My Luscious Cousin Part Two

I immediately let go of Sara to be confronted by my Aunt. “What the fuck is your problem, Kevin?” “She’s just a little a little girl, not to mention your own cousin! What did she do to deserve this?!” I was in shock and still nude as I tried to explain…”I saw her in her night gown and she looked so sexy walking downstairs I figured I had to do it.” She continued with, “Well that gives you no right to violate her like that…” I realized I was done if I didn’t do something now… “I’ll let you in on her if you want,” I said as though nothing were wrong with the act. She replied, “Well… I guess as long as you didn’t hurt her okay, I’ll join you.”

Then and there I knew that this was the most amazing time of my life, my cute baby cousin and her sexy nurse mom were both within my reach taunting my sexual fantasies. As we got more comfortable I could see Kim getting hotter and wanting my cock. Before long, I went over to her – she was sitting in a chair by the bed where my cousin lay – to shove my cock down her willing throat. She accepted it better than I ever expected and knew just what to do… “Erica won’t be home until tomorrow morning Kevin, so we can do this all night long.”

At those words I almost came right into her mouth as I thought of how fun this night would be. Five minutes had passed and I started to feel the orgasm coming and forewarned her so she would be able to swallow the surprisingly large load I had to give. Finally as she kissed the head of my cock I exploded onto her lips and inside her mouth, much to her delight. She kept jerking me for more, milking me like a cow until I was dry.

She sat looking at her daughter tied onto the bed with her panties still gagging her mouth. She started to play with both their pussies as I watched in amazement. “You’re playing with your own daughter?” I asked. She replied, “Well…you were playing with your cousin and aunt so I suppose you’re guilty of incest as well.” She had me there; I fucked her daughter, why can’t she do the same. I watched and pleasured myself while she stripped kissing Sara’s tight young pussy. She was incredible to watch I just couldn’t wait to fuck her myself, so I went to the edge of the bed, grabbed Kim’s fine ass, and fucked her twice as hard I fucked Sara leaving her in agonizing pain and pleasure.

I was riding her harder than I ever imagined I would ride a woman. Her moaning was so hot and sensual that I just couldn’t stop but fondle every part of her beautiful, slender body. She looked back at me and smiled that innocent, playful, erotic smile that made me even hornier than before. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips before she brought me closer to keep kissing her until the unthinkable happened. When she jerked me towards her, she brought my cock farther into her hot pussy and before I knew it and quite unexpectedly I came inside her.

This would have been fine, but I wasn’t wearing a condom, I just straight fucked her. She gasped when she felt the load inside her realizing the only way out of this would be an abortion if we didn’t want to get caught. She wasn’t dating anyone at the time so it would have been strange to hear that she was pregnant, it doesn’t just happen overnight. I pulled out and went to kiss her again, but this time she turned her head. “I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t afford another kid. How are we going to explain this to anyone?” She started to cry and sniffle at this thought and wanted nothing but to never have done it in the first place.

She realized it was her fault and was taking the blame. I was just shocked and almost scared at what could happen. Three hours later… I went to talk to her in her room after another round alone with Sara. That little slut actually wanted it that time and came before I did. She actually enjoyed the fuck and wanted more. I had handcuffs that I carried around since I was going to be a cop, so I used those to lock her in the closet and gagged her with her panties once more before proceeding to Kim. She was still a wreck and I assured her it would work out. “No one has to know about what happened, it’s just that we’ll need to abort the baby and play the part.”

She modestly agreed and made love to me again, this time on her bed. I was hovering above her to make her wet and she complied. I wanted to soak those panties and eat that tender pussy for a good long time…”Kim I love you, and want to do this more often, like once a week at least.” She nodded her head in understanding and agreement. I went to take off her wet panties and started my dessert. It was so juicy and fresh as I tongue fucked my sexy Aunt.

I spent half the night with her and then half the night with Sara, who was still in the closet sleeping like a baby. I woke her up with my cock gliding across her lips, after I removed the panties from her mouth. She started to suck the head while still laying in the closet and got up about five minutes after to finish me off. I took the handcuffs off and she kissed me with tongue. For the very first time she actually was pleasured by me and wanted to kiss me, it felt great. I played along and got her onto the bed playing with that tight pussy again and again into the peak hours of the morning.

Finally, it turned to six in the morning and Kim was on her way to work for a full day this time. She made some breakfast for me and Sara and then kissed me goodbye, it was a good twenty seconds we kissed before she left, leaving me upset at her leaving. Sara still stayed home from school to recover from her illness she had acquired the day before, but this time, she was excited to stay and keep me company and I was willing…after all, she was my very luscious cousin.

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