained glass window. I opened the door and stepped in as her voice echoed from down the hall. I knew I had heard this woman before as she told me her bags were by the door. She informed me she would be out shortly while I grabbed her luggage and headed for the car. I know this woman I thought to myself as I opened the trunk. I racked my brain trying to place where I’d heard her speak before. I waited patiently by the passenger door for this little mystery to be solved. Jimmy’s truck cranked up and rolled down the driveway while I stood there waiting. His knobby tires slapped the pavement loudly as he sped off down the highway.
I saw her blurred image through the door window before it swung open. Leeann’s wide smile greeted me as she stepped out on the porch. I remembered where I met her and first heard her speak as she turned and locked the door behind her. She frequently drank at the bar I used to work at. She would sit and make sly comments with her girlfriends about me. The drunker she and her friends got the less sly the comments would get. One busy Friday she and her friend Tiffany had been boozing it up for about four hours when they decided they were drunk enough to stagger out. I had been running around like a madman trying to keep up with the weekend alcoholics and had just sat down by the front door to smoke and take a breather.
My shirt was soaked with beer and sweat and my hair dripped sweat down my face while I surveyed the patrons. Leeann stepped out the door and paused to smile and say good night to me before she left. Her friend Tiffany was chatting up some tall frat boy on the sidewalk. I could tell Leeann was hammered as she swayed and ogled me with droopy eyelids. Whether it was to steady herself or just a ploy to cop a feel, she leaned into me for a goodbye hug. I cautioned her that I was all sweaty and wet before her arms reached around me. She pulled my body against hers pressing her big soft breasts to my chest while her hands slipped down to my bum for a playful pinch. Her sultry voice slurred in my ear, how she’d like to have me all sweaty with her before she tasted my salty neck with a flick of her tongue.
I jerked off to thoughts of her thick curvy body riding my cock for weeks and welcomed seeing her sitting in the bar. I made sure to be some where around the front door when I saw her getting her tab. I’ll admit to enjoying her hugging me good night before she left. Mostly I enjoyed her hour glass figure against my body with her lovely d-cup breasts just below my chin. Leeann was slightly taller than I usually like my women, but her wide hips beneath her slim waist framed in her luscious round ass and long muscled legs finished off her fuck me hard figure.
Her pleasant round face put off a girl next door appeal till she looked at you with soft blue eyes and a playful grin across her wide mouth. Her pretty smile and lustful gaze was inviting warm and enticingly suggested her erotic demeanor. Her long brown hair fell in curls half way down her back. Everything about her, from her kicking body to her easily kissable lips, broadcasted to all who took notice that she liked to fuck.
She sauntered down the walkway swaying her hips while opening her arms. She hugged me warmly, her hands lingering on my shoulders and lower back. Her large soft breasts against my ch
est and her hands exploring th
e muscles in my back had me thinking about all those hot showers alone with fantasies of Leeann sliding up and down my cock. All it took was a brief hug and a couple of impure thoughts and I had to conceal my sprouting erection from my attractive fare as I opened the door to the car.
I noticed when I got in the limo Leeann had taken her seat on the forward bench. In the confines of the limousine I could smell the faint sweet apple aroma from Leeann’s shampoo drifting throughout the car. Leeann blamed a sore throat for being so soft-spoken this morning. Whatever her excuse it gave her reason enough to talk to me over my shoulder with her whispered directions and conversation floating her sweet breath across my neck. If she would’ve leaned through the divider there would have been no hiding the tent I was pitching in the driver’s seat.
It was only about a twenty-minute ride from Leeann’s house to our first pick up. Leeann explained to me during our short trip about how she and her friends were all deer widows every year on opening day. All of them decided to get together and do some hunting of their own. She acted like her little widows club was just out to go shopping and have a little fun with girlfriends, but I knew better just from looking at Leeann’s pretty face and broad grin she was on a different kind of hunt. Her soft blue eyes sold out her motives when she caught me looking back. The sparkle of things to come behind those soft blue orbs and her devious smile simply camouflaged this predator. She was on the prowl and I had already been marked for a nice trophy mount by this talented man hunter.
Besides, our first stop was at Leeann’s sister’s home, and as she got in the car the first thing she asked her sister was where were all the boys she promised. Then she pretended to have just noticed me “Oh! There’s one,” she said while offering me her slender hand through the divider. My rough hand gently shook her slender fingers while she introduced herself with a sly wink. “I’m Bobbie.” she told me. Whether she was protecting her kill or pretending to be courteous I’m not sure, Leeann jumped in and introduced me as Josh the limo driver. I glimpsed Bobbie’s eyebrows pop up as she took back her tiny hand.
