Liz Levin was one of the top theatrical and literary agents in Hollywood. She had represented me in a screen deal, and then we had gotten cozy. Her choice.

She didn’t exactly have to drag me into her bed. The woman was hot even though she was 45-ish, but she was the sort who wanted to dominate a man totally, and that was never my brand of beer. Younger men like me were Liz’s specialty. She was known to have a stable of studs, all of whom wanted her to promote their careers.

And so, mixing metaphors, there I was about to enter the den of the lioness once again. I was doing it for loveā€“not for Liz but for my darling Marla. (In case you don’t know about her, I suggest you read “Two Lonely Lovers” and “Marla Returns” before proceeding with this torrid tale.)

Liz was not the sort of person you could immediately reach on the phone, unless you were a Hollywood bigshot with whom she wanted to make a deal, or one of the toyboys on her current list. She had a stern assistant by the name of Edna who controlled access, so it was necessary to confront her first. I was betting Edna would remember me. She did.

“So! We haven’t heard from you in a long time, Mister Harding,” she said in an accusing tone. “The lady asked about you.”

“I’m glad. May I speak with her, please?”

“One moment.” The line went blank.

I waited more than one moment. I waited quite awhile, and then: “Christopher!” Honey poured from the phone. “How are you, my pet?”

“I’m getting along, Liz. How are you?”


“Well, I need to see you.”

“Professionally or as an old and dear friend?”

“Both,” I said, realizing that I was sticking my head into the lioness’s mouth, and you can take that any way you like.

“Come over right now,” Liz said.

“I’m on my way.”

I won’t deny that I was excited at the prospect of renewing my acquaintance with Liz, though I would never have sought her out except to help Marla. My scheme was, first, to appease Liz, then to get her interested in Lenny…in more than a professional way. If that worked, perhaps it would pry Lenny loose from Marla. At least, it was worth a try. I had to do something to win Marla for myself alone.

Liz headquartered in Century City, and I remembered just how to get to her office. Slim, gray-haired Edna greeted me. She didn’t smile, but I did detect a sparkle in her wise eyes as she signaled me to enter the inner sanctum without even being announced. Liz was on the phone, and she didn’t acknowledge me when I walked in. She was too intensively engaged:

“I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think of the script, Harvey. Either you take that part in ‘Evil Monsters from Mars’ or you and I are through. I went all out for you, and you’re not going to leave me hanging out to dry, understand? Okay. Call Sam as of right now!” She hung up.

Liz beamed. “Helll-oooh, Chris,” she cooed. “Come here and give Mama a kiss.”

You might be surprised that she would say anything that emphasized the difference in our ages, but Liz WANTED me to feel like her little boy. In her world, it was all about domination. I ambled over and wrapped my arms around her.

Even in a pin-striped business suit, Liz’s buxom figure was feminine and warm. I refrained from caressing her ample bottom, and I wasn’t going to introduce my tongue into the kiss. But when Liz tickled my tongue with hers, as our lips joined, I put mine to use. Immediately her nails dug into my back and, damn it, my cock stirred. So there I was, doing something for Marla and thinking about her all the time, but still responding to another attractive and sexually energetic woman. Just call me a typical man, I guess.

I broke the kiss and backed up a little. Liz beamed at me. Her makeup was perfect, her green eyes self-assured and her short black hair as sleek as a raven’s wing. Did I mention her breasts? Well, Liz had large ones which swelled the top of her trim suit. For a dominant woman who could act like a man when she had to, she was remarkably feminine with it all.

“You know, Chris, I could clear my calendar and, after we have a little lunch in the restaurant downstairs (do you like sushi?) we could go to my place and spend the rest of the day discussing your writing career and getting re-acquainted. What do you say?”

“Well, uh…Liz…it happens that I didn’t come here to discuss my career. I’m working on a book assignment now. I wanted to talk to you about a friend of mine.”

“Female?” she asked suspiciously.

“No. He’s a guy.”

“Chris! You haven’t turned, have you?” She laughed playfully.

“No, no, no. He’s just a guy that I met who has a real good voice and he needs a contact. I thought of you.”

“Is he young?”

“Young enough,” I said pointedly.

