Maid in Germany

The door to the noisy Berlin beer hall suddenly burst open and every eye turned to look at the two big men who strode into the establishment.

“Ja, I am Hans,” said one of the men, “and this is my brother Franz.”

“Ja,” said the other, “I am Franz, and he is my brother Hans.”

The patrons of the establishment had long since turned back from the door, giving the boistrous newcomers little attention at all.

A woman came up to the two men. “What can I get you guys,” she asked.

“I am Hans,” said the first man.

“And I am Franz.”

The woman snorted. “Guys, you come in here every night. I know who you are. Now, what can I get you?”

One of the men spied something. “Hey, Franz, would you look at that?”

The other man looked where his brother was looking and then he spied the young maid crying in the corner. “Oh ja, Hans, she is very good.”

“Guys, guys,” said the waitress. “Leave her alone. She was a maid but she just lost her job. They said she was too pretty and that she was trying to get the attention of the master’s son. All lies, of course. If anything, he was trying to hit on her, but who’s going to believe that. So they fired her. She wants to be left alone.”

“She lost her job,” said Hans. He turned to his brother. “You know what we should do, dont’t you?”

Franz turned and faced his brother. “Ja, I know. We need to go over there and buck her up.”

The waitress just shrugged and then she walked away even as the two men made their way over to where the young maid was crying softly.

“I am Hans,” said the one man.

“Ja,” said the other, “he is Hans, and I am Franz, and we’re here to buck you up.”

The young maid looked up at the two young men. “Listen, guys, I really don’t need–“

“We know what you are going to say.”

“Ja, we know what you are going to say. You are going to say that others have tried but they have failed.”

“Ja, they have failed because they were just a bunch of girly men.”

“Ja, but we are not girly men.”

“We are Hans and Franz.”

“Look, guys, I appreciate the offer, but–“

“We are Hans and Franz.”

“Ja. We will buck you up.”

The young maid was starting to get a little annoyed. “Look, guys, can you just leave me alone. I don’t need any help from a couple of steroid-enhanced men.”

“We are not on steroids,” said Hans.

“Ja, we are not girly men,” said Franz.

“But wait, I know what concerns her. She thinks we are on steroids. She thinks it has affected us. She thinks we cannot perform.”

“You are right, Hans. She thinks we cannot perform, but we will show her. We will show her that we are not girly men.”

“Ja, Franz, we will show her.”

Already the men were reaching for their jeans. “No, no,” said the girl quickly, “don’t do that. Listen. I believe you, but can you just leave me alone, please. Please.”

The two men looked at each other and then they looked at the girl. “I am Hans,” said one man.

“And I am Franz,” said the other.

“And we will … leave you alone.”

And with that, the two men turned and walked away.

The barmaid came up to the young woman soon after that and brought her her beer. “Here you go, honey,” she said. “I have to apologize for Hans and Franz. Sometimes, they can be a bit … overzealous.”

The young maid took a drink of beer. “I know what you mean,” she said. “And hyper-sensitive, too. I mean when I mentioned steroids, they–“

“Steroids? Honey, as far as I know, those boys have never touched the stuff.”

The girl took another drink of her beer. “Really?”

The barmaid nodded and then she moved off.

The girl was still drinking her beer when the two brothers passed by her again. “Hey, guys,” she called out.

“I know,” said Hans.

“We know,” Franz amended. “You don’t want us to … buck you up.

The girl smiled coyly. “Well now, I don’t know about. I mean you guys did come on a little strong, but I was thinking that maybe you were right. Maybe I could use a little bucking up.”

“You mean you might want us to–” Hans started out.

“Buck you up,” finished his brother.

“Ja,” said the girl. “I think maybe that might be good.”

The three of them left soon after that and not that long after, they were entering the brothers’ apartment.

The door had barely closed behind them and then the girl was turning on the brothers. “Okay, boys,” she told them, “you’re nice and big but you say you’re not on steroids. That’s good, because I don’t like guys on steroids, but now it’s time to find out just how big you really are.”