The two sisters hopped in the rear bench and for hushed gossip and giggling while I drove. Bobbie had no problems shouting directions with her loud here I am voice. I had never seen Leeann’s sister in the bar. I soon found out she had just turned twenty-one last week and this weekend was her doubling as her birthday party. I managed to check out newly legal Bobbie in my rearview while I waited at traffic lights. Her long brown hair was the same shade as her older sister and fell straight down her back. The same soft blue eyes and friendly smile warmed Bobbie’s face. Her young age still kept the womanly curves of her sister at bay. Her legs were slender and long making her slightly taller than Leeann. If she wasn’t six feet even then she was very close. Bobbie may not have had ample d-cup tits like her sister but her slender frame fit her firm c-cup breasts magnificently. Her low rider jeans and even lower cut blouse flaunted her youthful body.
I turned off the street and drove the car down a long gravel driveway. Tucked away behind the trees sat a massive log home with cedar shingles. The grounds around the house were impeccably maintained and a couple of Hispanic men were working one of the flowerbeds with rakes. A housemaid struggled with an overstuffed suitcase on the porch as I parked the limo. I got a quick nod and “Gracias,” when I offered to take the luggage. Leeann had already informed me we were picking up her friend Angela here. I was a little anxious to meet the rest of the party. I saw Angela walking towards the car as I shut the trunk.
I met Angela at the passenger door and held it open for her when she stopped in front of me. She blatantly looked me over like I was a new outfit in a department store window. I returned the trophy wife’s critical look with a warm smile and wandering eyes. Everything about Angela reeked of money and lots of it. Her freshly bleached hair covered up the gray and silver newgrowth. The skin around her face was stretched probably from one or more unnecessary lifts. Her eyes were dark blue and heavy make up tried to hide her mature looks. I looked at her face and could see she used to be a real looker in her day. Her store bought rack made the tiny woman a little top heavy. Although her rock hard D-cup breasts held up high on her barely five-foot frame she might not look as freakish with a smaller cup. She was wearing a short sundress with no bra. Her fun bags stretched the top of her flowery dress to its seems. Despite her shortcomings with hiding her age with surgery and make up her toned and muscled little body screamed of countless hours in the gym.
When Angela was finished forming her opinion of the chauffeur she got in the car with her friends. As I got back in the driver’s seat and started off to my next pick up I got an earful from the ladies in back. Angela played her part well as the older bitch with money. “At least he’s cute.” she stated as if she somehow got cheated. I figured out then that Angela probably footed most of the bill for the weekend. “When we go shopping later today, we’ll take him with us and get him out of those rags.”
I listened to the three of them chit chat and make comments about me. Angela decided to close the privacy glass after instructing me to the nearest liquor store. When we got to the store Angela lowered the glass and handed me a Benjamin and a list. I learned something when I got back with the booze. Angela does want her change. She said she used her billfold to hold bills not change. I went ahead and set up the ladies drinks and stuck the sixty dollars and change in my pocket. When I got back in the car I thought to myself. Angela can be as snobbish and rude as she pleases. She could use my rags to wipe her feet if she wanted.
With only one stop left to pick up Peng and Becky I was thankful they were roommates. It wasn’t long before I found out they were a little more than roommates. I didn’t get a whole lot of time to check out the couple while loading their bags. After I got them in the car I lingered by the door to catch an eyeful of the tall stickly dike with short spiky blonde hair and her very petite china doll girlfriend.
I have a hard time in my pants trying to see Becky’s long legs and super model frame convince me she just sticks to the ladies. Whether she had an eating disorder or a bad crack habit made no difference to this obsessively thin coat hanger. Her face while gaunt and a little hawkish held sharp features and piercing brown eyes. I heard she had done some modeling work recently while her and the party caught up on each other’s lives. I could easily see her sculpted good looks on a magazine cover or runway.
I’m normally not attracted to very thin women. I like curves, soft flesh, and full breasts. All it took was one look at her bony backside in her dangerously low sagging baggy jeans as she bent down to get in the car to change my policy on anorexic pretty blondes with little to no ass and small pert titties. Her shirt barely hung low enough to hide her nipples I felt my cock hop to attention against my pants when I noticed two taunting dimples above her little butt in the small of her lower back. I had visions of Becky’s sexy back bent over the car.
I took too long drooling over Becky to get a good look at Peng before they got in the car so I had to peep Peng through the rearview while I drove. I saw why she wasn’t so easily noticed as her lover. Peng looked like a small child sitting in between Leeann and Becky on the back seat. It probably didn’t help any that Peng was just under five feet tall and was happy she was up to eighty pounds last week. I’ll admit I’ve always found the jet black hair and almond brown eyes from the women of the far east very pleasing to the eye and most arou
sing in my crotch.
Peng was by no means an exception. I could see Peng’s petite frame comfortably tucked between the two amazons of the group. She just as easily could have been tucked away on a shelf in your bedroom without much difficulty. Her tiny figure had grown just enough to suggest the smooth hips of a grown woman. Her small mounds could be covered by one hand. Peng’s raven black hair was tucked back behind her ears and hung just above her knees while standing. If Santa still brought me toys I’d have an entire Peng collection.
I had only been on the freeway for about fifteen minutes when Leeann lowered the privacy glass. She leaned through the window speaking softly over my shoulder again raising the hairs on my neck. I could tell she was hinting at what all I would allow in the car. My boss has strict rules on drugs and sex in the cars. No drugs and no sex, which in my book is no fun, so I put Leeann at ease by suggesting hush money and sharing and what Alan don’t know can be cleaned up before he gets back his car.
