Me and a Friend's Wife

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“What are we drinking tonight?” Becky eagerly asked as she methodically placed the last barstool on the table.
“I don’t know, what sounds good to you?” I said.
“I’m in the mood for some liquor,” she said as she mischievously smiled.
My name is Mike and I have been working as a bar tender and closing supervisor at a Bar and Grille while finishing up graduate school for over 2 years. Becky had just gotten married to one of my good college buddies the previous summer. After graduating from College, Becky moved to live with her husband and, since starting work at the same restaurant as me, we have been spending a lot of time together. Becky and I knew each other growing up in a small town but nothing had ever happened between us. We knew each other as friends and ran in the same circles but had never gotten involved romantically.
A few weeks ago Becky and I started a tradition. Each night that we closed together we would lock up and have a couple of drinks before heading home. We would always laugh and flirt innocently but nothing had ever happened as we were both married. On this night though, things seemed to be a bit different.
“Liquor huh?” I responded. “All right, you mix us up something good and I will run to the office and finish up. Come on in after you make the drinks”
I walked down the hall to the office where I proceeded to hastily audit the restaurant sales for the night and run all of the sales reports. Now don’t get me wrong, Becky is an extremely attractive girl and, to be honest, the only reason I never pursued her in high school was because I kind of figured she was out of my league even though she is 2 years younger than me. She’s about 5′ 6″ with shoulder-length, dirty-blonde hair. Her breasts are a bit below average, maybe “B” cups but she has a great body. She played basketball and golf in college and she continued to take VERY good care of herself. Although I am happily married I constantly catch myself fantasizing about a lot of the waitresses at work but probably none more than Becky.
I began daydreaming of Becky while I sluggishly finished my work. At some point, while innocently playing out some impossible fantasy in my head my hand wondered down to my crotch and I began to lazily stroke myself though my pants. While absent-mindedly staring down at a report and rubbing my slightly stiffening cock, Becky had quietly wondered in and approached the desk with our drinks.
“What are you doing?” she asked smiling.
“Scratching my massive genitalia.” I joked. Becky and I were comfortable with this kind of dialogue and we did it often so we both laughed it off. I tried to act natural and get my mind back on my work but I was flustered and a bit embarrassed at how I had just been busted.
“What did you make us?” I quickly asked trying to change the subject.
“Try it” Becky quipped.
I sniffed it and instantly recognized that I was holding a Long Island.
“You’re not messing around tonight, are you?” I asked.
“No I’m not” Becky said half sarcastically.
We began to idly chat about married life. I finished my office work and leaned back in my chair as I finished off the first one in record time. Two drinks quickly turned to three and by the fourth we were both feeling pretty loose and our conversation began to reflect it.
“So how is you sex life?” I asked in a half-serious tone. We had been talking about every other facet of our private lives so this, while being a bit risky, wasn’t too much of a leap.
“So-so.” Becky responded.
“So-so?” I asked. “Why, what’s wrong with it?”
“Oh it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that it’s pretty tame.”
“That’s too bad.” I added. Not satisfied with her vague reasoning I asked her to be a bit more specific. “What would make it better?”
“We don’t do too much oral.” Becky confided. “I love oral.”
“I love it too.” I offered.
“Giving it or taking it?” Becky wondered.
“I wish my husband loved giving it as much as he does taking it.”
Needless to say this conversation was beginning to go straight to my head, right along with the booze I had been guzzling to this point.
“How about you go and make us one more.” I suggested.
“Alright.” Becky agreed.
I again leaned back in my chair and stretched my legs apart while staring at the ceiling. Becky returned a couple of minutes later with the drinks.
“Whoa!” she exclaimed as she walked through the door. My cock had been nearly fully erect during this conversation but I was bent over the desk resting my head in my hands for most of the conversation so Becky had no clue. Now, my posture and position left little to the imagination as my hard-on was trying to bust the seams of my Dockers.
“I can see why your wife likes to give you blowjobs. Look at the size of that thing.”
I was equal parts turned-on and embarrassed at this point so I didn’t try to hide it this time. I glanced down at my pants and decided to make my move.
“Do you like that?” I asked.
“Well I don’t know,” Becky said in a tone that was soaking with innuendo. “There’s too much between that and my eyes to know for sure.”
“Well, if you really want to know why my wife loves to give me blow jobs there is only one way to find out for certain.” To this point I was unsure if what was going on was just the X-rated banter that we often share or if this was for real.
“Wait a minute, I told you that the problem with my sex life was that I didn’t get oral enough, not that I don’t give it enough.”
“O.K.” I relented. “I’ll go first if that will make you feel more comfortable.”
With that Becky stood up from her chair, walked across the office, and sat on the edge of the desk facing me. My heart was nearly beating out of my chest as I placed my hands on the sides of her legs and began to gently and slowly pull her towards me. I moved in close to her and I could feel her breath on my face. We held this position and stared at each other intently for what seemed like an eternity. Finally I grabbed the back of her head and, drawing her lips to mine, we began to kiss passionately. This was such an unbelievable and overwhelming feeling that I could hardly take it all in.
I wrapped my arms around the lowest part of her waist and pulled her down on top of me so she was straddling me in my chair. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she ground herself into my cock. We continued to explore one another with our mouths as I reached up and pulled her shirt off. She was wearing a black, laced bra and I hurriedly tore it off. I took one of her breasts fully into my mouth and then the other, circling her nipples with my wanting tongue. Becky began to moan and rub her crotch on my penis even harder.
