It was a big house in one of the city’s finest neighborhoods, befitting the owner of a prosperous tech business. When the door opened, I stared at an attractive blonde woman wearing shorts and a very full blouse. She held a drink in her hand and appeared to be on her way to getting hammered at eleven o’clock in the morning.

“Uuh, Ms. Carlisle?” I inquired hesitantly.

She lifted a lock of hair away from her face while giving me a seductive smile. “And you are Jack.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She laughed throatily. “Oh shit, don’t call me ma’am. Come in.”

“Well, I have the papers that Mr. Carlisle wanted right here.” I stood my ground for a moment and held the large manilla envelope out to her.

“Fuck the papers,” Ms. Carlisle said. “I’m lonely. Come on in.”

I entered and followed her to the living room, marveling at the motion of her fantastic ass in those tight shorts. The woman was pushing 40, but she was hot.

“Uuh, is Mr. Carlisle at home?” I asked because something didn’t seem right about this. I mean, it was all right with me but it wasn’t RIGHT, if you know what I mean.

“He’s playing golf,” the bumptious blonde said sweetly. “What do you like to drink?” She gestured with her glass.

“Well, uh…”

“Come on. Don’t make a lady drink alone.”

What was I getting myself into here? I was a lowly intern at the company, whose ass could be fired in a minute. But I hadn’t gotten laid in a month, and Ms. Carlisle looked very good to me, especially in her present state.

“Well…do you have a Sam Adams?”

“Beer?” she scoffed. “Shit! Have a real drink. I’ll pour you a J and B. That’s my favorite.”

She walked to the bar at the side of the room, and I settled down on a big leather couch. I was in for something. I knew that as sure as I knew my name. And I guess I was going to go along with it, or else I would have dropped the manilla envelope and taken off before now.

To make a long story short (and to get to the good stuff, which I know you want me to do) I’ll just say that Ms. Carlisle and I chatted as we sipped our drinks, she told me that her first name was Honey, and she complained about her marriage. Her husband was Mr. Big at the office, I mean the top honcho, so I was a little nervous about listening to all this, but I was curious, too. Calvin Carlisle was in his sixties, they had been married for ten years, and she was bored out of her skin.

Honey seemed fascinated by the fact that I was 22 years old and in college. She said she had seen me at the office, and that was why she had called for me to bring the papers over to the house. SHE had called. Mr. Carlisle, the golfer, hadn’t a clue. What a set-up!

The kicker came when Honey said, “I’ve tried everything to get Cal interested in me again. Now you’re a healthy young man with a normal attitude toward women, I’ll bet, so I would like your opinion, Jack. Yesterday I bought some fancy lingerie. Let me model it for you and see if you think Cal would like it.”

Wow! So there it was. I only had to sit and sip my Scotch, and Ms. Carlisle would parade in front of me in her underwear. Not bad. It beat running errands at the office, even if I was getting college credits for it.

I said, “Sure, Ms. Carlisle.”

“Call me Honey,” she reminded me with a cozy smile, and wiggled her way across the room and out of sight. I poured another drink.

When Honey returned, she wore a lacy negligee that was split well above her stocking-clad knees. She did a quick turn, modeling the outer garment, and inquired, “You like?”

“Very much,” I grinned, definitely getting into the spirit now…and the SPIRITS, as well, thanks to those fine gentlemen in Scotland.

Honey put on a romantic CD and began to dance around for me, quite gracefully. “I studied ballet,” she remarked while in motion, “but no company would hire me. My tits were too big. So there was nothing left but stripping. However, I worked in a high-class club.”

“Is that where Mr. Carlisle met you?”

“Yes. He was horny in those days, but now he’s pretty much pfft. You aren’t pfft, are you, Jack?” She bent forward in front of me and opened her robe, letting her ripe tits dangle in naked freedom.

“No, I’m definitely not pfft, Ms. Car…I mean, Honey.” And I wasn’t. As she turned quickly, stripping off her wrap-around to reveal herself in lacy pink panties, garter straps, and sandy-sheer hose, my dick saluted. I squirmed to adjust my clothes.

Honey’s breasts did a mean dance all their own as she strutted about on high heels. The tits were large and natural and at her age they sagged some, but I didn’t mind as long as they retained a pleasing shape. Hers did. The aureola were fairly large and her nipples stubby, making them just right for licking and sucking. Her boobs were great for handling, too. I could hardly wait, because I knew I wasn’t there to see a fashion show. What? You figure I arrived in town just yesterday?

“Well, what do you think?” Honey asked as she stood right in front of me, her titties quivering to a stop after the rest of her had stopped moving. “Does this outfit turn a man on?”

