Mr. Sunshine smiles down on me!

Laying out in the sun was my usual routine every weekend during the daytime. And I love feeling the warm rays penetrate into my body. I have to tell you I’am some what of a exhibitionist and love being naked as a jay bird when it comes to sunbathing. I do own bathing suits, my fave one is a nice hot black thong suit that hardly covers any of my body. Today is beautiful so why not take my sunlotion and towel and head for the chaise on my patio. Yes I’m wearing my black thong suit but I know its not going to be long before I will take it off and soak up the sunshine. Settling into the chaise, I poured lotion in my hands and rubbed the lotion deep into my long luscious legs, making sure I didn’t miss a spot. Rubbing the lotion around my belly ring I massaged the lotion deep into my body. My patio wall is made of wood and its high enough to keep prying eyes away. I have several large trees which offered some shade as well to the back patio. I live in a condo so everything around me is very private. I had turned on some phat tunes and drifted off in my head listening to it. For some reason I had some very sexual trance music that was getting me more turned on as I continued listening to the beats.

Slipping my fingers under the straps of my suit top I slid them down over my shoulders and reached a hand behind my back and unhooked the clasp that held my perky breasts captive. “God that feels so good” as I arched my back to the welcome of the suns rays on my breasts. Getting the lotion I put some in my hands and began to massage the lotion deep into my perky titties as my hands glazed over my nipples I felt a tingling feeling sweep through my body. “mmmmm” feels soooo good I thought as I pulled and tugged on my nipples with my hands. I felt a slight wetness between my legs as I massaged my nipples, arching my back. I giggled as I finished massaging them and went about being penetrated by the sunshine. I almost felt like I was being watched as I massaged the lotion deep within my body.

My legs slightly apart I felt a trickle of warmth slid down my slit making me wet. Reaching down I could feel my pussy lips were swollen. “Damn, its hot out here” she thought as she wiggled her little butt and took her fingers and slowly pulled her thong bottems off her hot body and tossed them aside. Laying back into the chaise she spread her legs further apart as she let the sun penetrate her hot little shaved cunt. She imagined little rays penetrating the sides of her pussy lips as she opened her legs. Picking up the lotion she squirted some onto the top of her shaved pussy and began to massage the outside of pussy lips and down inbetween the sides of her thighs. Brushing past the outter lips of her pussy. She could feel the massive swelling of her hot pussy lips as she rubbed a little harder the outside lips. Her body tingled as she slid her two fingers down and parted her pussy with them and found her hot little hard clit that was feeling a little neglected. The hot button as she rubbed her two fingers back and forth and up and down her hard clit. She had a big clit and it was very hard to her touch. Rubbing her clit in circles, she arched her back as the sunshine pentetrated her. A bit of a sweat broke out across her forehead as she fingered herself to the phat beats of the music that was playing. Moaning outloud as her pace picked up, her fingers danced across her hard clit. Reaching down between her thighs with her other hand she slid two fingers into her tight little wet hole with her knees bent, she worked her fingers in and out with every beat, as her other hand finger fucked her clit harder, flicking it. Licking her lips and her hips thrust up and down on her fingers, she moved herself to cumming. She visualized as she fucked and masterbated to the rythem of the beat. Her body craved to be released in a torrent of cum as the sunshine penetrated her body.

Realizing what she needed, she jumped up and ran into the house and came back out with a long thick 9 inch dildo. It was a real looking dildo with the head of the penis which was so perfect in every way. Running the cock across her lips, she slid the dildo between her lips and began to suck on it. Her hand fingering her clit as she slid the dildo in and out of her mouth. Faster and faster she worked it, licking up and down the sides and visualizing her lover in her mouth. Her tongue darted over the head and flicked it faster, as her pussy exploded in tingles throughout her whole body. “Mmmmmmmm” as her pulsating pussy took control and she came all over her fingers. She rubbed her hardened clit until the orgasim rocked her body so hard she was moaning loudly and uncontrollable. With every rub and flick of her sensitive clit she orgasimed again and again. Her body shuddered as she continued to suck on the dildo. She felt the cum rush down her slit and desired more. A smile broke over her face as she slid the dildo down between her perky breasts and ran the head of the dildo back and forth over her nipples causing her legs to quiver. Nipples so sweet and pink as she touched the end of the head with them and circled the head over and over her perky breasts. Laying the dildo between her breasts,she pressed the sides of them together to form a enclosure around the thickness of the cock. “Mmmm” as she moaned and bite her bottem lip, trying to hold back from exploding again in a torrent orgasim. Wrapping her hand around the dildo she slid it further down her stomach and to her shaved pussy. “Mmmm” as she let the head of the cock glaze the outter lips causing her to quiver. Her pussy lips were so swollen now she wanted it inside her. Mister sunshine continued to penetrate her body as she slide the hard cock up and down her slit. She played the dildo to every beat of the trance music as she tuned into the hot desires of her body. Her knees slightly bent and legs apart as the head of the cock pressed on the inner lips of her pussy, driving her mad from desire. Her right hand massages her breasts as she arches her back all at the same time. Melting into the music as the pace quickened with every phat beat. Her hot little hole begs to be entered. Her clit begs, her pussy waters as she pushes the head of the hardened cock on the entrance of her wet hole. Her pussy muscles twitch and as if to suck the cock into her pussy. She squeezes and contracts her pussy as she draws the cock into her tight hole. “Mmmmm” as she pushes the hard cock into her and her ass begins to take on a furious ride as she draws it in and out, faster. Her pussy juice glistens in the sun and down the sides of the shaft as she takes the entire length and girth into her hole. Madly she drives it deeper into her wet pussy as juice slides down her slit. Mr. Sunshine is smiling down on her as she fucks herself wildly, moaning and groaning her way to a fantastic orgasim. She can smell her pussy as sex penetrates her body. The sounds of the dildo slapping in and out of her wet hole is maddening as she squeezes and tightens her pussy lips around the cock. “ohhh god yesss” as she feels herself near to cumming. Her hips rock in time as if she herself was in a trance of the music. “ohhhhh god yesssss” fucking the cock harder as her breathing got faster and harder as her body tightened, riding the orgasim to the top. She felt her body let go as her pussy began to spazzim out of control. Every nerve ending in her body was in a rage and on fire as her body shuddered and she began to scream in ectasy in cumming. “OMGGGGGGGGGGG” as her body shuddered and quivered as another orgasim rocked her body into oblivion, falling over the edge of no return!! Bucking and jerking wildly she rode the cock hard as her cum slid down her slit and onto the hard cock.

Laying in a heap of emotion as she just came and glowing from her multiply orgasims
She had a feeling as if Mr. Sun himself had been looking down upon her and approved. He had a smile on his face….

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