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When I called Marla on her cell to tell her Lenny’s audition was all set, she was so happy that she said she would skip a couple of sales calls and come right over to my place. My cock damned near stood straight up when I heard that. I wanted her bad.

The moment she arrived, we were all over each other. Our clothes were off in an instant, and this time we went directly to my big bed. I kissed Marla from her head to her cute little toes, spending a lot of time at certain places along the way, and she was just changing positions to take my cock into her mouth when the fucking door chimes rang.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, sitting up.

“Go ahead and answer it,” Marla smiled. “I won’t run away.”

I got off the bed, sporting a boner, and fumbled myself into a robe. The boner went down as I ambled through the living room to the front door. I opened it and almost lost my lunch. My ex-wife stood there, looking sleek as ever with her short blond hair and boyish figure, her green eyes all sparkly as I remembered them in the good days of our marriage.

“Jill! For God’s sake…”

Her eyes flickered over me. “My…my. Wearing a robe at two o’clock in the afternoon? And your hair is all mussed. You must be keeping strange hours since we broke up.”

“Jill, what do you want?”

“I want to talk, of course. I’ve missed you, Chris. I think we made a terrible mistake. Won’t you let me in?”

“Let her in, Chris,” Marla said from behind me.

I whirled around. Marla had grabbed one of my shirts off a hanger and was standing there cool as could be, looking at Jill and at me. She obviously had heard what was said, and she didn’t seem angry or upset. In fact, there was a saucy glint in her eyes. What in the hell…?

At the sight of Marla, Jill’s mouth dropped open, and for a moment she didn’t say anything. Then a cloud passed across her pretty features and she sniped, “You didn’t waste much time, did you?”

“Waste time?” I mocked. “We’ve been divorced for awhile. Did you expect me to live the rest of my life like a monk? And while we’re talking about each other’s love life, what happened to Carl, the guy you left me for?”

“You know better than that,” Jill retorted. “Carl didn’t mean a thing to me. In fact…” She hesitated and blinked a couple of times, then seemed to fortify herself and continued, “It was…his WIFE that appealed to me. So there.”

I could have fallen through the floor.

Marla moved forward and stuck out her hand to draw Jill into the apartment. “We can all be friends, I hope. My name’s Marla.”

“Wait a minute!” I exclaimed. “All be friends? What is this shit?”

Marla chuckled. “Chris! Don’t be lame. This is the age of alternative lifestyles, you know that. You’re a writer, for Christ’s sake.”

Jill was as perplexed as I was, but I could see that she was looking Marla over. I was astounded by my ex-wife’s confession of a Lesbian interest. She had never given me a clue about any such inclination, though we both had catted around toward the end of our marriage, me with women and she with men…I thought. And oddly enough, it wasn’t bad sex that had broken us up but simply divergent careers. Jill was a radio psychologist, going by the name of Dr. Jill Prentiss (maybe you have heard her program) and I got fucking tired of playing the part of MISTER Prentiss at her numerous personal appearances.

“So, as one woman to another, how WAS Carl’s wife?” Marla asked Jill as she escorted her across the living room. The girls ended up on my soft leather sofa. The man’s shirt that Marla was wearing offered no cover at all when she sat down, and I wondered what in hell was going to happen. She seemed to have grabbed the ball and was running with it.

“Marla, I don’t really think…” was all Jill managed in response to the question. For a radio talker, it seemed strange that she was at such a loss for words.

“Come on, you can tell me,” Marla coaxed. “I’ve been with girls.” She looked my way and tossed me a smile along with a wink. “You won’t hold that against me, will you, Chris? It was way back in college, and it doesn’t mean that I like men any less. You know how I feel about YOU, baby.”

I was beginning to wonder. As for Jill, she was more off balance than I had ever seen her. Finally she mumbled, “I want both of you to understand that I am not HOMO-sexual, I am BI-sexual.”

“Of course,” Marla responded, still smiling at both Jill and me. “Lots of us girls are like that. You can use this in your next plot, Chris.”

“Don’t worry,” I responded. “I’m not entirely ignorant when it comes to sex.”

“As I imagine YOU have found out, Marla,” Jill meeowed.

“Screw this!” Marla responded bluntly. “Why don’t we have some fun. Chris and I have the advantage of you, Jill, since we’re both practically naked. So if you want to play, you ought to chuck those clothes right about now.”

I was astounded by Marla’s bluntness and by her take-charge attitude. How did she know that Jill wouldn’t get up in a huff and stomp out of the apartment? Well, maybe Marla didn’t care…or maybe that was what she was angling for. Writer though I am, the female mind sometimes boggles mine.

