My bros and I share my wife

I had the day off, went to the bar with my brothers, KC, and Frank. The wife was supposed to be out with her friends for the night, so it was gonna be Drunk Call of Duty night. Little did I know, haha. When my brothers pulled in the drive to pick me up, I was in the middle of getting my dick sucked. My wife, Lynn, (short, brown hair and eyes, big beautiful tits) has been super horny since my boy, Dino, and I ran a train on her. Every chance since then, if she can get my dick in her mouth, she will!  Anyway, she was sucking my cock and telling how much she loved having two in her mouth, that’s when my brothers pulled up.
I pulled my throbbing 7in cock outta her mouth, and tried to contain it. Told her, I would see her tomorrow, and I was off. Couple hours in to drinking at the bar, I was still rock hard. All I could think about was my wife sucking my cock and Dinos cock at the same time. KC could tell my mind wasn’t there. Asked whats up? So I told him about sharing my wife with Dino. Finding out that she loves being treated like a whore. KC kept laughing about it, telling me how lucky I was. Frank just kept smirking. I could tell what he was thinking….
On the way home, picked up 2 5ths of Jack Daniels, and a eightball of coke. It was time to rock some video games. I walked into the living room, turned on the lights, and told the guys to make themselves comfortable. Lynn shouldn’t have been home, but I went into our bedroom and there was a little light coming from the side of the bathroom door. Which was connected to our bedroom. I picked through the crack, and I couldn’t believe it! Lynn was lying on the bathroom floor in the black & white polka dot dress she was supposed to wear out, rubbing her shaved pussy and watching a gangbang on her ipod. I watched for a couple of minutes, she didn’t seem to notice.
When I returned to the living room KC and Frank were already doing shots, I did one, and ask if they wanted to go to my room and do a line. They agreed. When we got there the sat on the bed, and you could see right in the bathroom. I chopped out the lines, pretending my brothers weren’t sneaking glances at my masterbating wife. We all did out lines, and about this time Lynn came walking out of the bathroom like nothing happened. She had no idea, that I let my brothers peek at her!! We all bullshited for a little bit, then I asked her if she wanted a line. She accepted. I put the mirror on the opposite side of the bed. So when she leaned over to inhale her share, I lifted up her skirt just a little to show she had a matching thong. She just giggled. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but  I knew that my cock was so fucking hard over my wife being eye raped.
I asked her if she wanted another, and she said yes. This time when she bent over, I knudged, KC, and pointed to her ass. KC had no problem, he grabbed the edge of her skirt, pulled up, and showed Frank and I her little ass. He took his hand and rubbed her ass just a little and let her skirt drop. Lynn then turned around and realized it wasn’t me. I gotta tell you something about my siblings. They are both bodybuilders. Im just a average build.  KC alotta muscled still some fat. Frank is just muscle. I already knew my wife had crush on him. It was just so crazy.
KC started cracking up and turning red. He was standing by Lynn, Frank and I were sitting on the bed. I couldn’t take it anymore, I looked up at Frank, and said, “You know you wanna pull up that skirt and feel that little ass to. Go ahead.” Frank got up real slow and edged his way to Lynn. She even turned around and bent over. GOD, she fuckin wanted it!! He did the same as our brother, but he squeezed and played with her ass for a bit. He stopped she turned around. “Do want them to feel how big your tits are, you little whore?” I said to her as my cock was about to break my zipper. ” She replied, “yes please” she didn’t even look nervous. Hell, my brothers look more nervous than her. KC jumped right on it. He took both of his massive hands and start playing with her tits outside her dress. Frank went back to rubbin her ass. He looked hesitate, “Kiss her neck, she loves that” I told him and he did.  I could see their excitement growing in their jeans. Lynn started rubbing their packages outside their pants. KC had Lynns tits outta the top of her dress, and both my brothers were each sucking on my wifes beautiful big breast.
