Maré Craves Tiffany Brookes

Inside the rented immaculate beachfront Santa Monica mansion, I was in the open concept formal living room getting myself ready as I stared at the amazing modern paintings that hung brilliantly on the white walls. After putting on my black/white Air Jordan 1 sneakers, I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. My custom-made black ‘King of New York’ T-shirt with the rhinestones accentuated my muscles, the matching black long shorts, and my platinum and diamond medallion completed the look. I felt like the undisputed king of New York!

After putting on my black New York Yankees cap, I watched as my Dallas girl, Tiffany Brookes walked down the sweeping staircase clad in a black halter-top, tight denim jeans, and black shoes. Tiffany was a tall, slender brunette stunner with an incredible body and big brown eyes. Blessed with a sexual presence, Tiffany was a rising adult film star and model. She been in the industry for a few years and already had a huge following.

“Wow, you look amazing, baby girl!” I told her. “It seems like you have been waiting for this day all week!”

“Hell yeah, I cannot wait to spend this Saturday on a speedboat enjoying the weather!” Tiffany said as she kissed me. “I hope you can handle a sexual beast like me!”

“You know I can, Hun!” I smiled.

Tiffany chuckled. “I hope so!”

Tiffany Brookes and I packed a picnic basket with fresh fruit, fried chicken, refreshments, and champagne. We wanted to make sure we have enough nourishment and drinks to last us the whole day.

“We need cigars!” I reminded her.

“I have it, bae!” Tiffany said. “Let’s go!”

We left our rented Santa Monica mansion and hopped inside my Zenvo ST1. We were on our day to a speedboat to enjoy a day of sun, music, and hot sex in the middle of the ocean. Rihanna’s hot single, “Bitch Better Have My Money” blared from the car. Tiffany shook her head, letting her long dark hair twirl like wild vines that had me giggling.

“You are so silly!” I chuckled.

Tiffany laughed. “I love having a great time! Rihanna is my bitch!”

We aboard the 540 Sundancer and were instantly satisfied with the amenities inside. There was a 32-inch flat screen TV, iPod dock, surround sound system, an electric sun proof, and laundry facilities. After settling in, we hit the water. Tiffany wrapped her arms around me as I sailed the boat at a smooth pace. Meek Mill’s Dreams Worth More Than Money album blared from the boat that gave me an adrenaline rush.

“You’re a pro at this!” Tiffany told me.

“I’m the best at anything I do, baby girl!” I continued. “The King of New York is also the king of the waves!”

“I ride the wave that I create!” Tiffany replied.

“That’s right!”

“Seriously tho…this album is making me wanna do all kinds of nasty!” Tiffany put her hand down my crotch.

“We have all day to do that, doll!” I kissed her. “I’m going to bless that booty!”

Once we felt we were out far enough in the ocean, I slowed down. The speedboat’s ‘skyhook’ technology made the boat stable without the need to drop the anchor. It was time for us to chill. Tiffany stripped to her gold bikini showing off her flawless summer body. I shed my clothes off and had only my boxers on.

The warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze had us in high spirits. After drinking, we began smoking that bomb-ass California weed. It didn’t take long for us to feel right. We got up and began dancing. The blaring music put us in a nightclub state of mind. The rhythm and energy were crazy! I slipped my hands under her top and squeezed her moist tits and erect nipples. Tiffany moaned, which sounded sexy. I slid my hands down her well-defined abs and she burst out laughing.

Tiffany Brookes began swaying to the beat and running her hands over her tight body, teasing me with her sexual energy. As the tempo of the music got faster, Tiffany pushed her hands up her top, rubbed her tits without revealing them. My dick rubbing her ass had me aroused. Tiffany gave it a squeeze, before smiling broadly.

“If you want me, then you’ll show me. Make me a believahhhh!” She hinted.

Tiffany took off her bikini and got on all fours with her ass sticking out. This was a fucking dream come true. I pulled down my boxers and assumed the position behind her. I placed my throbbing dick at the entrance to her anal cavity and slowly slid all my meat in. Then I began banging her ass at a fast pace.

“Deeper!” Tiffany pleaded. “Fuck me deeper! Harder! Faster!”

Her passionate shouting triggered me to fuck her deeper, harder, and faster. I was thoroughly into pumping my hard cock in and out of her anus. I reached around and grasped Tiffany’s tits, which drove her wild. After five minutes of ramming my dick deep and fast into her ass, we both climaxed and collapsed. We held onto each other until we had regained our composure.

“Fuck, that was good,” I said afterward.

“That was dope!” Tiffany expressed. “I love backing my ass up to a big, black cock!”