Jill bit her lip and her eyes were wide, reflecting her uncertainty about what to do. She glanced at me, but I guess my expression didn’t help her. Actually the thought of playing with both women, my ex-wife and my current girlfriend together, goosed my libido. I loved Marla, but there was some lingering nostalgic warmth for Jill, as well. And then there was this: Marla had assumed a new identity in my mind during the last few minutes. I still loved her–but hell! A lesbo?

Things happened fast the moment Jill made up her clinical mind. She stood and, instead of heading for the door, began removing the top of her two-piece outfit. “I’ll play your fucking game,” she snapped at Marla, sounding not at all like the polished radio personality that the public knew. “And I will win my husband back from you, just watch!”

Wow. What a situation had suddenly boiled up around me! This was story material. But I was LIVING it. What a kick, I thought, and tossed my robe off. My cock was rising again.

Marla got rid of my shirt that she had more or less been wearing, and Jill by that time was down to her bra and pants, having tossed her top and skirt aside. She had thigh-highs with elasticized tops, I guess, because there were no garter straps holding them up. Her panties and bra were pastel pink.

Now the bra was gone and, wonder of wonders, she yanked her panties down and stepped out of them. I saw that she had begun shaving her private area since we had parted. Not one hair seemed to remain on her enticing pussy. My cock stood bolt upright.

The three of us sank to the floor, forming a loose human knot in the center of my deep-piled carpet. Marla was the aggressor, immediately grabbing for Jill while my ex-wife, who obviously had a different agenda (at the moment), latched onto ME. I guess my swaying dick, nine inches long and hard as a rock, was more than Jill could resist, so she started doing something to me that she had sometimes refused to do when we were married. In those days, she was frequently too busy or couldn’t be bothered, but right now she was hot to suck my cock. And when Jill set her mind to it, there was no better cocksucker in L.A….which, my friends, is saying quite a lot.

Marla snuggled up between Jill’s thighs, which my ex-wife obligingly spread for her as she lay on one hip with her head turned to the side, bending her neck to my pleasure. Jill was holding my dick with her delicate hand as she pumped her mouth on my hardness. She had a small mouth and so the fit was very snug. I had forgotten just how good it felt to get a blowjob from my ex-wife

“Ooh, honey lamb,” I crooned, reverting to a pet name I had called her when I wanted to bring her down from the professorial plat
form she sometimes liked to occupy. I petted her sleek blond hair and watched her pink lips, tightly stretched around my thick dong, crawling forward and back, forward and back on my cock, leaving a little trail of tiny spit bubbles on my hard column.

Jill never could take that much of me at once, but the way she sucked on the forward parts was good, with her tongue lapping at my swollen cockhead and circling around it. Sweet Mother of Jesus, that felt fine!

I looked down at my erstwhile lover, Marla, who was rooting eagerly in my ex-wife’s crotch while totally ignoring me as I got my cock sucked by the same lady. I thought, holy shit! What’s going on here?

Well, I knew one thing that was happening: I was getting my ashes hauled by Jill, and if I didn’t stop her pretty soon the party was going to be over for me for awhile. I didn’t want that, so I eased her blond head off my dick, and my rigid column swung away, trailing a strand of Jill’s saliva. Only then did she look down across her flat middle at what Marla was doing, and she smiled. She settled onto her back so that she could spread her legs wider, and she began to run her fingers through Marla’s tousled brown hair as my girlfriend licked and sucked at her pussy.

Oh great, I thought dismally, so this has become a fucking lesbo party. Unlike most men, I was never turned on a lot by watching two women go at it, particularly when I was the third wheel on the cart and the only one that wasn’t rolling. I could have attacked Marla’s well-sculpted rear, which was cocked up and waggling as she pressed her chest against the rug and tongued Jill’s hairless coochie, but I just didn’t feel like licking Marla’s ass right then. In fact, I didn’t feel like being very nice to Marla at all. Or to Jill, either. I sprawled in a chair, looked down at my towering hard-on, and absently began to stroke it. Even though the women’s activity didn’t particularly please me, they were at least naked and offered a certain detached inspiration..

I watched my wife’s small tits quiver as she writhed in response to Marla’s licking of her cunt. Jill pinched one of her own perky pink nipples and rolled it between her thumb and finger. When she let go, it was even more perky,,,and more pink. I thought about getting down on my knees and sucking it, but no. Neither woman seemed to want me, so why should I play the fool for them?

