A jolt went through me. It was her, the call I had been waiting ten days to get. “Marla! God, I’ve missed you.”

She laughed a little. “I’ve missed you too, baby. We had a time, didn’t we?”

“You know it. I want to see you. When? Where?”

“Easy, cave man. I want to see you, as well. But things are a little complicated.”

“You mean, you and Lenny?”

“Yes, me and Lenny…the bastard,” she said sadly.

“If you feel that way about him, walk out.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Marla, let’s just meet some place where we can talk about it.”

“You mean, where we can fuck, don’t you?” Her voice got throaty, and it occurred to me that she would be great at phone sex.

“Of course, I want to fuck you. I think all the time about fucking you.”

“That’s good,” she purred. “I think about it, too. In fact, I’m rubbing myself right now.”

“Jesus…” My dick was getting hard. “I want to see you now. Today. This morning. You know where I live. Why don’t you just come here?”

“I’m working.”

“Fuck work!”

“Hah!” She laughed again. “And what will I use for money? Of course, if you want to hire me as your secretary… Just kidding,” she quickly added. “Just kidding, of course.”

I picked up on it though. “Maybe that’s an idea. I can afford it, I think. I’ll work harder with you around. I’ll write more.”

She laughed again. “You’ll be harder, all right, but as for work…”

“Damn it, Marla, you’re just teasing me. I don’t like that.”

“Okay…okay…I didn’t call up to tease. I want to see you, Chris, as badly as you want to see me. But until I get my head straightened out, we can’t have any more sex. It’s too explosive.”

“How can we see each other without screwing?” I wanted to know.

“Chris. When I’m living with Lenny, I can’t screw you. I could hardly face him the other day after we did it.”

“I love you, Marla.”


“You have second thoughts?”

“We can’t talk about love.”

I took a deep breath and let it out. “So we can’t talk about love, and we can’t screw. So what do we do, discuss the fucking weather?”

She was silent.

I am no pussy. “Goodbye, Marla,” I said and hung up. It hurt to do that, but I had to. She was playing me like a fish on a line, and I decided I had been wrong about her. She was not a straight-talking, honest person at all. She was all mucked up. She and Lenny deserved each other.

The phone rang. “What was that for?” she asked.

“Look–either we are real with one another or it isn’t worth it.”

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes,” she said and clicked off.

I let out a yell, then poured a little drink to calm myself down. I straightened up the place and sat down to wait. It was not even 20 minutes before the door chimes rang. I walked to open the door, and wonderful Marla was in my arms. She was warm and smelled great, and her soft, full tits pressed against me in a way that turned me on immediately. Though she wasn’t a raving beauty, everything about her turned me on. It was chemistry, pure and simple, which some people have for each other without ever knowing why.

We kissed. Marla’s tongue stroked mine, and I clutched her more tightly. I let one hand roam down her back to play with her bottom through her business skirt. She had buoyant buttocks that were nicely curved. It was an ass that begged to be petted and fondled and spanked. I felt her panty lines. And again she was wearing garters, bless her heart.

We were both breathing hard as our kiss ended, and Marla ran her hand down between us. “You do pop right up there, don’t you, Chris Harding?” She stroked me through my pants and boxers. “I have to work on Lenny to make him fit, and then it usually isn’t worth it.”

I eased her hand off me, leaving a tent in my slacks. “Let’s talk about Lenny,” I said, and led Marla to my leather sofa. “Drink?”

“No, it’s too early for me, and I’ve gotta get back to work. But I couldn’t stand to leave things between us where they were.”

“I’m glad. I want to understand your problem, Marla, and I want to help.”

“You can’t. No one can.”

“You mean it’s hopeless?”

She just looked at me, loathe to speak the word, but her eyes said yes.

“Look,” I told her, “you are a smart business person who knows how to solve problems, right?”

“I’m a salesgirl.”

“No. I think you’re much more than that. Anyway, I know enough about business to understand that you first have to dissect a situation and identify the problem areas. All of life is like that. So what is it with you and Lenny? Do you love him or don’t you? That’s the first question.”

“My, you’re so methodical for a writer.”

“Don’t dodge the question. Do you love Lenny?”

She hesitated, looking me right in the eyes, then said, “No. I’m over him. I believe I’m over him.”

“Which is it?”

“I’m sure.”

“Then fucking LEAVE him!”

“Okay. But he’ll crash and burn.”

“So he burns. You’re not his mama.” God, I wanted her! I moved close.

Marla saw what was coming, and she stood up. I liked her long legs. She faced away from me, and there was that beautiful ass. I wanted to see it in just panties with garters running down to grip the tops of her hose. And I loved the bare skin between stockings and pants. Most women don’t show that, and when I see it I go ape. I must have lived before in the 1950’s.

