Manny Delgado’s Friends Ride His Mom Gloria

Manny Delgado Pritchett was not a popular kid in high school, but now in his senior year and having just turned 18, Manny realized the other boys in his senior class were hanging out with him. Manny thought it was because he was funny, but the real reason was Manny’s mom, Gloria Delgado Pritchett, a beautiful Latina with huge breasts and a big, meaty ass and a mouth that could suck dick.

One day in school, Manny was complaining to a few friends that his computer was out of whack, so Andy offered to come by and check it out. His motive was to check out Gloria. Manny agreed and they made plans for next afternoon. The next day Andy went to Manny’s house and knocked on the door. Gloria answered and she was wearing tight blue jeans and white blouse with top button undone. Andy had bought along two friends- Harold, a scrawny looking kid with acne and glasses, and Eddie, an 18 year-old senior who looked like a 12 year-old. Gloria yelled for Manny while Andy, Harold, and Eddie all stared at her tits. Manny came downstairs.

“Hello, fellas. Mom, this is Andy, Harold, and Eddie. They gonna try and fix my computer.”

“Okay,” Gloria replied and went into the kitchen.

Manny and the guys were working on the computer when Gloria bought some snacks in. When she left the room, Harold whispered to Eddie, “Man, you see those tits?” Eddie and Andy laughed, but Manny didn’t hear them.

“Can I use your bathroom?” Harold asked Manny.

“Sure.” As Harold walked through the kitchen, he looked out door and saw Gloria lying out. She had on a one-piece bathing suit and her huge boobs were straining against her suit. Harold went to the bathroom, pissed, and came back to the den.

“Hey, Manny, can you get a screwdriver?” Harold asked. When Manny left, Harold told Eddie and Andy about Gloria. “Man, we should fuck her.”

“Yeah, right! What about Manny?” Eddie asked.

“I have some rope in my car. We’ll tie him up in the garage then tell Gloria that Manny got hurt upstairs. When she checks on him, we’ll tie her to the bed and fuck her!” They all laughed and went to the garage.

“What’s up, fellas?” Manny asked as the three 18 year-olds walked into the garage.

“We’re gonna tie you up so we can fuck your mom.” they tied him up and returned to the house. Eddie and Andy waited upstairs and they heard Harold explaining to Gloria that Manny got hurt.

Gloria ran upstairs and Andy and Eddie grabbed her and threw her on the bed. Eddie held her legs and Andy held her arms. They tied her spread eagle. “What the fuck you doing?” she screamed. Harold gagged her and then all three boys stood by the bed and looked at her.

“What now?” asked Harold.

‘Well, we fuck her,” Andy said.

“Have you ever fucked a girl?” Harold asked. Eddie and Andy both said no, as did Harold. “Who is going first?” No one moved.

“I’ll do it,” said Eddie while Harold and Andy sat on chairs and watched as Eddie walked over to bed and looked at Gloria. “I’m a virgin, but I will fuck you,” he told Gloria.

She struggled to get loose, but could not. Eddie got undressed and climbed on the bed with Gloria. He touched her boobs and she squirmed. Eddie took a nail file from the table and cut her bathing suit open. He stared at her huge boobs and shaved pussy. “I saw a guy do this on a video,” he said, lying next to Gloria, he began groping her boobs. Gloria struggled. Eddie leaned down and licked her nipples as she moaned. Andy and Harold were in shock as Eddie sucked her nipples. He then put her whole tit in his mouth, and then he switched to other tit.

Gloria was crying and moaning as Eddie reached for her pussy and rubbed her. He slid his hand down, fingering her slit and rubbing her clit. Gloria was moaning. Eddie got between her thighs and buried his tongue in her vagina. He ate her for five minutes, and then suddenly kneeled between her thighs, grabbing her meaty ass as he slid his small erection in her pussy. Eddie thought to himself, “Damn, this feels great.” He thrust in and out, and then got a strange feeling in his body. He tensed and he froze in her pussy as his cum exploded in her pussy. It felt awesome.

Andy and Harold tore their own clothes off. When Eddie got off Gloria, Harold jumped on her and only got his dick in halfway before he blew his load. Andy pushed him off and got on top of Gloria-he got two minutes in before he released. Harold quickly sucked her tits. As Eddie was hard again, he climbed on Gloria’s chest, removed her gag, and stuck his cock in her mouth,  facefucking her. Then he blew his load in her mouth. Harold fucked her loner his second time as did Andy.

“Untie her and flip her on her belly,” Eddie told Harold. He pulled her into doggy position and said to Andy, “I’m gonna fuck her asshole.” Eddie then thrust his cock as hard as he could in her ass. He fucked her for five minutes and blew his third load into her. Meanwhile, Andy was sucking her tits and Harold was fucking her mouth. All three abused her for two hours. Harold said, “I gotta go home,” as did Andy. After they left, Eddie fucked Gloria two more times and got dressed. He hears Jay’s car coming in the driveway. He went to Gloria and kissed her on the forehead, and said, “Thanks for the ride,” and left.

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