“Worked for me,” I said, and winked.

“Let’s see.” She boldly put her hand in my lap.

Well, that was it, folks. I reached for what I wanted, pulled her down onto my lap, and prayed that Calvin’s golf game didn’t wind up early.

Honey purred as I fondled her tits, rolling the big beauties and squeezing them a little. I pinched her nipples, and she said, “Oh!” I tilted my face upward to meet her descending mouth. Both of our mouths were open, and our tongues sprang into action. My risen passion pressed against Honey’s warm ass.

My mouth skidded to her titties and began to suck her nipples, going from one to the other, tugging at those turgid tips and leaving them wet with my saliva. I buried my face between her boobs and used my hands to rub the lush satiny mounds against my face. She was making little sounds of pleasure and shifting her shoulders so that her titties quivered, exciting me all the more.

My cock was raging by that time, and I was really uncomfortable because the pressure of her bottom allowed it no room to grow. Perhaps she took pity on me, but more then likely she was anxious to get at it herself. Anyway, she slid off my lap and landed on her knees on the carpet. I spread my legs, letting her kneel between them.

It thrilled me to look down at Honey’s tumbling blonde hair, though slightly disarrayed, and at her beautiful face which nevertheless showed the maturity of her years, and she proceeded to unzip my fly, carefully working the zipper tab over the hump that my lust had created. She snaked a hand into my pants, felt over the crowded pouch of my briefs, then threaded her fingers inside. A hot jolt went through me at the first contact of her cool fingers with the head of my cock.

Honey brought my cock out of my clothes and gazed appreciatively at the rigid eight inches. “Ooh, Jack, it’s biiig,” she purred, telling me something I already knew, but I always liked to hear it from a lady. She put out her pink tongue, swiped it over the crest of my dick and added, “Yum. I love it!”

She took my bulging, plum-colored cockhead into her mouth and looked up at me with her big brown eyes while she sucked. My scalp nearly lifted off my head, the thrill was so fine. Old Cal may have owned the company that I worked for, but he was the world’s biggest fool for neglecting this smoldering sexpot.

Honey glided her encircling lips down and up on my rigid rod, and I squirmed with intense pleasure. I petted her pretty hair. I crooned, “Sweet baby…”

I caressed her cheeks and touched her lips which were like a soft, wet vise clamped tightly around my dick, going lo
wer with each lunge and leaving my shaft slippery wet. I skidded my hands down to her dangling titties and toyed with them, milking her nipples.

Oh Jesus,
I was going to cum if she kept this up much longer! I felt relieved when she let my cock go, but that was only to make love to my balls, which she did as my prick pointed straight up and waggled to and fro across her face, rubbing her nose. I’ll bet she liked the scent.

She licked my wobbly nuts all over and didn’t seem to mind the hair that curled around them. When she skidded her tongue up my tower once again and was about to resume sucking, I eased her off of me and bent to kiss her open mouth, tasting it with my tongue.

“You suck so fucking good!” I said, and eased her onto her back on the carpet. “Now it’s my turn to have a taste of YOU.”

“Oooh, yessss…” she hissed. “Eat my pussy. Oh, eat my pussy, Jack!”

I pulled her panties down, and she lifted her legs to bicycle out of them. Her high heels came to rest on the rug and I gripped her steepled knees, moving them wide apart. I liked the fact that she still had her sheer stockings on, and they were held up by taut garter straps attached to a lacy band around her middle. The creamy smoothness of her thighs above her stocking tops was enticing. I bent and licked the inner slopes, turning my head from one to the other and coming ever closer to her pussy.

She had a small patch of dark curls above her sexual treasure. Nice. And her pussy had meaty lips, which I like. The lady had a lot to love, and I got right to it. She smelled good and tasted even better. My cock throbbed happily as I began to eat her.

Honey writhed, cooing and making other wordless sounds of pleasure, wiggling her wet, warm pussy against my licking tongue and sucking lips. I nipped at her labia, tugging it and letting it snap back. She ruffled my hair with her hands, and started giving me a scalp massage.

I burrowed deeper and deeper into her musky-sweet cunt, enjoying myself thoroughly. I know, some young guys don’t care to do it, but I developed a real taste for pussy early on, thanks to an older lady who took care of my parents’ house and also took very good care of me when I was a teenager. But that’s another story.

Right now I licked up and down Honey Carlisle’s protruding labia, twisting my tongue between them, dipping it into her tight, slippery hole, and most of all lapping at her stand-up clit.

“Ooh, Jack…Jack…you DAAARLING…oooh baby…ooh FUCK! Ooh, don’t stop, sweetheart! Make me cum! Make me cum right NOWWW!”