Marla paced, and her buttocks moved enticingly. Her stockings flashed below her skirt hem, and her high heels punished my carpet. I loved them, too. “Let me tell you about Lenny, and maybe you’ll understand. He’s a singer, and he’s got a wonderful voice. But there’s no market for his kind of music or not much of one, anyway. So he’s been picking up any kind of work he can find, except lately he hasn’t been looking. It’s like he has fucking given up…and he’s only 32 years old.”

“Uuh…” I started to say something, then wasn’t sure if I should continue. Helping Lenny might be the worst thing in the world for me to do, if it meant that he would become a man again and Marla would stick with him. But what the hell? “I’ve written a couple of movie scripts,” I ventured, ” and I know some Hollywood people pretty well. One agent in particular. If Lenny is good, maybe I can get him an audition with this gal.”

“A gal?”

“Yeah. Well, she’s in her mid-40’s, but she’s a good looker and a sharp agent. She’s got a load of contacts. Good music is making a comeback, they say. I could call her.”

“Gosh, Chris, would you do that?”

“For you, baby.”

Instantly grateful, she rushed to me, landing on my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck. We kissed passionately. Hungrily. My hard-on rose against her warm, soft bottom, and my right hand moved to her tits. I remembered that she said she liked to have them played with, and I proceeded to play with them through her blouse and bra. What full and springy boobs they were! As we continued our kiss, I felt them all over, then began to fumble for the fasteners on her blouse.

“Let me, baby…” she breathed as she separated her mouth from mine. Her breath was sweet, like everything else about her.

She stood and looked right at me as she began taking off her clothes. I sat where I was and removed my shirt, then opened my belt and started shucking my slacks down.

“I like men in boxers,” Marla said as my plain blue ones came into view. “I like to think of everything swinging around in there, not all bound up like in briefs. Lenny wears briefs.”

“So Lenny creeps into the conversation again.” I kicked my pants off

Marla was standing in her bra and panties by that time, and I loved the view, along with stockings, a garter belt, and high heels. Today’s panties were white, as were her bra and garters. Her stockings again were sandy and very sheer.

“I l
ove the way you dress, too,” I said. “Particularly the stockings and garters.”

She smiled as she stood there, posing for me. “I got to wearing garters because of Lenny. He likes them, too. Oh, sorry.”

“It’s all right, but let’s not mention him any more, shall we? Anyway, he has good taste, and he knows what’s sexy. Meaning YOU.”

“Do you really think I’m sexy, Chris?” She bent forward in front of me.

“My, yes!”

We kissed, and I unhooked her bra. Her titties tumbled into my hands. and I squeezed and jiggled them gently.

“Oh yess, dooo that,” Marla purred, and she wriggled, agitating her smooth and pliant breasts in my grasp. I loved it.

She sank to her knees between my spread legs and found my manhood spearing up and out of my shorts. She let out a little sound of excitement and began licking my knob. What a thrill that was!

Looking down and watching Marla’s wet rosy tongue circle and swab the head of my cock, and feeling the incomparable sensations that the licking produced, made me groan loudly, and she looked up, obviously pleased that she was pleasing me so much. I stroked her lovely brown hair, gathering it in my hands and enjoying its silky texture.

She began to bob her head on my dong, and that was sheer delight. Her lips were tight around me, skidding on the lubrication of her saliva, and my cockhead bumped the back of her throat. My size didn’t seem to bother her. This was a girl who knew what she was doing. While she sucked me, pumping her mouth up and down on my cock, she reached into my shorts and fondled my balls.

“Marla…darling…ooh, you do that so goddamned good! Baby, I love it!”

She made throaty sounds of pleasure which were almost totally muffled by the man-meat that filled her mouth, and I could tell she enjoyed giving head. Some women do, some don’t. Many do it only to please a man. If I was any judge, Marsha did it to please herself, as well.

She held my stalk straight up and licked along its underside, her tongue waggling. When she reached the head of my lollipop, she took took some swirly licks and a noisy suck, then waggled her way back down the stick to sink her mouth in my shorts and nibble at my nuts.

I was getting so stimulated by that time that I was afraid I would pop, and I wanted to make love to her as I had done before. Even more so. When I am totally attracted to a woman, nothing pleases me more than eating her pussy and even browsing beyond when conditions are right.

I reluctantly eased Marla off my dick, skinned my shorts down, and drew her onto the leather sofa. She stretched out, and I parted her legs enough to kneel between them. I bent and basketed her boobies between my hands, moving them all around, pressing my face between them, and licking the satiny skin of those lush mounds. I found her nipples and licked the slightly rough circles around them before capturing each jutting tip and tugging on it. I waggled my head, shaking her boobs. I drew a nipple deep into my mouth, bathed it in saliva, and swirled my tongue all around the tough little jigger before sucking hard, letting it go, re-capturing it and sucking some more. I moved to Marla’s other titty and treated that one the same.