“We can talk about him. Are you ready for lunch?”

About 90 minutes later we were in Liz’s plush Beverly Hills apartment, standing next to her king-sized bed. She had popped into a little dressing alcove which had a bathroom just beyond, and had soon re-appeared wearing a simple black robe. During the interval I had put on the robe she had handed me, which was white. There was obvious symbolism there, but I wasn’t sure just how it was going to come down. Though the general course of events was pre-ordained once I had agreed to come to Liz’s place, there was always room for variety.

Gazing at each other across the wide bed, Liz and I removed our robes. She was both a sexy and dramatic figure in a black bra and matching silk thong. I was naked, and Liz stared frankly at my cock and balls. She smiled in approval, though as yet I wasn’t ready to do her any good.

“I have something special in mind for us today, Chris,” the lady announced. “I hope you don’t object.”

“I’m sure I will enjoy it,” I said with a smile, though inwardly I winced a bit.

“I do indeed hope so.” Liz bent and lifted from under the front corner of the bed a handcuff attached to a short length of light but sturdy chain. “There’s one at each corner,” she said. “Will you assist?”

We exposed the four cuffs and the chains to which they were attached, all anchored to the bed’s feet

“For you or for me?” I teased, but of course I knew the answer. We had gone this route once before.

“Ha-ha. Lie down, will you, lover? This is going to be fun.”

I didn’t doubt it would be, in a way. Not my way exactly, but still… I stretched out on the bed and allowed Liz to clasp cuffs to my wrists and ankles. The chains had enough slack to allow me to move around some, but I couldn’t roll over or do anything to stop whatever the lady wanted to do with me. I looked up at her with some slight trepidation but mostly a gathering excitement which already was causing my cock to fatten out.

“That’s it, Chris,” Liz said, her eyes gleaming as she wrapped a hand around my growing member and began to stroke it. In moments it was sticking up like a fucking flagpole, and the lady sighed with satisfaction. To prove just how much she liked what she saw, she bent and gave the bald knob of my phallus a lick.

I shivered with pleasure while growling, “You witch.”

“Ooh yesss, I am a witch all right. But I much prefer being called something else. You remember what that is, don’t you, Chris?”

“Yes, Lady Liz,” I said, and my dick jerked, sticking up hard and tall.

Standing next to the bed and positioning herself so that her backside was close to my face, Liz bent and steadied my swaying flagpole with her hand while she got down to serious licking. As her wet tongue glided over my smooth, bulging cockhead and circled around it, I gazed at her voluptuous ass and wished that I could grab it…or maybe whack it. But alas, I was restrained. However, I enjoyed my clo
se-up view of her white bottom, dramatized by the black thong, and I very much enjoyed the action of her wet velvet tongue on the head of my cock, then the humid warmth of her su
cking mouth as it clamped around me and began to pump down and up on my rod. She was a most accomplished fellatrice, and it was obvious that she enjoyed sucking a man’s cock, especially when she had total domination over him.

I clenched my fists and squirmed against the bed, tugging at the chains that held me spread-eagled. Though I would never have asked to be treated this way, I had to admit that the experience was exciting. My body arched, asscheeks clenching and hips surging upward, driving my dick into Lady Liz’s mouth and throat. She didn’t gag a bit as she took me deep, sucking hungrily.

She had spread her legs enough so that, as she bent forward, the shapely cheeks of her bottom parted to display the entire length of the black silk thong which passed between them. I wanted to reach and hook that thong with a finger, pulling it out of her asscrack, but I was frustrated by my bonds. However, as if Lady Liz had read my mind, she straightened up and, still keeping her bottom toward me, stretched her tiny thong, stripping it out of her crack and down her legs. She kicked it away.

Her bra went next, but she kept her back turned, not yet granting me a view of her tits. She tossed a leg across me, facing my feet, then backed up on her knees, straddling my chest.

Oh Lord, there was milady’s bottom right in front of my face and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I watched her tokus coming down toward me, and I couldn’t stop it or get out of the way…assuming that I even wanted to. I was helpless as her ass came to rest on my face, her velvety and hairless pussy settling on my mouth while my nose nestled in her crack. It was not an unpleasant experience. In fact, it thrilled the hell out of me! My only concern was whether she was going to let me breathe. I’m kidding, of course. She elevated herself just enough to prove that her purpose was not to smother me.

