Lois – The Beginning. How it all started

Lois – The Beginning.

In many ways, I am a very lucky guy. Twelve years ago I found and met my wife, Lois. After a whirlwind coutship of eight weeks and a quick Vegas wedding we settled into a wonderful marriage. Lois is a beautiful, full bodied woman. She is 5’4” tall, weighs around 135 pounds with deep blue eyes, short strawberry blonde hair and the greatest pair of 36DDD tits in the World. And despite coming from a somewhat conservative Midwestern home she discovered early on she loved sex and got in more than her normal share of practice. Before we met she was engaged four times. I laughingly told her I thought she was looking to me for “a ring for her thumb” While I also came from a conservative household I was nowhere as experienced as Lois and she taught me a lot. While I am modestly endowed (6″ at attention) my dick has always been very responsive and to my mind that is preferable to a cock that looks good in the shower but can be unreliable when required. On our first weekend together as a married couple we had sex 12 times! I was in sex heaven. We got along great and life was a joy. Two years later I was offered a lucrative job that involved a fair amount of overseas travel, away from home. She had a nice job and was happy with that. We discussed the change and agreed it was the best move for our future together for me to take it. While we missed each other when I was gone we enjoyed great sex when we are together. Initially we did many of the mildly kinky things young lovers do. We enjoyed spontaneous sex everywhere in the house and never a day went buy without at least one sexual encounter. She loved sucking cock and I loved having my cock sucked. And I couldn’t get enough of those magnificent tits. We had sex on the kitchen table, on the stairs, in the bathroom, everywhere. I even remember picking her up from work one evening and her giving me a blow job while driving home in rush hour on an interstate. A couple of truckers gave us the horn in acknowledgement, much to our amusement. Life was good.

As our sexual lives progressed so did our experimentation. She allowed me to tie her arms and legs to the bed posts and shave her pussy. This really turned me on. Afterwards I rubbed lotion all over her twat and licked her until, after she had an incredible orgasm, she screamed for me to stop. I then replaced my tongue with my dick and continued to assault her pussy again until we both had cum. Afterwards she licked me dry in appreciation. Since then I have kept her clean shaven. Sometimes when she was tied up I would blindfold and gag her and then spend hours playing and teasing every sensitive part of her body, watching her shudder and twitch in pleasure. She would be soaked from perspiration and between her legs when I was ready to mount her. We bought toys such as dildos and anal beads and she seemed to enjoy their use. Lois bought me a porno movie for our first Christmas and after that I purchased several more. We watched them for inspiration. We would laugh at the lame plots but then try some of what we saw. Lois was never long into the movie before her pussy was dripping wet and she was all over me. Not sure we ever watched one all the way through. I especially remember one called “Hershey Highway Helen”. After ten minutes Lois allowed me to roll her over and rub lubricant all over her ass. I then worked a butt plug I had bought into her asshole to spread her anal ring and take her up the butt. She told me she did not especially enjoy that, although I was turned on. One day after laughing at something we saw in a movie and she was at work I purchased several suggestive vegetables and that evening tied her up and blindfolded her. She was then fucked with an ear of corn, a cucumber, a summer squash, a bunch of carrots and even a pepperoni stick. Once she realized what I was doing her bound body shook with laughter. She allowed me to continue until she had an orgasm, despite the nature of the activity. We tried to make our own porno movie once but discovered with a camera set on a desk did not do much to capture the nature of the activity. I suggested I could ask one of my friends handle those chores but that idea was quickly shot down. We tried handcuffs, which I found exciting but she advised hurt her wrists. She also did not like the nipple clamps, which turned me on incredibly. And anal sex turned into a weak once-a-year “birthday” offer. Despite these rejections our sexual play in the bedroom was enlightened and satisfying.