Lynn looked so sexy standing there. “Can I pull your brothers cocks out baby?” she said to me as Frank was still kissin her tits, and KC was slipping his fingers over her underwear. I looked at her, smiled, and said “Only if you stick them in that slutty mouth” She dropped straight to her knees. She stared unzipping KC first. He was pretty hard, but his cock was about the same size as Dinos, so nothing new there. She kissed the tip of KC’s cock and then turned to the other. I could believe her face. She unzipped Frank and reach in to pull his dick out, but she was struggling!! Frank said, “Ya, that aint gonna work, you gotta undo all of it” So she did, and when she pulled that monster out, her draw dropped. Had to be eleven inches at least! Pretty thick to. She didn’t kiss the tip of Franks, she starting sucking it like it might go away if she stopped. She can deepthroat like a motherfucker, but she could only get Frank half way. She started going back and forth on my brothers cocks. When she put their heads together and flicked her tongue between them, I couldn’t take it anymore. I got u and unzip my pants and pulled my hard cock out. It was soaked with pre-cum, I was so turned on. Lynn started going back and forth on all three of us. Trying to squeeze all of us into her mouth, with Franks cock included, that was quite the feat.
While Lynn was taking turns spitting on our cocks, I told Frank, “Ya know, she never had a cock like that before. You wanna fuck my wife?” “Hell, ya, man!!” he replied. Frank laid down on the floor, with that massive meat stick just waiting for Lynns pussy. She had to kinda lay on Frank because he could only get a couple inches in. KC and I watched as our little brother was working my wife with a cock bigger than ours put together. “She has a cute little asshole” KC said. “Go fuck my little whores ass.” I told him. “Wow, she s takes it up the ass?” KC asked. “Oh ya, she a great little slut. She’ll love it, KC, tell him baby.” I replied. Lynn moaned, “Fuck my slutty ass, KC.” KC walked up to her, spit right on her asshole and started working it in.
I couldn’t believe it! I’m stroking my cock watching my wife get double penetrated by my two brothers!! “You like watching me get double fucked like a whore?” Lynn said while looking me in the eyes. By this point, she has take most of Franks cock, and KC was buried balls deep in her ass.  I couldn’t take it anymore, I was gonna blow my load. I took my cock to her face, and shot my wad all over her. She loves cum to. Eats it, plays it, rubs it. I had her lick my soft dick clean while my brothers are still double teaming her. “You guys like fucking me with your brothers cum on my face?” KC replied, “Fuck ya, You wanna really get hammered?” Both KC and Frank pulled out and got up. I wasn’t sure what they were about to.  Frank reached his arms underneath Lynns legs, and pick her right up and on his cock. Holding her in mid air, fucking her good. I was already starting to get hard again.
That’s when KC, came up behind her and re-entered her ass. But now she was in mid-air getting doubled teamed. She started screaming, and KC started to cum. “Cum in my ass, KC! Cum in my little ass!!” Boy, he did. After he pulled out of Lynns ass, Frank put her down. “I wanna eat Franks cum…..” she said. “She swallows?!?” Franks said as she laid down missionary and he began fucking her mouth. I started licking her pussy, and then I slept into her pussy. God, she was so stretched and wet. Looking up at her, I see my brothers ass bouncing as he tries to get her to take as much of that massive knightstick. “Gag the shit outta her. That whores loves it” I yelled. He started fiercely hammering at her mouth, as I started fucking her pussy as hard as I could. ‘
Frank started to cum. Lynn pulled his cock out and held her mouth open. His load was huge!! Must be working out. He filled her mouth, got her face and tits. Lynns started rubbing Franks cum all over her tits. After she swallowed all of Franks cum, I asked her, “Wanna tasted KCs?” She just “mmm-hmmm” KC walked over and started rubbing his cock in front of her face, when he started to cum, she put her mouth on the tip and just let KC fill her mouth. Then she made me pull out and lay on my back, Lynn then spit my brothers cum onto my cock, and started to suck it off!! I blow my load right then!! She let it go everywhere. I was amazing.
Not to long after that, my siblings got going. Lynn was sucking my cock, discussing earlier events. She looked up at me with my cock by her lips and asked. “Next time we have KC & Frank come over, can Dino come to?”     ………………………
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