My Girlfriend's Surprise

I was so stressed this week my girlfriend wanted to give me a good time so she told me on Thursday be ready for this weekend. No work, no homework, no family, no friends, just you and me all weekend. When she said that I couldn’t wait.

Friday night couldn’t come fast enough. I didn’t know what to expect. So, I was nervous. Finally, work was over, I left everything at work and my school stuff in my truck. I had little homework, I did it already. I was ready. I walked in the door and seen Candace (my girlfriend) lounged in a black-laced teddy sitting leaning on the couch. Her nipples pushed through the lace on the top. Oh, she was so beautiful, oh so sex. My pussy quivered with the sight of her. Her lips peaked through the bottoms. She propped her legs up on the table and spread them. She was all open. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there salivating over her pussy. She stood up walked up to me and took me to the room. She was stripping me the whole way. When we reached the bed, I was naked; she looked at my 5’4″ 130 lbs. 36 C, well toned body. She pushed me onto the bed. She spread my legs and inserted two fingers into my pussy; I thrusted my body up to push it in more. She pulled her fingers in and out, in and out; slowly. Each time she went in my hips thrusted up. Then she stops and kneels down spread my lips and licked my pussy. I put my hands on her head and stroked through her hair and pushed her head into my pussy. She licked my clit and then sucked it. I came quickly, she kept sucking, and then she let go and I stroked her head and pushed her head into my pussy, she licked my pussy drawing designs with her tongue on my lips. I had started to breath at a fast pace and she licked up my body stopping at my breast with the tip of her tongue she drew circles around my nipples and played with the clit with two fingers caressing my pussy and sucking on my nipples. I was in heaven, she kept going and my lower body had a mind of its own. I was moaning and gasping for air and I thrusted my body up and down. With a natural high, I passed out. Woke up, she was rubbing my body, smiling, and kissing me. She looked into my eyes and started telling me, “you’re so beautiful, laying nude letting me do as I please with your body.” I told her “You have full control of what you want to do. I’m all your.”

She kissed my mouth; I rolled over to her back and strattled her body. Thrusting my body humping her pussy, she stopped me “No, I’m doing this to you, just relax and stretch your arms and legs out.” She handcuffed my wrists to the bedposts and ankles to the bedposts. Then she blind-folded me, just relax, it’s just us two.” She strattled my body and stuck something in my pussy. Now she was shoving it in and out, sucking my nipples as she thrusted. I was moaning for her to keep going. My body was jerking so much I could see it wasn’t Candace; it was another friend, Matthew. He was fucking me, I was happy. I love my girlfriend, but I wanted to fuck him for so long. She set this up. I love her so much. She told me “I have a surprise for you.” She took the blindfold off and I seen Matt’s face. He was so into it. He just exploded and god did it feel good. He kissed me repeatedly. Candace told me “I know you want a baby, he wants another kid, but he wished for a boy. So, I told him you’d do it.” Matt finally stopped, he was tired, worn-out. I turned to him. He was laying beside me. “You should’ve told me.” He told me “I know how you feel about men, considering your past so I didn’t bring it up.”

For the rest of the night Matt layed toward me and I faced him, his penis was in me for some time. He fell asleep and I turned to Candace. I sucked her breasts until I fell asleep.

The whole weekend was us three fucking for hours. Monday morning I was glowing, in a better mood.

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