As soon as we bought a small, two story house in a nice suburban neighborhood some of our sexual adventures moved outdoors. One hot summer night, shortly after we moved in and after watching a porno movie followed heavy by petting and teasing, we decided to go outside to a swing on a covered front porch. Our house sat about 40 feet back on a quiet residential road with lots of trees and shrubs around. However the porch was in full view of any passing cars or, heaven forbid, late night walkers. I turned off all the lights in the house and the porch light. We went outside and Lois allowed me to tie her hands and legs to the swing and blindfold her. This exposed her pussy and the cool breeze caused her nipples to harden and enlarge, bringing my dick close to explosion. I went back inside, turned on the dim porch light and watched out the window. Several cars passed and while a few slowed none stopped. I am not sure what I would have done if one had. I went back outside to find her pussy dripping in a combination of fear, excitement and anticipation. I slid a well lubricated dildo into her ready pussy and she quickly climaxed. I stroked my now lubricated dick and came all over her tits. I pushed anal beads up her ass and removed them slowly. Sweat and cum covered both of us by then. We went back inside for more sex and did repeat variations of this adventure several times over the years. I got her to have sex on the sidewalk in front of the porch once but she would never do it at the end of the driveway near the street, despite my repeated suggestions. We thought of initiating an old tree house in the backyard and next to our neighbor’s house that was there when we bought the house but before we could carry out the plan it collapsed in a storm. Good thing we waited or we could have found ourselves naked in a very awkward situation! We had a deck built off our upstairs bedroom facing the road and many late summer nights consisted of Lois being fucked and licked and sucking cock at our deck railing as cars and even folks walking their dogs went by. We never knew for sure if anyone ever saw anything but no body ever mentioned it if they did. Maybe they just enjoyed the show. Sex remained good, but the kink level remained controlled with very real limits, somewhat to my growing frustration.

After a while I invited my wife to join me on some of the extended business trips as I always stayed at nice hotels and she could see me and enjoy the amenities. This also really opened up new worlds of fantasy. I would love to turn the lights in the room off at night, strip her naked and take her from behind as she was pressed against a large window in the hotel room. We left big tit and pussy smear marks on windows of many hotel rooms. Some trips she would let me undress her in the window but in the dark and then give me a blow job, swallowing all my cum, while I fondled her massive tits and pulled on her nipples. We also would take a room on the ground floor and at night turn the lights off but leave the curtains partially open. We would get undressed and go at it on the bed, Lois sucking my cock, me licking her pussy and playing with her tits and eventually have sex. We never knew if anyone who was walking by (and several did) glanced in and saw the show but the thrill led to gigantic orgasms for both of us. One night we were having several drinks late in our room in a deluxe hotel with a giant atrium after an evening of partying. Lois loved to dance and had
mildly flirted and
danced with a number of men at the party, which turned me on. We got to our room and quickly were naked and horsing around when she playfully slapped me. I smiled and told her I was going to teach her a lesson and grabbed her by the waist and threw her out the door into the hallway. I quickly closed and locked the door. Just then an elevator door opened and a hotel bellman stepped into the hall. Lois was butt naked, outside, and in full view of a (thankfully for her) empty lobby and a very surprised bellboy. She politely asked him if he could open the door for her as she had “forgotten her key”. He let my very embarrassed wife into the room. She immediately resumed slapping me but not quite so playfully this time, I remembered. I admit the incident also aroused me unbelievably. After a while she calmed down and we both laughed about it and made incredible love. Another time she met me at my hotel suite New York during a trade show. We had a wonderful dinner with associates and way too many drinks. When we returned to the room I stripped her naked and had her sit in a dinning room chair in front of a window with closed drapes. The window faced the other wing of the hotel. I tied her hands behind her and each ankle to the back legs of the wooden chair. I massaged her tits to get things rolling and then blindfolded her. I turned off all the lights, got undressed and slowly opened the blinds. From behind, I spread the expensive moisturizing lotion the hotel had given us all over her exposed body, especially her magnificent tits, until she glistened in the faint light. I squeezed her tits and inserted my fingers in her pussy until she was gushing. I then fucked her with anything I could find in the room, including a banana from the complimentary fruit basket, a hair dryer from the bathroom, cooking pot handle from the kitchen and a well lubricated wine bottle from the mini-bar. She moaned and wiggled as each item was carefully inserted to its fullest and moved back and forth, in and out, until her body shuddered. I sucked on her tits until I left red marks and pulled on her nipples until they were purple and soar. I finally untied her, pressed her to the window and took her from behind. We both had massive orgasms together, her third of the session. What a night. We both collapsed exhausted.

As noted, this has gone on for twelve years and has been terrific. Unfortunately now we have come to a crossroads, I want to continue to experiment with things such as multiple partners and am fascinated at the possibility of watching her have sex with another or several other men. She adamantly refuses and won’t discuss it. As noted, life is good and the our sex is better so I don’t want to rock the boat. However I am not sure how I will handle my continuing sexual fantasies. Will Lois eventually come around or is that part of our live over? She is beautiful with a terrific body so finding partners for such activities would not be a problem. And how much is enough? If we eventually do participate in multiple partners and I see her in a gang bang will I want more? What next? Do we risk our marriage? It is a dilemma we can’t seem to resolve. I guess I will just enjoy the good times for now.

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