They changed positions after a time, with Marla jumping astride my ex-wife’s pretty face and riding her, facing south. This allowed Marla to bend forward and continue eating Jill’s tasty snatch while her entire bottom was spread before Jill like a sexual buffet. The good “doctor” licked Marla’s hair-fringed twat, its lips infused with excitement and spread open for Jill’s pleasure. As nearly as I could tell, Jill didn’t deign to lick the other woman’s asshole, but I wouldn’t have put anything past her at that point.

They were both lesbos, all right. “Bi” means lesbo to me and to most men. So they needed a cock once in awhile. Whoop-tee dooo!

It suddenly occurred to me that I was playing the sucker in this game even though I was the only one not sucking literally. Okay, if the ladies wanted to suck, I decided, let them suck something intended for women, not the parts supposed to be reserved for men. Anyway, I needed some action, and I fucking needed it now.

I dropped to my knees on the carpet, slapped Marla on the ass, and made her raise her head from Jill’s crotch. Jill looked at me too, and I said, “I feel abandoned, ladies. Come on, aim your pretty mouths this way.”

“But, Chris…” Marla protested softly, “I was just getting in the groove with Jill.”

“I know,” I said, “and she was into your groove, as well. But I’m the guy at this party, and I demand what’s due me!”

“Sorry, darling,” Jill purred, and assumed the position on her knees, showing some real desire to please me. Marla, on the other hand, showed obvious reluctance but she did kneel next to my ex.

What was going on with Marla, I continued to wonder. She wasn’t the girl I had thought I knew, the girl who was supposed to be in love with me. But never mind that now. It was way too heavy a subject when I was kneeling on the rug with my hard cock pointed in the ladies’ direction and their lips were all moist and glistening, even if the glisten was provided by pussy juice.

On my knees I moved up and suggested, “Why don’t you bow your pretty heads, girls, and try a different flavor?”

“You know I always liked your flavor, darling,” Jill murmured as she gave my bulging cockhead a swipe with her wet tongue.

“Yes, he is scrumptious,” Marla agreed, seeming to get into the swing of it now as she also began licking my dick.

Looking down, I couldn’t help but be pleased to get my bone licked by both ladies at the same time. The fact that one was my ex-wife and the other my current lover made it extra sweet…and extra kinky. But I wasn’t sure that “current lover” was the right way to think of Marla any more. Though my feelings about her were confused, she still was a very beautiful and sexually appealing woman, and her velvet tongue on my dick felt every bit as good as Jill’s if not more so.

I held my tallywhacker at the base and waggled it to and fro, offering it to each lady in turn. Each grabbed a greedy little suck, then was forced to relinquish my lollipop so that the other girl could have a taste. It went back and forth like that for awhile, then I began waggling my cock faster so that the women could take only tongue-swipes before it swung away. I laughed at the greediness they displayed and at the competition, with my dick as the prize.

I was feeling pretty damned good by that time, and pretty damned full of myself. I said in a husky voice that betrayed my lust, “Now I’m going to give my candy stick to you, Marla, and you can suck it for awhile as Jill watches.”

“Aaaaw,” my ex-wife complained because she had her cap set to win me back today.

“Don’t fret, my little lemon drop,” I told her, using another pet name from our old days together. “You’ll get your chance.”

Jealousy flared in the eyes that Marla turned up to me as I offered my dick to her, and that made me feel as if she still did want me, after all. But how did I feel about HER? That was the question. I could answer part of it: Physically she still thrilled me, and her warm, wet mouth that clasped the head of my cock put me on a rocket ride to heaven as she began to suck.

Jill was forced to perch on her knees and just watch as Marla leaned on her elbows and pumped her head on my prick. I petted her lustrous dark hair, loving every stroke of her wet clasping lips on my pulsating dong. She was making little passion sounds in her throat, and I loved that, also. Her full tits hung down and quivered as she bobbed her head, pleasing me immensely.

Soon it was Jill’s turn, but after withdrawing my dick from Marla I hesitated before offering it to my ex-wife so that I might kiss the wet warm lips which had just pleasured me. Then I swung my cock Jill’s way, and she gobbled it up greedily. I smiled to myself. If only she had acted like that last year, we might not have gotten divorced.

Marla frowned as she watched Jill cocksuck me with what seemed like genuine passion. But it was no more genuine than what I had felt from Marla, I was forced to admit. Was it possible that both women wanted me, even as they were hot to play with each other?