I surrounded her clitoris with my warm mouth and let my saliva bathe it as I licked and sucked and finally flogged her fleshy nubbin with my tongue. I heard her gasp and felt her tighten up. Then she let out a little wail, and I sucked hard while she vibrated against my face. I kept sucking and tonguing her clit while she came good and strong.

After I was sure she had received all the pleasure that my mouth could give, because I do sincerely like to give a woman pleasure, I raised my head and loomed over her. But she had other ideas.

“No…no!” she said. “Do me from behind. I love doggy style.”

Doggy style it was, and Honey made it especially exciting by draping herself over the arm of the leather sofa, her bottom in the air and her tits pressed against the seat cushion. I ogled her lovely ass, framed by stocking tops and garter straps, and man it was a sight! Her thick cunt-lips were oiled with sexual lubricant. In fact, the juice was dripping out. Her labia were smooth as velvet, without a hair on them. Her asshole was neat and cute.

Dropping my trousers and my briefs, I took hold of my stiff shaft and pointed its head at the woman’s magnificent ass. I made contact with her meaty slit and moved my cockhead up and down, then twisted my wide knob, found the soft spot, and…pushed.

“Ooooooh!” Honey exclaimed as I sank my entire eight inches into her with a single thrust.

With my balls snug against her crotch, I let my cock throb deep inside her and ran my hands over the tops of her stockings and up her garters. She wriggled anxiously, moaning for action from my dick. But the action I gave her was a smart slap against her right flank. She gasped, but didn’t protest. I spanked the side of her left buttock. The smack of flesh on flesh was stimulating.

I pulled my cock all the way out of her snatch, and it bobbed rigidly as if suspended from a rubber string. My organ was wet and angry red, and it throbbed. It was so fucking hard that I could have broken a board with it.

“Oooh, GIVE it to me!” Honey begged. “I neeed it! Fuck me with that big thing!”

I wiggled it at her fleshy pink entrance, then nailed her once again. Honey gasped. Suddenly I began to pull and thrust briskly, sinking all the way into her every time and slapping her bouncy buttocks with my straight front.

“Oh…oh…ooh!” Honey panted in cadence with my strokes. “Ooh, shit! Oh, wowww! Fuck me! Fuck me! That’s IT! Ooh, Jack, doooo it!”

I fucked her hard and fast, then pulled out again. She wailed. I watched her rosy flesh-socket contract, closing off the dark hole. I gripped her upturned buttocks with my thumbs in her crack and spread the cheeks as wide as they would go, which opened her cunt and asshole, too. I could have used either opening, but I wasn’t about to go the anal route with her today. After all, she WAS the boss’ wife.

I sank my cock into her sexual socket once again and began a slow, steady stroking…in and out, in and out. I gradually increased the tempo until I was fucking her fast. I didn’t stop this time. Honey moaned and bobbed against my thrusts, even wiggling her hot ass. What a fucking!

She cried out, and I could feel her pussy tighten and cum, rippling around me. I didn’t want to cum inside her, and anyway why not let her enjoy herself to the max? As I pulled out of her tight wet hole, it made a sensuous sucking sound, and my bobbing boner trailed a gleaming strand of her pussy juice. I eased her up and around so that she could sit on the couch, and then I offered my cock to her mouth. She gripped my thick, stiff pecker and groaned with satisfaction as she began to lick it.

After she had enjoyed her own fluid, tasting and swallowing it, she clasped my swollen cockhead in her mouth and began to suck hard while massaging my balls. She lifted her gaze to mine and we looked deeply into each other’s eyes as she drew my jism up through the pipe. I jerked and growled, feeling an intense burst of pleasure as I spurted into her mouth. She made a glugging sound, and her eyes closed.

I watched her lips continue to work avidly, and I could tell she was enraptured as my thick cream gushed over her tongue and down her gulping throat. She sucked vigorously on my cock as long as I had anything to give, and she swallowed it all except for a trickle that oozed out of her mouth and down her chin.

I bent and kissed her loving lips. I licked her mouth. I helped her to her feet and we embraced tightly, kissing with warm gratitude for the satisfaction that we both had achieved.

“Will you come to see me again, Jack?” Honey asked as we said goodbye in her entry hall.

“Yes!” I replied firmly. “Whenever I can.”

“I’ll let you know, baby” she promised, and kissed me again.

Thus a dangerous liaison was formed. That is, it was dangerous if I wanted to keep my job and get those college credits. But even more than that, I wanted Honey, and Honey wanted me.

Stay tuned…

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