My first REAL girl on girl action

I’ve always fantasized about women. From the time I was a little girl, I can remember being fascinated by breasts. They are so beautiful. As a teenager, I often masturbated to porn, and got a lot more pleasure out of watching women than men. But I knew I wasn’t a lesbian. I just loved women. When I finally had a real sex life, I had a few encounters with women, but I never ate a woman out. I was never turned on by the idea. Then I met Katharine. She was 5’11”, long, dark brown hair, and perfect breasts. She was very beautiful, and I was instantly attracted to her. Her skin was milky white and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss her. I wanted to touch her breasts desperately. They were full and round, and her cleavage was screaming for me. We met at a charity event, and by the end of the night, agreed to go out for coffee later that week. I was very involved with a man at the time, but I had discussed my lust of women with him, and he was ok with the idea of possibly bringing another woman into our sex life.

Later that week, Katharine and I met at a little coffee house nearby, and sat and talked…mostly about men. I was intoxicated by her mouth and eyes, and could feel wetness seeping into my panties. I just wanted to touch her. Our bare legs would occasionally brush under the table, and electricity would run up my leg, and directly into my pussy. I was just finishing up my latte, when Katharine leaned over to me, “Hun, you’ve got some stuff here,” she said as she swiped her thumb across my upper lip, wiping away the drop of coffee that had remained. Without even thinking, my lips pressed to her thumb. She didn’t seem surprised at all. In fact, she left her thumb there, and I kissed it again. Our legs brushed again under the table, only this time, she left hers touching mine. She took her thumb away, and I smiled shyly. I didn’t know how she would react.

“You’re beautiful,” she said to me. I smiled. “So are you,” I replied. We gathered our stuff, and headed to her car parked around the corner. By the time we got to the car, we decided that I would come for a swim at her place. It was a beautiful day, and I was dying to see her in a swimsuit. I didn’t even think about the fact that I didn’t have one.

It was a quick drive to her home, and as we went inside, she directed me to the pool house, telling me there was extra suits in there if I’d like to use one. She headed upstairs to change. I went out to the backyard and saw a very secluded, gorgeous pool with white deck chairs, and gorgeous green foliage. The poolhouse was not a poolhouse, but rather a guest house, and the suits were just where she said they would be. None of them seemed to fit me, as Katharine was a size 6 or so, and I was a thicker size 10. So, I remained in my white bra and panties and wrapped a towel around me. I went outside, and she was strolling across the deck towards me. She had on a white terry robe and big black Chanel sunglasses.

“Did you find a suit?” she asked. I shook my head no, and opened my towel, revealing my bra and panties. “No no no, just go nude,” she said. “No one can see anything. My backyard is so private, I love it!” So I tried discreetly to take off my bra and panties and left them on a deck chair. Before I had a chance to start conversation, Katharine had dropped her robe and before me was the most beautiful naked woman I had ever seen in my life. Her breasts really were perfect. A gorgeous D cup, they were perky, but not plastic looking. Her nipples were pale pink and firm. I wanted nothing more than to take on in my mouth and taste it. I quickly glanced at her pussy and saw that it was completely shaved, and I nearly gushed all over myself. She dove into the pool and then began backstroking. “Come in, it’s great,” she said. I sheepishly dropped my towel and slid into the shallow end of the pool. I was wading slowly into the deep end when she swam up beside me and ran her hand up my back. “You have great skin,” she said. Her touch lit me on fire. She stood up and ran her other hand up my stomach. I was nearly breathless. “I’d kill for your tits,” she said, staring at them. I must admit, I have great breasts. A bit smaller than hers, but just as perky, and larger, darker nipples. She brought her eyes to meet mine, and before I knew it, she was cupping my left breast, rolling her thumb across my very erect nipple. I moaned quietly. Her left hand moved to my ass, and I was overwhelmed. I closed my eyes and leaned towards her, and our lips met. It was so incredibly intense, I was lost in lust and felt myself getting dizzy. Her tongue slipped inside my lips, finding my tongue and playing gently. My hands moved to her hair as we kissed. Finally, we were face to face kissing, my nipples rubbing against her chest, her nipples rubbing the tops of my breasts. Instinct took over, and I cupped her ass, pulling her close to me. I kissed down her neck, towards her cleavage, then moved my mouth to her right nipple, and took it in my mouth gently. She gasped and I sucked her nipple harder. I suddenly wished I had a cock so I could fuck her. I wanted to make her scream and squeal with delight. I moved back to her mouth, enjoying the feel of her nipples on my chest. I slid one of my fingers between her ass cheeks, finding her pussy lips. I rubbed across them gently. She bit my neck and moaned, and I slid the finger inside her. She was so tight, she clamped down on my finger. But I slid it in and out as best I could. At this point, our kissing was frantic and feverish. I felt like I might explode if I didn’t get more of her. I pulled my finger from inside her, and she took my hand. Wordlessly, she led me out of the pool, and towards the poolhouse. We went inside, and ……………to be continued.

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    omg… thats hot!!!

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