My Aunt Catherine **Part 1**

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My aunt’s de-facto husband had asked me to make him up a CD of mixed music. I told him I would and also told him to give me a while to do it because I may have to download a few off the Internet. He was sweet with the whole deal and let me go for my life.

It was the middle of summer when I got this request. I knew it would take me about an hour, but I also knew that Pete (My aunt’s de-facto) was going away for work. He was going to be gone for 3 weeks while he worked down near the border. I thought to myself just quietly, ‘If any time dude, now is the time to press for incest!’

I had made sure that Pete had left before contacting my aunt. There were a few things I needed to find out and I thought I’d give her a call to get the answers to the questions I had.

“Hi Aunty Cathy.”

“Hi Brad. How’s it going?”

“Not too bad. But I tell you something, that CD of Pete’s is turning into a real pain in the arse!”

“Why’s that?”

“Well I needed to download a few songs to complete the list. I got a couple but am missing 2 I think in total. I was wondering if Pete is there so I can have a chat about them.”

“No Pete has already left for down south. He won’t be back for a few weeks now.”

“Oh fuck ay! Well what am I going to do about these songs then?”

“Have you got ones that are similar?”

“Yes I do.”

“Well they’ll do! It doesn’t have to be perfect for God’s sake. He’s going to get a hard on from what you’ll do anyway!”

“That’ll be handy for you. A nice big hard on to sit on.”

“Yeh right! I should be so lucky!”

“Well I can burn it off and bring it around and leave it with you if you want.”

“Yeh alright. Any idea when you’ll be around?”

“Could be tonight, but more than likely sometime tomorrow.”

“Alright then. Well if I don’t hear from you tonight, I’ll speak to you tomorrow.”

“Okay aunty Cathy. See you later.”


After I hung up the phone I started replaying the conversation over in my head. Talking about hardon’s and riding them and things like that. Although it was said in a joking manner I got the feeling as if there was some truth behind the joke. Those thoughts of incest started raging in my head yet again.

I went to my bedroom and got the CD ready. I made sure it worked and everything was sweet, then I did my best to go to bed and get some sleep. Something told me I was going to be in for a busy time of it the following day.


When I woke I went through my normal morning ritual. After an hour I was fully awake and ready to face the new day. I thought back to last night and talking to my aunt. I started getting a hard on and it just seemed to grow and grow. In the end I had to go and masturbate to get my penis to go down. My aunt was unbelievably turning me on.

I set about doing the running around I needed to do purposefully leaving going to my aunt’s as the last point of call. By the time I arrived at my aunt’s it was a little after 11 in the morning. It had been raining earlier on in the day, but now the sun had come out making it very hot and humid.

I was glad to reach my aunt’s house, if anything else for a drink. I knocked on the door but there was no answer. I tried the doorknob and found the front door to be open. I pushed open the door and helped myself inside, wondering where my aunt would decide to jump out from.

Very cautiously I passed my aunt’s bedroom, looking inside to see if she was there. Not there so I continue past the spare room. Not in there either. However now I am starting to hear a sound. It is a sound similar to running water. Could it be possible that my aunt was in the shower?

I preceded even more cautiously now, the sound of the water getting louder and louder with each step. I come to the turn in the hallway that leads directly into the bathroom and I stop in my tracks. ‘Got to be careful here. Don’t want to fuck this up!’ I said to myself as I steadied myself to have a look around the corner.

Until I turned that corner and looked into that bathroom I thought that dreams were only for the rich. However the sight I saw in that precise instant made me believe that dreams do come true. Not only was my aunt naked in the shower, but she was also masturbating herself under the stream of water. Still to this day I have not seen a sight more seductive or sexier than my aunt at that moment.

My aunt is nothing special by any means. Fairly average looks, shoulder length died hair (burgundy), 5’4″ tall, 32D cup size (I looked at her bra) and roughly around a size 10. She had a bit of a tummy but it was overshadowed by the lack of an ass she seemed to suffer. It was seemingly flat and had hardly any shape to it. Thank God she had some tits, otherwise it would have been a bit of a disappointment.

I stood there and watched her for a bit. She rubbed her pussy with one hand and held one of her ample tits up towards her mouth. Every now and then she would dart her tongue out over one of her massive (1 inch) nipples and take it into her mouth and give it a suck. She was moaning the whole time and seemed to be getting louder.

I continued to watch as my aunt pleasured herself, getting louder with each thrust of her hand. She had worked herself up pretty good and was set for a pretty big release. I was starting to feel the same way but continued to watch until my aunt had finished.

I got to tell you my aunt had one hell of an orgasm. I found out instantly that she was a “screamer” (Someone who literally screams when they orgasm) and a “squirter” as well! I was simply in heaven and I had not even touched the woman. If only I ……..

After cumming my aunt got to the business of actually washing herself. As she lathered herself and started washing her hair, I pulled back around the corner and started thinking to myself. ‘All right dude, here is the situation that you’ve always dreamed and wanked about. It’s time to do something about it. Get your gear off, get in there and fuck her brains out. You already know she’s horny so it shouldn’t be that hard. Now get nude and get in there!’

In pretty quick time I was able to convince myself that the thoughts I had were right. She’s horny, she’s naked, she’s your aunt and you should do it. I quickly took off my clothes and backtracked into her bedroom where I left them on the foot of the bed. I then returned to the bathroom.

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