The startled men just stood there as the young maid rubbed her hands over the fronts of their pants and they were still standing there as the girl pushed her hands inside.

“Oh yeah,” the girl enthused as she wrapped a hand around each man’s cock. “Oh yeah, you boys definitely aren’t on steroids.”

The brothers just groaned as the young maid continued to stroke their cocks.

“You know, I was accused of trying to seduce my employer’s son. Well, maybe I would have if he’d had a cock like either of these. I mean, he tried to tell me he had a big cock but he was always such a liar so I didn’t believe him.”

Hans moaned again. “Do you do this often,” the man moaned.

The girl laughed. “What? You mean stroke big, hard cocks. No, I’m a good girl. I’ve never been with a man before, but I’m eighteen now so I can do what I want and I figure if I’m going to be accused of being a slut, then I might as well get the benefits of being one, don’t you think?”

Both the men nodded at that one. They could hardly disagree with her logic.

The girl smiled. “So then, why don’t you boys take your pants off and let me see what my hands have been feeling.”

The two brothers looked at one another and then they both shrugged and then they looked at the girl even as their hands worked the belts on their jeans. They opened the belts and they opened the jeans and then they were sliding their jeans and their underwear down over their hips.

The girl couldn’t help gasping as she finally got a look at the brothers’ cocks and then she was sliding to her knees even as her hands seized those big, hard cocks again. “I’ve heard about cocks like these from my girlfriends,” the girl said, “but I never thought I’d see one, much less two of them, for myself.”

The girl slid her hands over the brothers’ cocks and then she was pulling the men even closer to her. Her mouth opened and her tongue reached out and then she tentatively licked first one and then the other of those big cocks. She heard each of the men moan as her tongue took them and thus emboldened, she licked them again and again and again.

There was no doubt that the brothers were liking what the girl was doing to them. The girl knew it so as she continued to lick, her tongue became bolder and more daring, and the more she licked, the louder they moaned.

And now, the girl knew she had something else she wanted to do. She’d heard her girlfriends talk about it, but she wanted to try it for herself. She opened her mouth a little wider and then she pressed her mouth against the head of one of the cocks in front of her and then she opened her mouth wider still as she pushed her mouth down on that cock.

She was sucking on her first cock and the brother whose cock she had groaned so satisfactorily that she just knew she had to suck that other cock, too.

The girl slid her mouth over and then she was sucking on the second cock of her young life and incredibly, it was just as good as the first one. She loved it. It was so good.

And then it was back to the first cock and then it was back to the second. Back
to the first. Back to the second. She kept sucking those cocks and the brothers kept moaning and the more she sucked, the more she liked it.

She was going to make these boys cum, she realized. Her girlfriends had told her that much, and yet, as much as s
he wanted to make them do it, she knew she needed something else, too, so reluctantly, her mouth released those cocks, and her hands squeezed those cocks as she looked up at the brothers. “I need you to fuck me,” she told the brothers.

The brothers pulled the girl to her feet and then they were leading her into one of the bedrooms. The two brothers took turns removing her clothing but soon, they had the young woman stripped naked and then it was their turn to take off their clothes for her.

Without even realizing she was doing it, the girl sat down on the bed and she let her fingers slide between her legs even as she watched the brothers undress. She was wet, she realized, and for some reason, this excited her. She wasn’t sure what would happen next but all she knew was she wanted it to happen and she wanted more.

The men were naked before her and they were stroking their cocks. Hans moved forward even as his brother slipped between the girl’s legs. “Suck my cock,” the man told her.

The girl was going to do just that when she felt the other brother press his face between her thighs and his tongue against her cunt, and the girl moaned and then she moaned again. It felt so good, and then Hans was pressing his cock against her lips and when the girl moaned again, she couldn’t help but suck him inside.

“Ja, you like that,” Hans told her. “You like Hans’ cock and you like it when Franz eats your pussy.”

The girl just moaned in response and that more than anything was all the verification that was needed.

