Lola and Jules

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To properly tell Lola’s first experience with black cock I have to start before she is on all fours, clutching the sheets of the bed as her pussy and ass are stretched with massive black dicks.
Before her hands are held above her head and DT is banging her in the bathroom stall.
Before she walks into the club where she will get facefucked while sitting at a table in the corner.
This must start at the gym, where Lola meets Jules. She is attracted on sight to this blonde woman in her late forties.. perfect hourglass doing squats with her trainer, a caramel skinned young man built like a fucking god. Lola was licking her full lips as she watched the young man with his large hands on Jules’s’ ass.. dreaming of what his dick tastes like.. feels like inside of her moist cunt.
Her hands keep grazing her incredible large tits, for someone of her young age.. though large for anyone to be honest.
She can feel her nipple stand upright as her fantasies focus on his long hard dick filling her up, pounding her as she screams out.. unconcerned with anyone watching her pale skin mounted by this Adonis.

“Just how wet is your little pussy right now, honey?”
Jules scoots into the seat across from Lola with a huge grin on her face. “His cock is amazing, by the way. Didn’t care for his balls.. I like huge low hanging nuts that I can cram in my mouth.”
The blonde bombshell reaches out across the table, “I’m Jules by the way and you are..”
“Lola , my name is Lola. Nice to meet you.”
She shakes her hand as Jules says, “i can introduce you if you like. To my trainer.. he would enjoy working you over.”
“Oh, I’ve never been with a black man before.. I’d be too nervous.” Jules takes Lola’s statement as a challenge.
“Honey, we’re going out tonight. I’ve got to introduce you to a couple of guys I know that will ruin you for white men.”

The two women agree to meet at a club downtown and Jules tells her to wear something short and slutty.

At the club, the two enter turning nearly every head as they make their way to a back table.
“DT, this is Lola. She needs a drink and some big black dick in her.”
A speechless Lola shakes DT’s enormous hand and slides into the booth as he has one of his friends get drinks for the table.
Jules is flirtatious and it’s easy to see that she would be popular anywhere.
With the commotion surrounding the people in and around the booth, Lola doesn’t remark that her drink tastes funny.. nor does she protest as on of the guys slide his hand up her short skirt.. flicking her clit with his fingertip.
As her heart races she looks over at Jules, getting her tits sucked by DT and one of his boys..
“You need to taste this fucking horse dick, honey.” Lola looks down to see jules stroking the longest dick shes ever seen. At least 12 inches and thick as hell, so long and hard that it stands up from behind the edge of the table as DT reaches behind Lola’s head he looks over, “go on, it tastes like strawberry milkshake”
He pulls her head into his lap as the other guy continues to play with her pussy, sliding a wet finger inside her as she attempts to suck down this huge black penis. Wet slurping sounds cover the comments Jules makes, cheering her on..
“Suck that dick down, bitch!”
“You think it hurts now wait til he pounds it in that virgin pussy, well black virgin anyway.”

Lola sucks DT as far as she can and is barely able to suck him past his head. Though she jerks him along with Jules.
“Cum on my fingers you little bitch.” She doesn’t hear the man speak but she does cum on his fingers, squirming in the booth.

Shortly after her orgasm she finds herself in the men’s restroom hanging onto the door of the stall as DT drills his horse dick inside her. Her tits out and jiggling as she takes his black dick screaming about how much it hurts and how she fucking loves it!
Her legs wrap around him as she cums on that tremendous member again and again before he forces her to her knees to taste her pussy, licking his cock clean as she rubs her inflamed clit.

The night continues when they get back to Jules’s house, naked in her bed three black men shuffle around using the two women.. getting sucked off or bending them over the bed to pound the shit out of them.

In the early morning hours Lola screams out “please don’t stop fucking me! I fucking love huge black cock!”
DT and another man fuck her ass and pussy, pulling on her red hair as they stretch her holes filling her with inches of black meat. Her toes curling, fingers digging into the sheets, veins popping in her neck as her body tenses up cumming repeatedly as her pussy sloshes.. dripping and occasionally squirting out the black dick pounding her once tight white pussy. Jules watches lola get her holes hammered as another man fucks her shapely ass..
Jules knows that she won’t be walking straight for a week but she’ll be back for more.

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