She writhed and grasped at my pecker, all but begging me to stick it in her. But I wasn’t ready to do that yet. I backed up, distancing my dick from her seeking hand, and I kissed down to her navel. I licked into the little cup, browsed a bit lower on her soft tummy and encountered the edge of her underpants. I licked along the panty elastic, and she breathed, “Ooooo.” I stroked the front of her sleek panties and slid my hand down between her legs, petting her pussy through her pants. She squirmed with delight.

“Ooh yessss, Chris…ooh yessss.” She writhed. “Pet me. Now lick me. Please lick me, baby. I neeed it!”

She didn’t have to beg. I was hot with lust as I pulled down her panties and boosted her lovely legs in the air, yanking the panties off. I lay them on the rug and spread her legs wide. My cock throbbed, hot and hard, as I bent to my lady’s sweet, tasty cunt. I groaned with pleasure as my tongue burrowed into her soft folds of moist flesh, my nose in her brown tuft. Marla didn’t have a lot of hair down there, just enough to prove she was a woman and to tickle my nose, both externally and with a subtle scent. It was exactly the scent that I liked, female and fresh with a faint essence of body lotion blended in.

I drew back a little and lifted her ass out of the leather, spreading her legs to open her crotch even more. The nose knows, and on that delightful morning Marla was shower fresh, so I licked all the way down between her legs and pressed my parted lips to her anus. I let my saliva drool into the little slit and swabbed it lovingly with my tongue. Marla squealed and bumped against my face. Finally I licked all the way up her crotch, settling on her clitoris which I sucked a lot while clasping her hands in mine and holding her steady, her bare ass once more planted deep in the soft leather sofa.

I lifted her legs, one after the other, and licked all around her stocking tops and along her garters. I turned her over and licked her backside, revisiting the crinkly little aperture between her buttocks. I loved to feel her soft, satiny asscheeks vibrate against my face as she enjoyed the feel and thought of me licking her asshole. Women do appreciate that because it proves their lover’s total acceptance and desire.

“Ooh Chris…Chris, you devil! Ooh, you devil! I love it soooo!” She was babbling and every once in awhile she would give a little bump.

Finally I raised my face, and I didn’t spank her today, though I always enjoy the sound and jiggle when I do that. However, a guy must vary his routine. That’s what keeps the sex interesting for a woman. Never let her know what’s going to happen next. Today I only shimmied her asscheeks lightly with my hands and bent once more to lick them all over, which never fails to please.

I returned her to her back and fell forward between her spread legs, holding them up. She hooked them around me, and I loved the feel of her stockings rubbing my skin.

“My sweet baby,” I murmured, kissing her face and neck. “May I fuck you?”

“Ooh Jesus, yesss! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, PLEASE fuck me, Chris! I need it nowww!”

I fucked her. Christ, how I fucked her! And Marla fucked back. We made that sofa bounce as I drove her ass deep into the soft leather, let her up a little, then drove her ass into it again. Her boobs bobbed erotically.

Bracing myself on my elbows, I pawed at her jiggling tits while we fucked. I got my thumb down and went to work on her clit as I kept stroking my thick, long baloney non-stop in and out of her tight cunt, fucking her deep and hard with every thrust of my 9-inch woman pleaser.

Marla moaned and let out little yelps. She came at least twice while I pumped up and down in her hot hole. She clutched my back with arms and legs, and raked me with her fingernails. I loved it. Finally I felt my pressure rising toward the point where I would have to release it, and I moved faster. I rocked Marla with rapid strokes, not once slowing, our bellies slamming together.

Marla gasped and she was a babbler: “Oooh…shit! Oooh…gawd! Ooh, fuck it, you fucking animal! Fuck my fucking cunt! Now! NOW! YESSSSSSSSS!”

She clutched me hard and shook all over. I kept fucking her. My head grew light. The moment that her cunt stopped rippling around my stroking rod and I felt her lapse, I pulled out of her and unloaded all over her tits and tummy, my upthrust cock jerking and spurting with intense pleasure like I had never felt before. Yes, Marla was the one, all right. Oh God, Marla was the one.

She arched herself and grasped my spewing pecker, bending to rub her tongue ov
er the head. That encouraged me to yield up every last drop of thick white cream, my balls voiding utterly. I then lay
forward on top of my darling lady and we kissed.

Minutes later, as she left to go back to work, she said, “I don’t want you to think we only had sex because you said you would help Lenny.”

“But still, you want me to help him, don’t you?”

“Yes, Chris, I do.” Her eyes told me that it meant a lot to her.

“What’s his professional name?” I needed to know.

“Leonardo Martinelli.”

“So you are Mrs. Martinelli.”

“Don’t remind me.”

I shook my head. She was a study in contradictions, but I was crazy about her. We made a deal to meet in two days, and in the meantime I was to see a certain lady agent in Hollywood. Talk about a piece of work! Hell, talk about a PIECE!

Stick with me…

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