Lynne's Story by Screw3

Lynnes Story by Screw3

If you read the two hunting lodge stories you know a little about me. It is almost three months since Dan left and I am horny as heck. We had seven days of screwing, sucking and some things I had never thought of to satisfy one and other. If Dan called I would fly, hitch, walk or crawl to him. It is all I can do to keep from raping one of the guests, but I amwaiting for one of them to show more interest than just a casual look. They all seem to want a rack from an elk or moose than my “C” cup rack. Finally, well that is this story.
It was Wednesday and it was pouring rain. The six men staying at the Lodge were not going to be able to go out in this weather. My cousin and partner came to me, “Do something before they eat up all the profits.” I invited the six of them to play some Texas Hold-em with me. There was a $50.00 buy-in and they got a $1,000.00 worth of chips to make it seem more exciting. It was a no-limit game and this was fine by them. Three hours after we started there were two hunters and me left we each had between $2 and 3000.00 worth of chips in front of us when we took a break. Felix who looked like a stiff wind would blow him over, and Ralph who had a little bit of a pot belly. Felix could not have weighed more than 130 pounds on his 5’6″ with glasses and partially bald. Ralph was almost 6′ and had to weigh a little over 200, but he had all his hair.
Ralph and Felix went over and were talking over a couple of beers. Felix came over to me, “Lynne are you up to a side bet?”
“What did you have in mind?”
He turned a little red, “Well if Ralph is the winner then he gets to take you to his cabin and if I win then I take you to my cabin?”
“I suppose I get to choose if I win,” I laughed.
“That could be one thing or we pay you $250.00 each.”
“I suppose this was Ralph’s idea and you got stuck with delivering the message.”
“No, actually it was mine.”
“Your on. I will decide on my prize after I win.”
We went back to the table and it was my turn to deal which meant I was the big blind and had to put in 200 as well as the 5 ante. Ralph was the small blind and had put in 100.00. This meant Felix bet first then Ralph and last me. Felix must have had something because he opened for 400, Felix called and put up 300 and I called and put in my 200. The flop, three shared cards were the 7, and Queen of diamonds and the 8 of clubs. I checked, Felix bet 500, Ralph called and I folded. Fourth St, the next shared card, I turned over and it was King of diamonds. Felix put in another 500 and Ralph raised so Felix went all in. This means that he put all his chips into the pot. We now hd to count chips and Felix would still have 100 left and Ralph would be out of the game if he called, but he would not have a lot of chips left if he didnt call. He called and Felix showed a King and Queen giving him two pair. Ralph turned over a 7of clubs and the 8 of diamonds. Felix would win if he got a diamond or a 7, otherwise he was out of the game. It was the deuce of spades. Now it was down to me with less than 2000 in chips and Felix had over 5000. We anted and I put in 105 and Felix had to put in 205. I had Ace, king of Hearts so I went all in and Felix called the bet. He showed two queens and I never got a pair or a flush. He won me and I only hoped he could handle me. I felt myself getting damp with excitement, though Felix did not impress me that much.
We ran through the rain and even though the walkway was covered rain was swept in by the wind. I started taking my clothes off and told Felix. “Take them off Buster and we can wash and dry them while we shower. I don’t want to get pneumonia or even a cold. He stared at me for a moment then stripped as I ran into the laundry area in the cabin with the clothes. I realized we better shower first and ran into the bathroom and started running the water. “Buster throw your clothes into the laundry room and join me here. We can wash clothes in cold water, but I want warm on my bare butt.”
He came into the shower and my jaw dropped. His prick was bigger than Dan’s, longer and thicker. I took the soap and began washing that gorgeous cock. I felt it stiffen and grow through the terrycloth. He started washing my tits with soapy hands. I let him rinse the cock off before I knelt before him and began sucking on his balls before licking his cock. This was the first cock in my life that I couldn’t get all of it in me. I thought of it in my pussy and ass and reached orgasm as he shot his wad of gism down my throat.
We finished the shower and I started the washing machine while he peed. I would have loved to hold it for him while he pissed in the bowl. Dan had me do that and it felt strange, but good. Felix stood there next to the bed and asked, “What now?”
I didn’t say anything but pushed him down on the bed and knelt over his cock and started to suck it. It didn’t take me long to get him hard and then I straddled him and guided his cock into my pussy. Then he started playing with my tits while I rocked forwards and back and lowered a hand to play with my own clit. I felt my pussy juice soaking down onto him and thought we will need another shower and I smiled. His control, after being sucked off earlier, was great. I came twice before he turned me on my back and started pumping in and out from on top, I came once and he kept going and then we came at the same time. He lay back and started to say, “Well, humm, you know, never mind, I’m too big.”
I looked over and kissed him. “Do you want to fuck me in the ass? Is that what you were trying to say?” He shook his head up and down. “Buster, I would love to have you fuck me in the ass.”
I practically ran to get the baby oil I kept in my pocket. When I came back he smiled, “Babe, I need a little time to recuperate. You will wear me out.”
I replied, “Just think of putting that beautiful cock in my asshole while I suck you hard again.” It took about five minutes maybe more before he got hard and I am one great cocksucker. I lubed his fingers and his cock so it stayed hard. I knelt in front of him. “Lube my asshole with your fingers first and then fuck me with that cock.”
When he put that huge cock in it hurt and then I wriggled back into him and felt it sinking itself into me and forcing its way past the rectum. Did that hurt and I grabbed it and we went at it till he gave me an enema with the load of hot cum he shot into me.
We relaxed for an hour and then went at it again. I don’t think I have to tell you that Felix did not go out fishing with the others on Thursday or hunting on Friday. I was sorry to see him leave, but now I knew how to find more people to fill my pussy till he came back next year as he promised to do.

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