I heard her mumble something through her panting and moaning but I was unable to tell what it was exactly.
“What?” I gasped.
“Eat me, I want you to eat my pussy! I need it now!”
I didn’t need any further encouragement. I immediately stood up with her still in my lap and sat her down on the edge of the desk. I clumsily struggled to unbutton her pants. Her red panties showed a thin slice of wetness that had soaked through from her pussy. Her sweet musky smell filled the office and I buried my face in her crotch before taking of her panties. I pushed my tongue hard into the fabric and blew hot air on her sopping cunt.
“MMMMMMMM” she exclaimed.
After a couple of minutes of torturing her I lifted my head, grabbed her ankles and raised them up, forcing her to fall on to her back. With one foot on either side of my head I grabbed her panties on each side and slid them up her legs, over her feet and promptly dropped them onto the floor. I licked my way down her left leg and I planned to skip be pussy and lick my way back up her right leg. However, as soon as I was close enough to lick her sweet, bald pussy I couldn’t resist. I immediately began to gently suck on her clit.
“Oh fuck yeah, eat my
pussy!” Becky blurted. I was more than happy to oblige and I continued to lap at her pussy j
uices as she neared climax. I sensed that she was close and, to finish her off, I quickly slid my middle finger into her pussy.
“Oh god, I’m coming,” she yelled. “You’re eating me so good and I’m coming. Don’t stop!” She yelled as she flooded my mouth and chin with her sweet come.
After coming down from her orgasm, Becky glanced up at me and immediately down to my engorged cock.
“Well, I guess I’d better hold up my end of the bargain,” Becky said.
“I guess you’d better,” I responded.
With that, Becky slid off of the desk and on to her knees in front of me. She wasted no time in taking my pants and boxers off. My cock sprang out and nearly hit her in the face. I have a fairly thick cock, about 6 ½ inches in length. Becky inspected my cock as she gently caressed my balls. I was so hard at this point that I don’t know how I was able to keep from coming. She grabbed the base of my penis and squeezed in rather roughly.
“I don’t want you coming too soon, I’ve got plans for this cock and they don’t include you coming quite yet.”
With that, Becky began licking me from the base of my cock to the tip. She would lightly lick the tip and then take it all in at once while constantly keeping pressure at the base of my dick so that it felt amazing, but I wasn’t allowed to come. After about 5 minutes of this I couldn’t take it any longer.
“If you’re not going to let me come in your mouth, then where am I supposed to do it?” I asked playing dumb.
“I though you’d never ask,” Becky smiled.
She promptly stood up, turned around and bent over the desk giving me my first view of her ass and a tantalizing peak at her mound from behind. She turned to me and we made eye contact. She didn’t have to say a word; I knew exactly what to do. I stood up and began to rub the head of my cock from her tidy asshole, down to her wet hole. Again and again I teasingly would insert just the head into her waiting pussy and then back up to her ass entrance where I would carefully distribute her wetness. She continually panted and moaned and begged me to fuck her.
“Please let me have that cock, I want to feel you inside of me. Fill me up with your that big co___”
With that I immediately gave her everything I had and she let out a muffled cry.
“Oh yeah, fuck that pussy baby! Fuck it hard and make me come.
I grabbed her waist with one both hands and I began to fuck her as fast and hard as I could. Every once in a while I would pull out and continue my teasing ritual but at her begging I would insert it and pound her more. The space of the office reverberated with the sound of my hips slamming against her perfect ass and the sweet music of her constant direction and encouragement.
“Make me come. Fuck me with your cock and make me come all over it.” Oh god, I am so close. Fuck me baby! FUUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEE!
I could tell that she was very close. I took one hand off her waste and moved it so that my thumb was caressing her upper butt crack.
“Yeah baby, finger my asshole.” She grunted. “Fill up both of my holes right now, I need it!”
With that I moved my thumb down to her waiting asshole and eased it in. I continued to ram her pussy and finger-fuck her asshole.
“I’m gonna come!!” she shouted. Oh yes, I’m coming. With that she shuddered violently and I could feel both holes convulse followed by a flood of come that soaked my dick and began to drip onto the floor. Feeling her come put me over the edge. I pulled out, stood up and pushed her to her knees. I instructed her not to touch it as I aimed my cock at her gorgeous face and began to jack off.
“I want you to finger yourself and tell me how much you love it until I come on your face.” I instructed.
With that, Becky began to fervently rub her clit with one hand and finger herself with the other while crouched in a catcher’s stance in front of me.
“Oh, my pussy is so wet. I love fucking myself. I love to make myself come. I want you to come all over my face while I make myself come.”
She began to rub herself harder and harder as she neared another climax.
“I can’t come until you come on my face.’
At that instant I felt the come swelling in my cock.
“I’m going to come, I’m going to come” I began to chant.
“Oh baby, I’m coming again,” Becky yelled as she shook and writhed to a third orgasm. “I’m making myself come, please come all over my face.”
I erupted and sent volley after volley into her mouth and all over her face and tits. I didn’t think it would ever stop.
I helped her clean up and we got dressed.
“That was amazing,” I offered.
“Amazing isn’t the word,” she agreed.
As we made our way for the door I glanced back at Becky and said, “so what are we drinking tomorrow.”
“I’m thinking liquor,” she smiled.
“Liquor it is!”

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