Lust…Neighbors 3

Neighbors 3…Lust
Please read Parts One and Two, and enjoy Part Three!!!

After Casey makes Terri cum, Terri decides to take things to a new height. She wants Casey to experience everything that she desires. As they were kissing Terri smelled herself on Casey and pulled away.
“umm, baby,stay right here i have a surprise for you.” Casey looked confused, but she knew it was going to be good.
When Terri came back to the room she saw Casey rubbing her pussy in anticipation. Terri watched, she liked seeing Casey pleasure herself. CAsey moved her fingers all around her clit in circles and began to rub her breast. Casey stopped abruptly when she heard Terri moan from across the room.
“oh, I’m sorry baby, i was missing you” said Casey. ” I liked that” said Terri as she moved in the closer to Casey. Casey could see that Terri was carrying something in her hand, it was a scarf.
“what’s that?”asked Casey
“something to cover your eyes with” said Terri. Once she got closer she told Casey to relax, ” I will never hurt you” she said.
She placed the scarf over Casey’s eyes and laid her down. Casey didn’t know what was happening. She knew Terri left the room but didn’t know how long she was laying there exposed and blind folded. The next thing she knew she felt Terri’s velvety touch lightly.
She moaned and squrimmed a little, it was a cool touch.
Terri, came into the room and began right away…she took some whip cream in her hand and spread it lightly over Casey’s stomach. Casey flinched a little. Terri then spread the whip cream all the down to Casey’s pussy, right over her clit where she rubbed it lightly. She then started to eat her way down Casey’s body. She took her tongue and slurped up whip cream down casey’s breast, then her stomach, until she came to Casey’s pussy. She then took her tongue and sucked the whip cream off Casey’s clit. Casey was moaning loudly so Terri could tell she liked that.
Casey and Terri ended up in a sixty nine position, so she lowered herself over Casey’s face.Casey could smell Terri’s pussy over her, so she licked out her tongue and sucked Terri’s clit. They both started to move slowly, grinding on one another. Casey could not see, but she grabbed onto Terri’s ass and began to stroke it, pulling it down more to her face.
“ooh, baby”said Terri
She then grabbed her surprise for Casey and began to rub it on Casey’s clit. It was a beaded vibrator. She knew Casey would like this feeling. She spread Casey’s pussy lips, and inserted the vibrator. CAsey responded by lifting her hips.” oh, you like that don’t you.”
Terri, lifted up from Casey laid between Casey’s legs. She inserted the vibrator and began to stroke Casey’s pussy with it. As she fucked casey she sucked on her clit and Licking around her pussy. Casey tasted so good Terri began to go faster and more intense. As she fucked Casey, Casey was moaning so loud that it turned Terri on so much. She began humping and felt the softness of the carpet against her clit. Terri didn’t stop when she felt Casey’s body tense. She kept going and made Casey cum twice, after the second spasm Terri came herself.
“uum, oh my…that was delicious”said Terri as she lifted up on top of Casey.
She took the blind fold off Casey and stared into Casey’s beautiful hazel eyes. She kissed Casey passionately.
“glad you loved pleasing me”said Casey.
“it was Wonderful!”

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  1. lil_southern_gurl

    PLEASE add more to this story! Its one of my favorites! Ur such a talented writer!

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