My Boss's Boss

My boss was on the war path and once again, I was the target of her wrath, which is just another way that it was situation normal for me at work.

This time though, she seemed to be making some headway because I got a summons to come to her boss’s office. I was wondering what was up. I even wondered if somehow she might have managed to get me fired.

The woman looked up as I stepped into her office. “Ah, good, you’re here,” she said. “Can you close the door please.”

That didn’t sound good but I did as I was told and then I took a seat and waited to see what would happen next.

The woman looked at some papers on her desk. “I see you’re having some problems getting along with people,” she said finally.

“Problems,” I asked.

“That’s what it says here in this report,” the woman told me, “but I want to be fair about it. I want to hear your side of things.”

“I don’t think I have problems getting along with people,” I told the woman. “In fact, I think I get along well with other people. I don’t want people to feel ill at ease because that makes for an uncomfortable working relationship, so I’m always trying to do whatever I can to make people feel better.”

“That’s good to hear,” the woman told me. “That’s what we want to hear from our employees, but based on some of these reports, I have to wonder about your commitment.”

“What can I do,” I asked, “to put your mind at ease.”

The woman smiled at me. “That’s just what I wanted to talk with you about.” The woman stood and came around her desk and then she leaned back against the desk and she lifted up her skirt. “Let me see what you can do to put me at ease.”

She wasn’t wearing any panties and her fingers stroked her pussy even as she looked at me.

Well, I’m not dumb and I am all for giving good customer service, and I knew what she wanted. I slid out of my chair and then I knelt in front of the woman and I pressed my mouth between her legs.

The woman moaned even as my tongue went to work on her cunt. She moaned even louder as my tongue worked her clit and then she moaned again. Her hand grabbed my hair and she pulled me even harder between her legs. “That’s it,” she told me, “eat me. Eat me harder.”

That’s exactly what I did. I just kept licking her slit and her slit just kept drooling.

“Oh yeah, you sure are a good pussy licker,” the woman moaned.

I just kept on eating that cunt and she just kept on moaning. “Oh damn,” she moaned. “Oh damn, you’re good. You’re really, really good.”

She pushed her mouth back from her clit and she pulled my hair back so she could make me look up at her.

“You sure are one hell of a cunt lapper,” she told me, “but I wonder just how good you really are.”

She released her hold on my hair and then her hands were working on her blouse. I watched her unbuttoning her blouse and then I watched her push her blouse off her shoulders. Man, that woman sure had nice, big tits, and it was clear that she loved her tits almost as much as I did.

She couldn’t seem to keep her hands off her tits and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. She knew I loved them and I think that turned her on even more. Her hands went to the catch at the front of her bra and then she was opening the catch and she was letting those tits free.

Her hands fondled her full, round tits as she watched me looking up at her. “Why don’t you get yourself up here and make love to my tits.”

She didn’t need to tell me twice. I was on my feet and then I had my hands on those big, round tits. She moaned as my hands squeezed her tits and then she moaned again as I slipped my mouth down and I sucked on her nipples.

Her tits weren’t just big but they were sensitive, too. She just kept moaning as I wnt after her nipples and the more I sucked her, the harder she moaned. Man, I sure did love those tits.

Reluctantly, I pulled my mouth away from those tits. “I want to fuck you,” I told her.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “I want you to. I want you to fuck me so hard.”

That was all she had to say. My hands were on my belt and then I was pushing my jeans down around my ankles. I kicked my shoes off and I kicked off my jeans and then I was pushing my underwear down, too.

My cock was rock hard as I pressed it up against that drooling slit. “Are you sure you want this?” I taunted her.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “you know I do. Come on, fuck me.”

“You sure?” I asked again even as I let my cock slither along the folds of her cunt.

“Oh fuck,” the woman graoned. “If you want to keep your job, then you’re going to fucking fuck me with that cock of yours.”

I grinned and then moments later, I shoved my cock into that tight, little cunt.

My boss’s boss moaned as she took my cock and then she just kept right on moaning as she took more and more of my cock. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Come on, fuck me.”

The woman played with those great, big tits of her as she watched me fuck her and as she watched me fuck her, she continued to moan. Her hands squeezed her tits and her fingers worked her nipples and she continued to moan.

Her hands were getting more and more frantic as I fucked her even harder. Her moans got louder and more intense. I knew she was going to cum and that only made me fuck her even harder and when the inevitable finally happened, I held my cock inside her even as her pussy surrendered itself to my cock.

I only pulled my cock from her cunt when her pussy was finally done cumming and then I was turning her over and bending her down over her desk.

I knew she could feel me coming up behind her and I knew she could feel me touching her ass, and I knew she could feel it when I shoved my cock deep inside her cunt.

She just kept on moaning as I fucked her like that. I loved seeing her ass bent over that desk and I loved hearing her moan.

“Oh geez,” she moaned, “you’re going to do it again. You’re going to make me cum again.”

And then she didn’t say much of anything else after that because all she did was cum and cum and cum until she was all cummed out.

But I still hadn’t cum yet. I knew it and she knew it, too.

“I want to make you cum, too,” she told me. “How can I make you cum?”

“You want to make me cum?”

“Oh yeah,” she replied, “more than anything.”

“Then why don’t you turn your ass around,” I told her, “and squat there in front of your desk, and I’ll show you what I want to do.”

I could tell she was a bit surprised at that but she did as I told her to and then she was squatting there on her four-inch heels and looking at me even as one of her hands stroked her clit.

But she knew what I wanted as soon as I pressed my cock between her fleshy mounds and even as I started to fuck her tits, she pushed her fleshy mounds together, creating a hot, warm fleshy tunnel in which my cock could slide.

She looked up at me even as I continued to slide my cock over her body and she grinned at me. “So, you like fucking my tits, do you?”

I just groaned as I fucked those tits.

“Yeah,” the woman moaned, “you like fucking my tits and I like having them fucked. Oh yeah, this is going to work out real well.”

I couldn’t disagree with that as I worked my cock between my tits. In fact, all I knew was that I was going to cum and I was going to cum hard.

The woman knew it, too. “Cum for me,” she murmured. “I know you want to do it, and I want it, too. Cum for me.”

I groaned as my cock unleashed itself and suddenly I was coming all over her tits and once I started to cum, I just couldn’t stop myself. I just kept cumming and cumming.

“Well,” the woman told me, “I think you’ve convinced me that you’re committed to putting your fellow co-workers at ease, but I think I’ll need
to have you in here from time to time, just to make sure your commitment isn’t slipping.”

I grinned at the woman. “I’ll do whatever I can do to put your mind at ease,” I told her and I was sure it wouldn’t b
e just her mind I was putting at ease. I told her that I wanted to make people feel better and now I knew that she knew the truth.

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