My Husbands Secretary

I knew it had been happening. But I didnt know it for sure until I made an unannounced visit to my husbands office. Don’t get me wrong I’m Bi and I’d fuck her too if I had the chance. His secretary quit 3 weeks ago and the new slut was hired almost instantly. He probably fucked her duing the interview from what I know now. As I said it started about 3 weeks ago. She is 5’3″ auburn hair and green eyes. Wears nothing but skirts and a blouse with the top two buttons always undone. Long straight hair to the middle of her back. I have known my husband messes around for some time but he provides a comfortable lifestyle for me and I wont complain if the situation doesnt change. I have been to the office and seen her flirting and showing off her fabulous body to everyone. And I knew it was just a matter of time if they were not already fucking each other. I know what my husband likes and she fits it to a T. Anyway the day started with a phone call asking him if he wanted togo to lunch with me. He said he was up to his ears in work and declined. I spent the morning shopping. I was feeling sexy thinking about the two of them and decided to buy some langerie. I know just what turns him on and went straight to a sheer light blue bra. The sexy sales girl insisted I needed the matching thong as well. I wasnt sure about the color and asked her if she would give me a second opinion. We were the only ones in the store so she followed me into the dressing room. I didnt realize this girl was turning me on till I felt the moisture between my legs. She unbuttoned my blouse and bra for me and brushed against my erect nipples. Before I knew it our tongues were intertwined and I was humping her leg between mine. I gasped as she droped to her knees and pushed my skirt up. As her tongue entered me I felt my release. She said I could not try on the merchandise or I would soil it. She would have to clean me up. She licked everything out of me and off of me and helped me into my new underwear. We kissed again and made arrangments to meet again. As I drove away I decided to stop by my husbands office anyway. As I entered the office I didnt see anyone. This was not a suprise since it was lunchtime afterall. Since he said he was going to be working I hoped we would take advantage of being all alone. His door was cracked and I heard heavy breathing. I looked through the crack and my had instantly went under my skirt again. My finger ented my already wet pussy from the store I had just been at. My husbands secretary was sitting on his desk facing him while he was sitting in his chair with his head between her legs. Her beautiful breasts were fully exposed bouncing to the rhythem of her movements. Between moans she was telling him to suck her clit good or she would tell me everything. How they fuck everyday multiple times, how he tells her when he fucks me he thinks of her. How it turns him on for her to tell him she wants to sleep with me and she knows she can have me as easy as it was to get him. My god I didnt know if I could watch any longer. I was getting so turned on. About that time her thighs clenched and she pulled him up by the hair. She said that was wonderful they kiss very deeply and she says how do you want to fuck now? He says your mouth first. So she lays on her back with her head hanging off. He stands and puts his cock in her mouth and she takes it all straight down her throat. As he fucks her mouth he lays down on top of her and continues to lick the clean shaved pussy I can see now. He doesnt last long and comes in her mouth. He stands back up and tells her she has job security as long as she can suck cock like that. She sits on the edge of the desk and he waks between her legs. As her legs wrap around him he enters her. As they pick up speed she asks him who he likes fucking more me or her. He says her. She asks who gives better head. He says she does. Lunch time is almost over so I go back to the reception area. I take a seat and wait. I hear her scream..DONT EVER STOP FUCKING ME.. folloed by a high pitched scream. I stand up and walk to the door open and close it as if I’ve just walked in. About 20 seconds later she comes running out. She has forgoten to put hur bra bak on and her tits are practically busting out. She smiles and says he will be right out. He comes out and invites me back. As we enter his office I see see the cum on his desk and her panties on the floor. Just as he says he had a productive lunch he knows he is busted. He has an extremely worried look on his face. I tell him to share her with me and nothing will change. Tomorrow she is having lunch with me…

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