My fantasy come true

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There are so many things that I have wanted to try sexually. I just never seem to have to guts to try them.
I was sitting in the little local bar in the town where I live, and in walked this absolute knock-out. She was beautiful. I thought that I recognized her from high school, but I wasn’t sure. She walked to the bar where I was sitting and looked at me. “Aren’t you Amanda Setters?” she asked. “Didn’t I go to highschool with you?” she continued her question. “Do you remember me? Nancy Smith?” I nodded in response. “Yep! We graduated together in 1996.” I could feel my heart begin to race. I had never had this reaction with a woamn before, and it was a pleasent surprise. I crossed my legs and I could feel my pussy throbbing.
She sat down next to me and we began to chat. We talked about our upcoming reunion and all of the people that we HATED in school. It was the strangest thing. We hated the same people. We were in different crowds, but we were alot alike. She was in the “in” crowd, and i was a jock, but “in”. We both hated the same teachers…it was odd. I couldn’t believe that we weren’t friends in school. We had a few classed together, but that was the extent of it.
We lost track of the time and before we knew it, we were getting kicked out of the bar because it was closing time.
“Do you wanna come to my apartment? I just live down the street, we could walk. You can stay if you don’t want to walk back to your car tongiht?” At first I thought that it was a little strange that she was asking me to stay the night, then the alcohol took over my brain, and I agreed to go.
Nancy and I walked to three blocks to her apartment. We talked about how much the town had changed since we were little, and before I knew it, we were there. She opened the door, and we walked inside. She sat down on the couch, and I sat in the chair across from her. She asked me if I would like a beer. “Sure. I’m drunk enough to drink it now.” i answered. I watched her cross the room into the kitchen, and felt my pussy throbbing again. When she came back into the living room, she patted the seat next to her. “Come over here and sit. You look fuzzy over there. I think that the alcohol has clouded my eyes.” We both laughed as I moved to sit beside her. We turned into each other and talked for a long time about guys and all the shit that they had put us through. She put her hand on my leg, and my whole body trembled. I must have looked uneasy because she quickly pulled her hand away.
“No, you were fine.” I assured her. Her face turned a beautiful shade of red. “I’m sorry.” She said. “It’s just that I have never met anyone that I connected with like I do with you.” “I feel the exact same way with you.” I told her easily. She leaned into me, and kissed me lightly on the lips. I was shocked at first, then I gave into the passion that was growing in my body. My lips parted and our tongues met. It was the most amazing feeling that I have ever felt. She pulled up my shirt just a tiny bit, and rested her hand on my belly. I could feel the heat between my legs building.
She unbuttoned my shirt and gasped at the size of my titties. “Wow! Those are beautiful. Can I taste them?” she asked eagerly. What was I supposed to say to that? I nodded in response because my throat was dry with anticipation.
I felt her hands on my left tit, then i felt her hot breath. “AAHHH!” I said. “You like this?” She asked, looking for encouragement. “Yes baby. I like that very much.” I answered raspily.
“May I taste your pussy?” She asked me with a grin on her face. Again, was I to deny this young woman what she wanted the most. I shook my head in compliance. “Yes baby, you may taste my pussy.” I couldn’t believ that this was happening to me. I had never been with a woman in this way. I had never even been hit on by another woman.
She slid my zipper down, and unbuttoned my jeans. “Stand up so I can get you out of these.” She instructed me. I did as she said and in two seconds I was standing in front of her in nothing but my bra. “Turn around so I can get that bra off. I want to see all of you.” I did as she told me to do, and she undid my bra.
She turned me to her, and kissed me hungrily. She eased me onto the couch, and started kissing my neck and my ears. I don’t think that she left a single part of me unkissed. She nipped at my titties and I almost lost all control right then and there. She moved on to the other, and it had the same effect on me. “Lay back for me master. Tell me what you wish for me to do to you.” She said sweetly. I have never been good at instructing someone sexually, but I didn’t have that problem this night. I want you to lick my pussy. I want you to taste my juices when you make me come. I want you to make love to me with your mouth.” I told her. “Yes master. As you wish.” she replied.
