Maré Bangs Rilynn Rae

Inside a luxury lower Manhattan spa, a tall, green-eyed olive-skinned brunette with an athletic built laid naked on a black leather sofa with a white cotton towel tied around her slim waist. Her name was Rilynn Rae, a popular Adult film star, and she looked like a radiant princess as she held her smartphone texting her black lover.

Rilynn: Hey baby

Maré: What’s up, baby girl?

Rilynn: I miss you. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about that BBC practically all day. I want to fuck! How’s that sounds?

Maré: Sounds dope to me. Where are you?

Rilynn: At the spa getting cute for you. I’m naked! I wish you were here, hun!

Maré: Are you playing with yourself?

Rilynn: You know I am, baby.

Rilynn giggled and texted Maré a photo of herself masturbating.

Maré: You like having your pussy touched, don’t you girl? You want me to fuck you so hard that’ll bring tears to your eyes?

Rilynn: Kiss me like you miss me, fuck me like you hate me.

Maré: I can do that! I’ll see you soon.

Rilynn: Okay. Bye. Love ya

Maré: Love you too.

On the top floor of a glass building on Charles Street, I was in my penthouse relaxing after working out for two hours. I was shirtless in the well air-conditioned living room watching the 1998 American crime drama film, Belly. I reached for my iPhone 6 to look at the naughty picture Rilynn texted me. The sight of Rilynn playing with herself aroused me to the maximum. I couldn’t help but to screened graphic images of us fucking all over my place in my dirty mind. I already knew I was going to Rilynn tonight.

Hours later, my doorbell rang. I opened the door. There stood Rilynn Rae clad in a red crop top, white shorts, and matching white/red Air Jordan XIII sneakers that looked nice on her feet. One of her best features was her long and shapely slim legs. Rilynn walked in and gave me a big kiss. I loved the feel of her moist lips on mine.


“Hey!” Rilynn replied.

“You’re so hot! You have a great body!”

“You’re making my blush right now!” Rilynn admitted. “Look at you, I don’t see an ounce of fat on your body.”

“I go hard with my workouts! I love looking good! How are you?”

“I am doing very well!” Rilynn answered. “The spa was great and I feel so energized! I love New York!”

“Yes, it’s the greatest city in the world!”

She giggled. “I love your glass penthouse! It is made for a king!”

“I’m the King of New York, bae!” I continued. “It is a must that I live in the best apartment in the building! Let me hurry up and get dress so we can hit the streets!”

“Cool.” Rilynn responded as she sat in the living room.

I rushed to the bedroom. I put on my black khakis, black/gray customized King of New York T-shirt and matching MTM Air Jordan 1 sneakers. After staring in the mirror for two minutes, I grabbed Rilynn’s hand and we left the penthouse.

We hopped inside my black Shayton Equilibrium and raced up the Joe DiMaggio Highway. I checked my timepiece and noticed I had several minutes to catch the Manhattanhenge.

“Yo, I’ve been trying to catch this Manhattanhenge for two years now.” I shared with Rilynn. “Last year, the clouds blocked it so I wasn’t able to see the phenomenal!”

“What is the Manhattanhenge?” Rilynn asked.

“It is an event during which the setting sun is aligned with the east–west streets of the main street grid of Manhattan.” I continued. “It occurs twice a year and today is the last day to see the full sun!”

We arrived at Forty-Second Street, jumped out of the car, and stood on the corner. There were a few people on the sidewalk with their camera out ready to capture the glow of the Manhattanhenge. At 8:20 p.m, golden rays of the setting sun aligned perfectly with the streets. Rilynn and I bathed in a golden glow, and we captured the moment with our smartphones. The last picture we took, we shared a passionate kiss. The mood felt romantic and magical.

“I haven’t had a kiss like that in ages!” Rilynn confessed.

I chuckled. “I’m the greatest kisser!”

After taking one last picture of the Manhattanhenge, we jumped back inside the car and sped down Forty-Second Street.

“Wow, that was amazing!” Rilynn said excitedly. “I am glad I was able to experience the Manhattanhenge with you!”

She began posting the images on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“I pick the right day to see it!” I continued. “I know the background of the full sun and the Pert A Manger came out hot! Now, I am ready to eat! Are you hungry, Sexy?”