Leeann sparked up a preroll and passed it up front to me. Angela threw a few wadded up bills through the window and told me to hush. It wasn’t long before the whole car was clouded and I could hear Angela chopping out lines in back. I passed up half my hits on the joint. I didn’t want to be too wasted behind the wheel. The girls laughed and joked while they boozed it up and passed joints around like cigarettes. I don’t think Angela took a break from the sandbox until we got to West Memphis. It took her half the trip to quit offering me powder; besides coke was just not my thing.
I drove the limo into the mall parking lot shortly after one in the afternoon. I pulled the car up to the front door and let the party go shopping. Angela stuffed another bill in my pocket as she got out of the car. She told me to go park the car and come and find her. I thought about it for a minute as I parked the car and locked up. Angela didn’t tell me where to meet her and the mall is huge. I went with my instincts and went to one of the bars inside. I couldn’t have been more on the money. The whole party was lounging in a corner booth at the closest bar to the mall entrance.
When I approached the group I was greeted with coy smiles and giggling from my group. I had missed the conversation but from all the attention from the women I knew I was the topic of discussion. Since Angela was planning on replacing my ragged clothes I was to accompany her through the mall. The ladies finished their drinks and paid the tab before dispersing to the shops. Becky and Peng went one way while the sisters teamed up and headed downstairs.
Angela linked arms with me as we made our way to the escalator. She took me in one of the stores on the top floor. She picked and looked through the clothes tossing five and six hundred dollar dresses over my arm. A few minutes and six grand worth of clothing later and I was standing outside the dressing room.
I entertained myself with daydreams of Angela’s hard body trying on the garments she took with her. I had my fingers crossed in hope of an invite behind the curtain. Angela opened the curtain and displayed her first choice for my opinion. The skin tight black mini dress clinging to her body had me stuttering for something to say. Since words so poorly expressed my opinion Angela noticed my approval growing in my pants. She smiled coyly as she slid the curtain back, almost.
Through the small gap left of the curtain I watched as Angela slipped out of the shoulder straps and slid the dress to the floor. Her well-maintained figure had me drooling and my dick throbbing before I saw her looking back at me through the crack in the blind. I didn’t even check to see if anyone was watching before I slipped behind the drapes with Angela.
Angela slid the curtain back after I slipped in the booth with her. She smiled while eyeballing the swell in my trousers and said,”I bet you’re a tighter fit than that dress.” I reached up with both hands and cupped both her beautifully manufactured firm tits as she slipped a hand under my shirt and up my torso while she fondled my erection through my pants. I leaned in to kiss the rich bitch and she stopped me just short of her lips before she said, “I just play with my boy toys, so let’s just keep this simple, I need no seducing and you can give your kisses to some naive little slut pretending to care about you back home. You can give me a good fucking and maybe I’ll keep you around for entertainment until I’m bored with you or something better comes along.”
It kinda pissed me off when I heard her proposition and thought of taking my leave and telling her to go get fucked but my dick makes most of my decisions. In the five seconds I took to ponder what she had said she popped the button of my pants and unzipped my fly. My khakis hit the floor around my ankles and her small hand grasped my shaft and stroked it softly once or twice before she propped up one foot on the bench and spread her legs and told me to get to work.
She let go of my tool and grabbed my butt while pulling my cock in line with her shaved snatch. I felt the head of my prick push its way between the almost dry flaps of her cunt. I took my hands off her store bought jugs and got a firm grip on her slim waist. I already decided how little I liked this uppity bitch so I risked ripping the skin off my dick and shoved real hard stuffing my dry prick all the way in her tight dry fuck hole. I could tell it hurt her from the sour look she gave me but it only spurred me to do it again with a grudgeful grunt of emphasis when I tapped her dry well. Four or five hard thrusts later and her ass was against the wall and her pussy was no longer peeling the skin off my dick.
Now that she was more lubricated and her back was against the wall I was free to hammer away at her with my dick. The stall shook and rattled loudly as I grudge fucked the shit out of her. I didn’t care who was listening or how she felt while I was pounding away. She wrapped her toned legs around my waist as I tried to knock her through the wall. Her slightly pissed look from before had vanished. I noticed her dim blue eyes roll back in her head before her sloppy slit burst soaking my nuts and washing down my legs. Had she held off for half a minute more, I would have busted my nut inside her tight pussy. Her legs went to jello as the rest of her body went limp and I dropped her used ass to the floor spraying my cum from her stomach to her face. There was even jizz oozing down the wall over her shoulder as the last of my spunk dribbled out of my dick and dripped in her lap.
I pulled up my pants and pulled open the curtain. The two clerks and a few of the customers were standing in front of the stall as I zipped up and walked out. I took a quick glance back before I went looking for the rest of the women. I had to smile and snicker at the sight of that stuck up slut sitting on the floor looking like a used porn whore trying to stand on shaky legs.

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