The girl gasped as Franz’s tongue savaged her clit and then just as quickly, he backed his tongue off, only to return with even greater intensity the next time, and all the while, the girl kept thinking that she needed to be fucked. She needed to be fucked and why didn’t these guys realize it.

It was almost as if Hans read her mind. “Hey, Franz,” he told his brother, “that’s enough of that. Let me have a go at that pussy.”

His brother didn’t seem all that eager to give up his place between the girl’s legs but he did, and then Hans was moving around to take his brother’s place. Only Hans wasn’t kneeling between the girl’s thighs. He was pressing his cock between the girl’s legs, and that’s when she realized what he intended to do and that just started the girl to moaning all over again.

Even as Hans was positioning himself between the girl’s legs, Franz was taking up the position that Hans had just vacated, and even as Hans stuck the girl with his cock and even as the girl gasped, Franz shoved his cock into her waiting mouth.

The girl moaned as she took that cock in her mouth and then the man between her legs was pulling back only to plunge himself inside her again, and again, the girl moaned. He pulled back and shoved his cock forward and the girl moaned again. And again. And again.

It was the first cock she had ever had in her young pussy and she was loving it. Maybe, she should have let the master’s son have a go at her, she thought, but if she had, then she wouldn’t have had an opportunity to have these two wonderful cocks, and she did love those cocks. She loved them a lot.

And then there was that cock in her mouth. She fondled the man’s balls even as she sucked on his cock and he seemed to like that a lot so she did it again and again and again.

The girl moaned again. That cock in her pussy was so good. She’d never felt anything like it before. That’s how good it was and she just couldn’t stop moaning. Every time the man stuck her with his cock, she had to moan again.

Something was happening to her. Even with the cock in her mouth, she just couldn’t stop moaning. Something was happening and she knew it had to be good.

The man buried his cock inside her pussy and he held it there. The girl heard the man grunt and then she heard him grunt again. He was keeping his cock in her pussy and then she felt it, something warm and wet surging inside her pussy.

He’s cumming, the girl realized. He’s cumming inside me and even as girl thought it, she realized she was cumming, too. Her pussy squeezed the cock inside her and even as that cock continued to cum, her pussy continued to squeeze it hard.

Hans finally pulled his cock out of the girl’s still clenching pussy and the girl moaned. She wanted more. She needed more.

And then there was Franz, pulling his cock from the girl’s mouth. Even as his brother pulled out from between the girl’s legs, that’s where Franz was heading. He wanted her to turn over so she did. She could feel his hands on her ass and then he was pushing her legs apart and he was moving between her legs.

The girl moaned. She loved the feel of those hands on her little round ass but then she moaned even louder as she felt the man move between her legs. She felt his big, hard cock touch her tender, drippy cunt and she just couldn’t help moaning all over again. He could do whatever he wanted with her.

She felt Franz pushing his cock up between her legs and then he felt him entering her. She moaned as she felt that big cock pry open her tight, little hole and then she moaned again. She loved getting fucked.

Even as she laid there on her stomach, she felt Hans coming up and grabbing her by the hair. He was pulling her head up and then he was pressing his cock against her lips. “Lick it,” he told her. “Lick my cock.”

Even if she had wanted to, she would have been powerless to resist because even as Hans was pressing his cock against her lips, his brother gave her pussy another good, hard shove, and the girl groaned, and as she did, that cum-covered cock slid into her wet and waiting mouth.

Fuck my job, the girl thought as her pussy took that cock again. They could have it, and she didn’t need the cock of her employer’s weasly son. No, she had all she wanted right here. All she really wanted was to get fucked over and over again.

The girl could feel that cock swelling in her cunt even as her pussy started to cum and the girl moaned. It felt so good. It felt so fucking good. This was what she needed. This was all she needed. All she needed was to get fucked by big, hard cock.

“You know Hans,” said the one brother to the other after the girl had left.

“What’s that Franz?”

“I think we did a good thing. I think we really did buck her up.”

“Ja, Hans, you are right. We really did, and do you know what?”

“What’s that, Franz? We pumped her up. We pumped her so full of cum.”

“Ja, you are right. You are so right.”

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