She had her head between my legs in seconds. “Do you want me to go fast or slow?” she asked me curiously. “I want you to go slow. I want to feel every stroke of your tongue.” I instructed her. The first time that she licked my pussy, I came about six inches off of the couch. “You don’t like it. I’m doing something wrong.” She said sadly. “No sweetheart. You are perfect. I’ve just never felt anything like that before.” She smiled, happy that I was enjoying her making love to my pussy. She licked me again, and damn it was awesome. I was having a hard time keeping control. I wanted it to last for as long as possible.
“i have something that I want to try, if it is okay with you.” she said. “Okay.” was all that I could say.
She got up and left the room. She came back to me with two vibrators in her hand. “I want to lick your pussy, but I thought that this was something that you might enjoy as well.” She stuck the first vibrator in my pussy, and I could feel the waves building. “Not yet. You can’t come yet.” She said. She put the other vibrator up to my ass, and turned them both on.
“OH MY GOD!” I gasped. She began licking my pussy again. It was absolutely amazing. I could feel that familiar feeling building in the pit of my stomach. I had never achieved that type of orgasm with another person. She licked my clit with her whole tongue. “That’s it baby! Just like that.” I told her. “WOW!” i screamed. “I’m gonna come baby!” As I finished that sentence, she yanked the vibrator out of my pussy and shoved the one by my ass inside of me, and laped up my juices with her tongue. She made me come two more times before she stopped licking my pussy. “Did I do a good job Master?” She asked me. “OH yes baby! You did a wonderful job.” I told her. I kissed her forcefully. “Now what do you want me to do master?” She asked me.
I thought about it for a minute. “I want you to get undressed and meet me in your bedroom. Bring your toys.” I told her. She did as she was told, and she met me in her room, with nothing but a smile on her face. “Now what do you wish of me, Master?” she asked me. “I want you to lay down on the bed with your legs spread wide for me. I want to taste your pussy. I want to make you come. I want to fuck you with this vibrator. I want to taste your juices.” I told her and quickly she did as I asked her to do. I started at her toes, lightly kissing and licking her. I got to her thighs and I knew what she wanted me to do, but I stalled. I kissed her stomach and then I played with her titties. They were perfect. Perfect shape, the perfect size. She was perfect. I kissed her mouth hard. I think that I may have hurt her a little bit, but she never complained. I could see the need and want in her eyes. I worked my way back down her body. I licked her slit, and she gasped. She slammed her eyes shut, like she was afraid that I would be angry with her noise. “That’s it baby, let me know what you like.” I told her. She sighed. ” I like that very much.” She said. I dove into her pussy, and began licking her like there was no tomorrow. I found her clit and began sucking her. I stuck one finger inside of her pussy and slowly moved it in circles. “OH! OH! DON’T STOP!” She begged me. I suck
ed her clit until she came three m
ore times.
“Master, that was amazing. No one has ever made me come like that before.” She informed me. I picked up one of the vibrators, and gently pushed it into her throbbing cunt. “WOW!” She screamed. I began to move it in and out of her slowly. As she built her climax, I moved faster. “Do you like that, baby?” I asked her. “OH YES! I love that.” She answered raspily.
“Master, I wish to make you come again.” She told me. I straddled her face so that my pussy was within her reach. “You have a beautiful pussy.” She told me. “So do you ,baby.” I told her. She licked me like she couldn’t get enough of my juices. She started out slowly and then moved her tongue faster and faster. She put the other vibrator inside my pussy, and turned it on full speed. “AHHH That is amazing.” I whispered into her pussy.
“Come for me master.” She begged me. She licked me from front to back, paying attention to my entire slit. She focused on my clit for a minute, and I felt it beginning. “Don’t stop, baby! You’re going to make me come.” I breathed heavily into her. I kept licking her pussy and we came at the same time. She sucked my clit, and I licked her pussy clean.
I collapsed next to her on the bed. She wrapped her arms around me, and I fell asleep. She whispered into my ear, “You’re the best master that I’ve ever had.” I turned my head to her and kissed her. She covered our naked bodies up, and held me until she woke up the next morning.
I thought that the morning after would be awkward, but it wasn’t like that at all. She had fixed breakfast by the time that I had woke up. She brought it to me in bed. I ate and she cleaned up the mess. When we were done, I got dressed and she drove me back to my car. She gave me her number. Of course I use it alot……

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