My Girlfriend

My husband was in the Army and I was not about to cheat on him with all that is going on in this world. That would be the last thing he needs. So, since he does not consider sex with a woman cheating, I found myself a sexy female soldier who was from my neck of the woods and was missing it something awful.

I met Jessie on the Army base when I was leaving my husband one day. He was still in training and set to leave for Iraq in a few months, after completing training. She heard me speaking to my husband Billy and recognized that unmistakable NY accent. She came up to me and said hi and I caught hers to. She had not been home in so long that hearing me made her homesick. She asked where I was from adn we talked for a little while. I asked her what she planned for dinner and invited her over to my house since it seemed like she needed a friend.

We got home and I asked if she had a boyfriend. She said not at that time since it was so hard to do what she does and commit to a relationship. She said her last relationship was with a girl in her company. They both were longing for compaionship and turned to each other. She said it was innocent and very intimate. It was not just raw animalistic type relations. She still wanted to be married and have kids one day but since this was her future for now, she went with the flow of things. Since she had been so bold and honest with me, I told her that I understood that need for companionship as well , since Billy’s training kept him away mostly all the time.

We sat and had a drink and I served dinner. She was so greatful to have a homecooked meal and company that could relate so well to her. We talked about home and what we missed. I asked her if she was seeing anyone at the time and she said no. She said that her relationship was almost found out by a CO and they would have both been court martialed. They went their seperate ways and transferred to different places.

I felt awful about this and suggested that she come to see me when she got lonely. I gave her my address and phone number so she knew I was here for her. She was so thrilled and leaned over to hug me. Feeling her body touch mine, we both felt a spark between us. I pulled away and did not know what to say. Jessie stood up and offered her hand to me. I stood next to her and she said to not be afraid. If I wanted her to stop, she would. With that she pulled me closer.

She moved the hair from my face and slowly kissed my lips. With her hands around me, she started to touch my body all over. I felt a warmth that felt amazing. I kissed her. It was slow. I then could not help myself, I wanted to see, touch and taste her breasts. I started to unbutton her uniform and peel away all her clothes. Once I saw that amazing body that hid under that uniform, I wanted her even more!!

I cupped her breast in my hand and saw that it overflowed out of my hand. I gently kissed it and nibbled at it. I pinched it a bit until I got the reaction I wanted. I continued to do this as I kissed her more agressively. Both of us were really into each other. I pushed her down on the sofa and spread her legs. Still pinching that nipple, I pulled her forward and slid my tongue between the lips of her pussy. I caught the aroma that came from her and it was so sweet. I delved deeper into her pussy and licked until I was inside her. I pushed up my nose to gently tickle at her clit until I could get my mouth around it and suck it. I was lapping at her pussy since she was so incredibly wet. When she was about to cum, I moved up to her clit and sucked on it. She closed her legs around my head and screamed as she released all her juices right into my face. I licked around her pussy some more and she wanted a taste of me.

I sat down where she was and she opened up my legs. I asked her if she wanted to dive in or should I get some toys to play with. She was feeling playful. I got the Anal beads I had and my favorite vibrator. She smiled as I sat back down and gave them to her. She asked me to turn over first and started to play with my ass. I let her know where there was some lube, since I loved to have my ass played with and fucked. She came back and lubed me up while pushing those beads deep in me. When the last one was in, she turned me over and started to paly with my tits and kiss me. I told her which one to pinch, bite or lick to get me to cum. She started biting it and then switched to pinching so she could taste my wet pussy that was waiting for her. She then switched from pinching to fucking me with the vibrator which made me cum quite fast. While still reveling in that she told me to get over her so she could eat me some more. I did so and dove into her pussy which was wet and needed attention again. As she ate me, she started to pull the beads out which made me dive right into her pussy and eat her so not to scream and attract neighbor’s attention. She did the same since I made her have the big one. So we were both face in pussy, eating each other until we couldn’t cum anymore.

Afterwards, we both sat on the sofa caressing one another. I played with her hair as she laid across my lap. She sat up and kissed me gently and said thank you. She spent the night which left me quite tired, since we explored each others bodies all night long. Jessie was a regular visitor when my husband was away.

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