She answers the door in a towel, clutching her full luscious bust.. “why the fuck do you still ring my doorbell, weirdo? ”
Jimmy stares at her, at the beige towel barely covering her tits then quickly averts his gaze over her shoulder.. she turns away to retreat to her bedroom as Jimmy walks inside..
He watches those ass cheeks jiggle seductively as she scurries toward the back of the apartment. The towel only covers her ass about halfway down her hips, wide and curvaceous.. having known her since high school he recalls how early her body developed.
Her voice rings out through the apartment, rambling on as he looks around..
“Hey weirdo, are you ready?”
Looking up he sees her standing in a crisp white button down shirt, fitted with ruffled short sleeves. A catholic school girl skirt that went just far enough to cover her incredible ass but not far enough to keep him from getting hard at the sight of her in it.
Filling out her wardrobe was a pair of long white socks and high heeled Mary Janes.
“Dylan is expecting me to drop by in 10 minutes and he lives 20 minutes away. We gotta get moving!” She urges jimmy out the door closing but not locking the door.
“Are you going to lock that?” He asks.
“Stewart likes to surprise me by waiting for me naked. Sometimes he just walks in and strips down while I’m asleep. He loves to shove his dick in my mouth while I’m asleep.”

The car ride over is dominated by silence as he tries to get the image of some strange guy face fucking what he considers ‘the love of his life’ out of his head.
She chatters on, tugging at the short skirt as she shifts her legs. Eyes keep shifting downward, catching glimpses of her thick muscular thighs.
Her figure would be best described as a top heavy hourglass. While jimmy is aware that he doesn’t have a chance in hell with her.. he hangs around hoping for a goddamn miracle.

The car pulls up at Dylan’s house where she quickly jumps out saying, “5 minutes. Be right back.”
With a whip of her long red hair she scampers up the walkway, this time cinching her skirt up just so.. he sees not a hint of any panties as the door closes behind her.. with a hard slap of her ass.
Her yelp could be heard two houses over.

Then the wait begins.
5 minutes turns to 15. Being impatient, he exits the car and walks up to the door, peeking in the window it seems that Lola was sitting on Dylan’s lap as his arm fondled her thighs. Walking around to the back Jimmy slips through the wooden gate to peak through the patio door where he sees Lola with her legs wide, skirt pulled up around her waist as she rides Dylan’s slick hard cock.
Two other guys are cheering them on as she moans, “is that hard enough daddy?”
He smacks her ass as she rides him.. her back arched as she bucks on his cock, riding him reverse cowgirl.
“Unbutton that shirt, I want them to taste those titties.” She does so as the other two men walk over grasping for her dd mounds of flesh, bouncing , visibly near climax as they bend over to suck at her tits. Lola steadies herself on curling her arms around their heads as she backs up on Dylan’s hard shaft.
“God your pussy is fucking tight!”
He slaps her ass again then pulls her long red hair as he shoots his cream in her trembling cunt.
Jimmy nearly cums in his jeans as he watches his buxom childhood friend get tossed off Dylan’s lap, “now these two need to try out that tight little cooze. You gonna give them a try or are you gonna be a little bitch?”
“Well,” she says “I don’t know..”
As she is about to finish her thought the taller of the other two guys grabs her head and forces it down onto his dick. He moans as he slides his member in her wet mouth.
“Awkkk, accckkk”
She can only make wet choking sounds as the man lets his pants fall around his ankles, humping her face.
The other guy pulls her skirt off ans gets on his knee forcing her to stretch one leg straight into the air as she balances on the other.
“See your little slut’s been doing yoga” he says before he buries his face between the cheeks of her ass, circling his tongue around her hole as he works his fingers over her protruding clitoris.
The leg she is standing on buckles slightly when the man slides his dick up her asshole..
“Awwwwk, awwwwk, awwwwk!”
The sounds get louder until she squirts onto the carpet, her legs tremble as she grabs hold of whatever she can to balance herself..
Tears stream down her cheeks just before they bulge..
Her mouth overflows with cum as the other guy continues to pound her ass, groaning as sweat pours from his forehead.
He pulls out and forces her on her knees as he jerks average sized penis.”beg, I want you to beg, cunt”
“Please cum on my fucking face, please.. I want it. Please give it to..”
The tip of his cock erupts on her face as she looks up at him.
“Annnnnnhhhh, ohhhhhhhh fuck , fuck that’s a tight ass.”
Dylan tosses a towel to lola that she uses to clean herself up with as she walks to the restroom.
Jimmy scurries back to the car quickly, his heart racing as he looks around at the empty street, unzipping and pulling out his rock hard dick to beat off.

As the car door opens, Jimmy tries to hide the cum stains on his pants. Lola slides into the car, straightening her skirt. “I’m so sorry that took so long, he was being a dick.”

The car speeds down the street as Jimmy says absolutely nothing amid Lola’s usual chatter.

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