“I’m hungry as a motherfucker!” Rilynn answered with a laugh. “I’ll eat anything. Seriously, when I fly back home I need to do some grocery shopping. I’m pathetic with the amount of edible and actual food ratio in my fridge right now!”

“You’re crazy.”

Later on that evening, inside my Sutton Avenue penthouse, I stepped out of the shower and walked in my master bedroom. I was met with red dimmed lights and Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s “Part 2 (On the Run)” song serenading the room. Rilynn Rae laid completely nude in the middle of the bed signaling for me to devour her sexy body. Rilynn’s stunningly captivating smile was the brightest in the room.

“Come and take me, Nature Boy!” She said softly.

I got on the bed and kissed her. Rilynn stroked my dick with her small soft hands, looked up, and smiled at me. Then she filled her mouth with my big black cock. In seconds, Rilynn turned up the tempo of her oral magic that had me groaning. I flexed my hips, fucking her warm mouth at a smooth pace.

“Eat my pussy now,” Rilynn ordered, her dark eyes dreamy with lust.

She laid on her back and spread her long sexy legs. I got on top of Rilynn and kissed those lovely lips of hers. Then I slowly worked my way down her neck and tits. Moving further down, I licked her navel and glued my mouth to her pussy. Rilynn squirmed from the contact. She began straining and arching her back while I continued my epic cunnilingus techniques.

“Yes,” Rilynn moaned. “I love how your tongue feels on my clit! Don’t stop! Bite my clit, lick my pussy hard!”

I stuck my tongue deeper in her. Rilynn pushed her pussy harder onto my face. I could hear her panting and moaning, which sounded like a sexy tune to me. I worked her sensitive clit as Rilynn held a firm grip on the sides of my face. I knew she was about to cum and she did with a shriek. Creamy pussy fluids flowed out of Rilynn’s pussy and onto my tongue. She pushed my face away from her pussy because her orgasm was intense. Then I watched her giggled as she softly rubbed her quivering pussy.

“I know you love how my tongue worked that pussy!” I smiled.

After Rilynn French kissed me, she climbed on top of me and started bucking up and down on my hard cock like a jackhammer. Rilynn was enjoying every second of this ride as she wore the biggest sultry smile on her face. Increasing the tempo, she was trying to get the deepest penetration possible.

“Oh, I have this dick deep inside me!” She sighed.

“Ride it, baby! Ride it real good!” I encouraged her.

Rilynn rode me for a few minutes before she stopped to take a quick rest. That gave me the opportunity to flip her over and slid my dick in her love box. I began banging her like the ultimate sex machine. Rilynn moved up and down to the rhythm of my fast and hard pounding. It was spectacular. I pumped faster as she reared up to meet my thrusts. Cum was running out of her pussy and down her ass.

“Fuck me like you hate me!” Rilynn screamed.

She grabbed my moist ass and pulled me in as deep as I could go. I put my hand around her neck and watched my glistening dick moved in and out of Rilynn’s pussy. It was wild that I was fucking her as if it was my last day of freedom on this planet. Rilynn began convulsing and tossing her head from side to side as a very intense orgasm swept through her. I continued pumping her until I needed a few seconds to rest.

“Doggie-style, baby!” I suggested.

“Yes, fuck my ass!” She yelled.

“You know I am, baby!”

I slowly guided my dick up her ass and started ramming her. Rilynn pushed back against me, meeting the force of my thrusts.

“Fuck my ass!” She screamed in complete wanton abandon. “I feel your balls slapping my ass!”

I grabbed her tits and increased the pace of the pounding. Rilynn let out a hoarse scream and continued to bucked back against my pelvis. Ramming her asshole repeatedly, I felt myself getting ready to explode. I fucked her with long leisurely strokes.

“I’m going to cum all over you, Sexy!” I declared.

I withdrew from Rilynn’s ass, Rilynn grabbed my cock and began stroking it like a pro. Then I ejaculated all over her face and mouth. I came so hard that I felt my body turned inside out.

I stroked her hair and said, “You’re a bad girl!”

“You know it!” She responded. “Now, that was killer sex we had! My ass and pussy are sore! But, I had such a blast today with you, King of New York! Thank you so much for having me babe!”

“You’re welcome, Sexy!”

“Now, I just want to chill and blaze!” Rilynn sighed

After a quick shower, we smoked some weed and cuddled together in the bed. Then we drifted to a peaceful sleep.

The End.

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