So, with my nose nestled between Lady Liz’s soft and sumptuous butt-cheeks, and with my tongue penetrating her juicy snatch, I again felt the thrill of her warm mouth pumping up and down on my boner, helped by encircling fingers around the base of my cock and other fingers fondling my nuts. Had I died and gone to heaven? At the moment it seemed so.

Not wanting to stimulate me too quickly, Liz maintained a slow and steady pumping of her mouth on my upthrust cock while wiggling her pussy against my face. Her swollen clit wallowed in my wet mouth, enjoying the action of my tongue as well as the edges of my teeth. Repeatedly I captured her passion point between my lips and sucked hard, making the lady moan with delight.

Suddenly she sprang to her feet announcing, “It’s time to mount my steed.”

Facing toward my head, she straddled me and let herself down on the prong of my passion, slowly lowering and lowering until my entire nine inches were stuffing her snug pussy. Her soft buttocks rested against my crotch. The lady’s cunt gripped my manhood like a fist and gradually went into action, first circling voluptuously around my happy dick, then moving slowly up and down, up and down, giving me intense pleasure as her tight wetness clutched and polished my throbbing cock.

For the first time I could enjoy the bobbing of her immense knockers. They were 44-D’s, and they bounced beautifully. I wanted to reach up and fondle them, but alas, I was shackled to the bed, my arms and legs stretched toward its four corners, with only my stiff dick touching Lady Liz. My dick was deep inside her, and she loved it in a marvelous way, pumping down and up, then sitting snugly astride me and grinding around my cock. God, what a feeling! I panted and growled.

Liz looked down, crooning, “Christopher baby…do you like that, you horny boy? Do you like Lady Liz’s pussy? Tell me you like it.”

“Ooh God, Lady Liz, I love your hot cunt!” I said lustily.

“Yesss, my CUNT!” Liz exclaimed, quaking around me, and she had a little cum right then. But of course, she needed more. She kept babbling, “My cunt loves that big, fat cock of yours sticking up inside it. Such a HAAARD cock! Ooh shit, your cock is so fucking hard! Mama loves your big dick, bay-beee!”

With that, she bent and kissed me wetly on the lips, then began to fuck like mad, riding me as if I was a bucking bronco at a state fair. And indeed I was bucking up inside her. FUCKING up inside her, you might say. Yes, let’s say that.

Her tits were bouncing like mad just above me, and now she bent down and slapped those big boobies to and fro across my face. Continuing to screw me with her wild hips, she dropped a nipple into my mouth and let me suck on it. I made an obscene slurping sound as I gobbled at her titty. She pulled the wet nipple out of my mouth and dropped the other nipple in. I sucked that one. And all the while, her swirling cunt was circling my cock and pumping up and down on it. Fuck. I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer at this rate.

As if Liz knew that I was very close to a climax, she pulled off me, letting my wet dick sway in the open air while she scrambled forward and plopped her just-fucked pussy right on top of my mouth. She came with a whoop, and her nectar gushed down into my mouth. All I could do was gulp and swallow. And let me tell you, that wasn’t bad!

Now she backed up and pounced on my dick with her hot mouth again. I couldn’t last much longer, but at that point she didn’t care. Her lips encircled my rod, sucking hard, and her tongue lapped at the very sensitive underside of my cock. Its head swelled. I caught my breath, and then I cried out as I spurted up into Liz’s mouth and throat. I felt her swallow…again…again. I came completely.

Though Liz insisted on doing things her way and in being in control all the time, she enjoyed everything about a man, which meant that the man enjoyed it, too. After she had licked my dick clean, she released my bonds, lay atop me, and we kissed.
Then we did talk business for a little while and, sure enough, Lenny got his audition.

I felt a bit deflated as I left Lady Liz’s apartment, and not totally proud of myself, but I was already looking forward to seeing Marla and putting the episode with Liz behind me.

(More to cum.)

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    great story, do not be afraid of letting yourself load liz with cum and having her force you to clean her up, it’s fantasy after all, you don’t have to do for real if you don’t want to.

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