Minutes later, we held hands and jump in the ocean to completely refresh ourselves. The water felt great as it cleansed me of the perspiration. Tiffany and I shared a passionate kiss as we floated in the dark blue water. It was amazing! I wish we capture the moment with a photo.

When we returned to the speedboat, we finally had our picnic. We fed each other hot pieces of fried chicken and fruit. Tiffany recorded this scenario with her smartphone. Then she began sunbathing on the deck of the boat. Tiffany looked so hot glistening from the sweat. Her natural sex appeal mesmerized me.

The sun was setting leaving a beautiful reddish-orange colored sky with colorful streaks. While Tiffany Brookes was taking a hot shower, I was lounging in the bed watching my favorite crime drama, Power, on Starz. I personally felt this show was better than Empire. I looked over to my right and saw Tiffany standing there naked. Her dark hair cling to her back and her olive skin glistening with the water. My eyes gazed at her erect nipples, which begged to be suck. I stood up to get a better look of her flawless beach body.

Tiffany sauntered up to me and we locked lips in a deep French kiss. As our wet tongues wrestled, our hands were exploring each other’s body. Her skin was soft and moist, and I detected the scent of the soap on her. I cupped her tits and then kissed my way down her neck. Tiffany moaned softly as I licked her neck and sucked her tits.

“You love my tits, baby?” She asked softly.

“Mmm-hmm!” I murmured

Tiffany chuckled and knelt down. She pulled my shorts down, and my erect cock sprang out. With a sultry look on her face, Tiffany wrapped moist full lips around my dick and began blowing me. She was sucking me slowly but started picking up the pace. The pleasure triggered me to moan and groan.

“Yes, baby, suck that dick!” I said softly.

She licked the tip of my penis and then took my balls into her mouth as she stroked me. I was heaven. Tiffany was one of the best at giving a man oral pleasure. I was really into fucking her mouth as my eyes rolled back in my head from the sensation. Thinking I was about to erupt any second, Tiffany took her mouth off my dick and kept a firm grip with her massaging hand.

“I don’t want you to blast yet, baby! I want you to save your cum for the finale!” Tiffany winked. “I want that tongue of yours to tickle my clit!”

Tiffany lies on her back and spread her legs wide. I took a few seconds to marvel her body before I buried my face into her burning pussy. After licking her clit a few times, Tiffany moaned with delight. She squeezed her tits as I continued to fuck with my tongue. The pleasure my tongue was giving Tiffany drove her feral. She seized my shaved head and pressed it hard into her cunt. My tongue went so deep into the depth of her pussy that Tiffany moaned and strained her torso.

“Yes, yes, eat my pussy!” She shrieked.

That moment, Tiffany trembled and she sprinkled my mouth with her delicious nectar. I swallowed every drop of her sexual fluids that quenched my burning thirst. After sucking her quivering pussy, I embarked on kissing and licking her toned belly. Then I sucked her engorged nipples. Tiffany cupped her face and kissed her lips to taste her own nectar.

“I want you to fuck me with that gorgeous black cock of yours!” Tiffany told me. “I want my pussy filled with your cum!”

“Oh, yeah…” I smiled.

“Yes!” She nodded with a smile.

I took my penis in one hand and guided it into Tiffany’s welcoming pussy. She sighed happily and we soon settled into a smooth rhythm. As I continued fucking this moist, amazing pussy of hers, Tiffany moaned deeply and happily. The feel of my hard balls smacking against Tiffany’s warm moist bald pussy lips was awesome. I loved the sight of her body rocking back and forth. Tiffany’s eyes rotated back in her head as I pounded her faster and harder.

“Oooh, yes, yes! Fuck me with that big black cock!” She moaned.

I thrust into her fast and furious. I felt like one of those top male porn stars on the set with her. A very intense orgasm was building up inside me.

I rolled on my back breathing hard. My shaft, pointing up ramrod straight, gleamed with pussy juice and cum.

“Oh, I love how you pound my tiny pussy with that big dick! I just can’t get enough of it!” Tiffany cooed. “I just want to fuck you, forever!”

She massaged her tits over my smooth muscular chest, belly, and thighs, savoring the gorgeous contour of my body. Then Tiffany squatted over my dick and lowered herself over it. She rode my cock slowly at first, and then quicker. Staring at me with her big dark eyes, Tiffany seemed very completely outside of herself and lost in a sexual world of extraordinary sensations. Tiffany was attacking my cock with total abandon. She was in super porn star mode. As she continued plunging up and down on me, I thrust up into her with force. Intense moaning and shrieks burst out of her.

“I’m going to cum!” She announced

“I’m going to blast!” I declared.

That moment, we both roared and simultaneously climaxed. Then we passed out.

I crave Tiffany Brookes!

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