Jill certainly gave me that impression as she pumped her mouth eagerly on my cock, her lips stretched to the max around it. I reached down and toyed with her titties. That prompted Marla to take my near hand and move it to one of her breasts. What a difference there was between the two boobs I was squeezing! Marla’s was so abundant and full while Jill’s, hanging down, was skinny. But her nipple was firm and extended. />
Watching Jill suck my cock was bothering Marla, I could tell, and she chirped, “Let’s Jill and me t
urn around. You can have your choice of pussies, Chris. Wouldn’t you like that?”

What could I say but, “Wow!” and my cock jerked spastically in Jill’s sucking mouth. In fact, I almost shot.

At Marla’s further insistence, Jill backed off my tonsil tickler and both ladies turned around, offering their beautiful bottoms to me. I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven for sure. But I wasn’t sure if heaven offered such delights. Fuck, this was no time to ponder theology!

With the base of my spit-slick lovemaker in my grip, I moved up to the tempting targets that the two women offered. They were both bent forward, with their asses in the air, and both pussies were prominently displayed. Jill’s was the more compact and it was hairless, as I have said. Marla’s was passionately prepared for me, its lovely lips puffed with excitement and flaring, and there was a light scattering of little dark hairs alongside them.

I had to go for Marla first. She caught her breath when my wide cockhead breached her portal and was lodged in her pussy. However, she was naturally lubed for action and could handle my dimensions with ease. She moaned as I slowly shoved, sinking my thick shaft inch by inch into her wet warmth until she had all nine inches of my lust. My balls plopped against her clitoris.

Jill gave me a forlorn look over her shoulder, like a little girl who had gotten nothing for Christmas, so I petted her bottom with my hand. I steadied myself with my other hand on Marla’s hip, and I began to stroke my cock in and out, in and out of Marla’s warm and welcoming cunt.

“Oooh, yesss…” she hissed softly with emotion, tempting me to believe that she was a man’s girl after all. MY girl, to be exact.

However, I set all questions aside. Right then I wanted only to fuck this lovely lady that made me so hot. While holding Marla’s hip with one hand and caressing Jill’s pussy with the other, I pumped my happy prick in and out of Marla’s wiggling and receptively bobbing love-hole. I shut my eyes and tilted my head back. I groaned with animal pleasure. In the midst of this, I felt Jill’s hand on mine which was gently touching her pussy, and she gripped my middle finger, forcing it into herself. I couldn’t resist stroking that finger in and out, in and out, while I fucked Marla with the same rhythm. Fucking one beautiful woman and diddling the other, I was in heaven indeed!

After awhile I switched pussies and got my dry hand wet by plunging two fingers into Marla’s snatch as my cock glided into Jill’s snug but slippery fuck-hole. Commencing to fuck her while diddling Marla, I again tried to decide which woman was the one for me. It was a hard choice, especially considering how hard I was right then while making love to both of them. It did seem, however, that even with just my fingers in Marla, she was wiggling her hips and bumping her cunt back against me with more fervor than I was getting from Jill, though she was the one I was pumping my prick into. Not a valid basis for choosing perhaps, but if sexual hotness counted (and it sure did!) Marla seemed to have the edge. Even while fucking, Jill remained the intellectual.

I screwed both women with lusty abandon, going from one to the other, pounding and diddling their hot pussies in turn. I even threw a spank or two against a bobbing, jiggling rump. I enjoyed the sighs and moans and verbal exhortations that I heard.

Jill said, “Ooh, God yes! Fuck me, fuck meeee!”

Marla exclaimed, “Fuck, I love your big dick! Give it to me, Chris! Ooh, fuck my brains out, you horny bastard!”

I fucked them hard, both of them, going from one to the other, slamming my front against their bouncy buttocks–Jill’s compact ones and Marla’s rounder rear. There again, Marla had the edge. As I approached a climax, it was my intent to cum on their bottoms, letting both of them share my liquid love. But once more, Marla called the turn, literally whirling around to face me and capturing my dick in her mouth. As she sucked my cock, which was on the verge of erupting, Jill just sat and looked at me, forlorn once more that she had been left out. I couldn’t help it. At that moment, I wouldn’t have taken my dick away from Marla for anything.

I groaned in pleasure as her sucking lips drew the jism up from my balls, and I let out an open-throated cry as my love-juice spurted in Marla’s mouth, delivering shot after shot of thick, creamy cum onto her tongue and down her throat. I felt her mouth compress on me as she swallowed, and that made me deliver even more, which she swallowed, as well.

I drew back, took Marla’s warm, voluptuous body in my arms and kissed her. Jill just sat there, and I think she knew that my choice had been made. She had challenged Marla to a fuck-a-thon and had lost. The fact that Marla swung both ways no longer seemed to matter much. But could I live with that over the long haul? Time alone would tell, wouldn’t it?

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