If you have followed this story, this is part 3 of 4, know it is one of the best suck and fucks I have ever had. After both of us have shot off in each other’s mouth, it is time to fuck this hot cunt. Crawling up between her long white legs I take my cock in my hand and wipe my cock head up and down the inside of her slit paying special attention to rubbing my dick head over her sensitive clit. Debbie takes her fingers using both hands and pulls her pussy lips open. While she is opening her cunt lips, I place my left hand behind her head and push her up so I can put another pillow under her head so see can get a good view of my cock head running up and down her pussy crack. I aim my cock head at her face and pump it a couple of times so both of us can see the precum form on the eye of my cock. While we both are watching I smear the precum from the tip of my cock onto her swollen clit, pulling back enough so we can see a string of precum from her clit to the opening of my dick. I pull back slowly until the string burst, leaving a cum trail from her clit down the crack of her pussy. I take my cock and lay it in her slit like a hot dog in a bun. She lets go of her pussy lips and they wrap around half of my shaft. I begin to run the length of my cock from the base to the tip of the head, back and forth between her pussy lips with the length always staying in contact with her clit. It looks so cool with her pussy lips on each side of my shaft and both of us watching my cock head change shape as its being pushed or pulled between her cunt lips. Debbie takes two of her fingers and starts smearing the precum over the top part of my cock head making it glisten in the light. Debbie brings her fingers to her mouth and one by one she sucks my precum from her two fingers. She tells me in no uncertain words that she wants my cock buried deep into her pussy hole. I take the tip and put it at the entrance of her cunt, rubbing the head around, teasing her. I tell her if she wants cock that bad and if she’s woman enough to come up and get it. To my surprise with one trust of her hips her cunt has jumped up and engulfed the head of my cock with her pussy lips extruding from each side. This looks so cool with just my brown shaft sticking out of her white hairy pussy. Before I can tease her any more she grabs each one of my ass cheeks and trusted me down with such force that she makes my ass checks open up and spreads my asshole wide. She crammed the rest of my cock into her hot fuck hole in one thrust. She was not going to be denied anymore of not being filled full of hot, hard cock. Feeling the heat and tightness of her pussy gripping my cock buried all the way balls deep, I begin to slowly withdraw all the way except the head and plunge back in. We lock our lips in a hot kiss tasting each other from sucking each other off. I slowly work my eight-inch cock in and out, in and out of her hot lubricating cunt. I brake off our kiss and rise up so we both can watch my cock fucking her pretty blonde pussy. As I’m pumping my cock in and out of her cunt, I start drawing my cock all the way out so she can see the head before it plunges back down into her wet pussy. Her cunt is so fucking wet I cannot miss boring my cock into her gapping fuck hole. Drawing my cock out you can see her pussy open and be ready for the next plunge. She reaches down between my legs and grabs my sack. She tells me she wants to feel the weight of my balls and see how much cum I have left for her. She tells me at another time she would like to see cum shoot out of my cock onto her stomach. She enjoys watching men jack off and has been known to jack off with them. But not this time, she tells me when I get ready to come see wants all this cock buried deep up her cunt and wants to feel it grow, throb and shot load after load deep into the back of her pussy. She tells me to watch her pussy when I start cumming, as it will probably trigger her to start cumming. She tells me she wants both of us to watch her squirt cum all over my cock, stomach and balls. This is not what I need to hear at this time as it pushes me over the edge. I reach down with my right hand and insert my index finger into her tight asshole. I figure if you’re going to cum on me, we might as well make it as intense as possible. I feel cum start from my balls, race through my shaft and start to burst out the eye of my cock just as I bury the length of my cock into her cunt. As she can tell from my screams, throbbing cock, heat from my dick and my ball sack shrinking up small in size that I am ready to unleash my cum. My cock starts throbbing and swelling and I start ejaculating shot after shot of cum deep inside her pussy. I listen as she lets out a scream upon receiving the first shot and I see her eyes glaze over and I look down and see her pussy mound swell up and started squirting pussy juice all over the base of my cock, onto my stomach and balls. I leave my uncontrollable, throbbing cock buried as far as I can without withdrawing. Most times I like to pump as I am cumming so that when I bury the head deep, it shoots out a load and I withdraw, reload and push back in to unload again deep inside whoever’s cunt I’m fucking, like a pump shotgun. But this time I wanted to feel her cumming around my cock while it is buried balls deep. As she is cumming, I can feel her asshole pucker around my finger and start to fuck my finger in time with her cunt throbbing. After watching her spray a steady stream of cum from around my cock spraying my stomach, legs and balls with her cum getting the bed and me wet. I collapse on top of her with both of us trying to catch our breath. I feel her pussy milking any remaining cum from my shaft, while feeling her butt hole gently working my finger that is still inside her asshole. After she has used me, I feel her pussy squeeze my dick out of her cunt with a pop and I slowly remove my finger from her tight ass. I look down to watch our cum puddle up at the entrance of her cunt and roll down to her asshole. I take our cum and massage her asshole with our fuck juice while inserting the tip of my finger back inside her ass so her ass could get a feel of our sticky cum. I feel her ass open up and I slip my index finger all the way inside her ass hole. It feels so tight as it grips my finger. I slowly start to fuck her ass with my finger until I get it loose enough to were it wants another finger inserted. I work both my fingers in and out of her butt hole until it isn’t very long until I feel her little fingers stroking and rubbing my dick wanting to turn it into a cock again. I feel my dick starting to stir and grow in size. I know this cunt has not had enough cock just yet. She kisses me tells me she’s going to have to have some more cock, she not through taking all the cum I have. She wants to send me home empty. She wants to fuck me so much that I won’t think of pussy for a week. She kisses my lips and moves to go down on me were she proceeds to lick my cock clean and back hard and once hard she is sucking again for all she’s worth. Her head is a blur as she is thrusting her mouth up and down my cock wanting any cum that might not have been ejaculated from our fuck. I’m thinking, “WOW what a suck and fuck this lady is.” It all started from her tying a cherry stem into a knot. I was right; anybody who could do that to a cherry stem should be able to tear a dick up and that is what she was doing. Oh! My poor dick, it’s going to be sore for a while, but at least it won’t be horny for a while. Now, I’m already plotting my next move. I felt how her asshole worked my finger, like a very tight, hot pussy. If she likes a finger in her ass, then it shouldn’t be to long before I butt fuck her tight ass hole. I’m curious to know, can she ejaculate from being fucked in the ass and how intense would her squirt be. Watch for part 4 about our anal experience.

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