Mar’e and Juan Fingercuff Taylor Hayes

It was a nice Saturday evening in New York City. The weather was perfect and everybody was out enjoying the nightlife. I could not wait to see Juan, my old college friend. The tone of his voice on the message he left on my phone convinced me if was something crazy he had to tell me. I walked inside the lower Manhattan bar and saw Juan sitting at the table with drinks in front of him.

“I’m happy you made it, bro!” Juan called.

Juan was a tall, olive-skinned Mexican with facial hair, and an athletic build. He was a mixed martial arts specialist and had a reputation for being a player. Juan was also a jack-of-all-trades, and he helped set up the Goodfella$ website for me. People often tell him that he resembled actor Michael Trevino.

“Sorry I’m late, playboy.” I said. “My car is still in the shop and you know how bad traffic is in New York.” I sat at one of the remaining empty seats at the table.

“Are you hungry?” Juan asked. “Do you want anything to drink? I will have one of these ladies fetch you a Tijuana dirty martini. That’s what I’m sipping on.”

“No, I’m fine; I’m just curious about what you have to tell me.”

“Here’s the deal Mar’e,” Juan was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. “Remember that insatiable Taylor Hayes? I lost a pool game to her last Saturday night. The penalty was that I must fulfill any fantasy she requested.”

“Okay and what is her fantasy?”

“First thing out of her pretty, little mouth was MAR’E! She wants to fuck me and you at the same time.”

“What? Taylor wants to fuck us at the same time. I knew she was a freak, but damn! I guess the Bahamas was just a sample.”

“So, are you with it playa?” Juan asked.

“Fuck it, I’ll do it.” I answered. “I’m not going to turn down any pussy from Taylor.”

“Fuck no you ain’t man, but let’s be clear, let us not accidentally touch dicks or anything … I’m not trying to brandish my weapon and get anyone jealous. I’m just playin’, Mar’e!” Juan cackled.

That moment, Taylor came walking to the table. She was clad in a white tube top and matching white shorts. Her creamy tanned complexion was flawless! She looked sexier than ever.

“Hey, Mar’e,” Taylor said, as she kissed me on the cheek. “Did Juan tell you the news?”

“Yeah, and it was very interesting.” I continued. “I’m down with it. Maybe you can remix that song you played for me at the Bahamas.”

Taylor laughed and said, “Maybe.”

I decided to order an iced tea since I already knew we were about to have one hot session in a few minutes. A half an hour later, I found myself in the back seat of Juan’s Bentley with Taylor, which was fun. We were touching and kissing. I slipped my left hand down her shorts and discovered that she had no panties on, and I rubbed her soaked pussy.

“You like it wet, don’t you?” She whispered in my ear.

“You know it.” I responded.

“Damn this wild girl is already wet? One mention of Mar’e and this girl is ready to go! How do you do it man?” Juan asked.

“Some guys just have it and some don’t Juan!” I laughed.

We went to Juan’s loft, which were several blocks away. He decorated his place nicely with some of his artwork on the walls. We were all in the living room chillin’ and listening to some music. Taylor was rubbing her ass on Juan’s crotch like a cat in heat and slowly undressing while Juan was on the phone taking care of some international business. I was both excited and nervous at the thought of this threesome. I felt like I was on the set of a porn movie. This was going to be the first time I experienced this kind of thing. Taylor was lying on the black leather couch naked with her legs spread, madly fingering herself. What a sight!

“She’s naked already.” I whispered to Juan. He ended his call and stood up.

“Are you guys going to fuck me or should I do the job myself?” Taylor asked, as she rubbed her pussy.

“Don’t worry; you have two hard dicks waiting for YOU.” I told her.

Juan and I stripped out of our clothes in record time and raced to Taylor. Juan had his dick in her mouth and I buried my face in her bare wet pussy. As I licked and sucked, Juan was enjoying the pleasure of the fellatio Taylor was giving him. She sucked his balls and deep-throated him.

“Yes, suck it!” Juan shouted.

My dick was so hard that I could not wait any longer. I needed to beat up the pussy. In one smooth stroke, I inserted my dick in Taylor’s pussy. While she continued to blow Juan, I was pounding her pussy hard and fast. She moaned softly, and her pussy was getting wetter. Then I felt her pussy convulse, and she squirted all over my dick. It was great!

“I love it when she squirts!” I shouted.

“Goddamn this chick squirts like a goddamn gushing geyser with you Mar’e!” Juan laughed.

Taylor got on all fours as Juan instructed, and he and I switched sides. Now, Taylor was giving me a blowjob while Juan fucked her doggie-style. He fed Taylor most of his dick in her ass and pumped her hard and fast. Taylor’s tits were bouncing around, and Juan thrusting did not diminish the intensity of the fellatio she was giving me. I sucked lasciviously on her firm tits and pinched her nipples. Juan occasionally would spank Taylor’s ass, and had her screaming in ecstasy. Juan began to hit that ass even harder with his legendary penis making Taylor choke on my cock every time he slammed his massive member up her white girl ass!

“Right there, you’re hitting my spot, Juan! I’m going to cum!” Taylor screamed, as she took my dick out of her mouth.

Her announcement thrilled Juan as he pounded her harder. In seconds, a very intense orgasm ripped through Taylor’s body.

“Yes, squirt again you little slut!” Juan demanded.

Taylor squirted again all over Juan’s imported alpaca rug!

“Fuck, I’ll need to get that shit cleaned! That’s motherfuckin’ alpaca!” Juan said while picking Taylor up off her knees. Her legs were too weak from her intense orgasm to do it herself.

I sat on the couch and Taylor climbed on top of me. As her pussy buried my dick, Juan plunged his dick in her ass again in one hard stroke! Taylor rode both of us without any resistance. It was the wildest sensation I ever felt! Only the wall between her pussy and anus separated our dicks! I could not believe what was happening.

“She is the ultimate freak!” I shouted.

“Yes, fuck it! I fucking love it! I love having two massive dicks inside of me! I feel like I’m being fucked by Shemar Moore and Michael Trevino!” Taylor moaned.

She went crazy, moaning, and shrieking her excitement. All of this pleasure was too much for Taylor. I started cumming in her pussy and she reached the point of no return as she unleashed a large splash of fluid. Her pussy juices soaked my leg.

“Wow, she’s like a super soaker.” I said.

“Shit man you wanna see a real super soaker?” Juan pulled his dick out of Taylor’s ass and shot thick white gooey ropes of cum all over her face and in her mouth!

“Oh, God, fuck! Yes, give me your cum Juan!” She groaned.

For the next two hours, we took part in many sensual combinations. I had never seenTaylor cum so many times. It was marvelous! We kept at it until she passed out from the intense pleasure. She lay on the couch covered in cum.

“We killed her pussy!” I sighed, after catching my breath.

“What a great fuck she was! To tell you the truth Mar’e, I let her win that pool game cause I know what a little slut she is!” Juan laughed.

What a night! Juan and I decided to set up another fuck session, this time adding another woman. I cannot wait.

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