My Neighbor by Screw3

Copy Write 2004
My Neighbor by Screw3
If you have never lived in an apartment house you would not understand how you do not know your neighbors. Oh sure, you might wave at them, know them by sight for years and never know their names. I learned my neighbor’s name by accident.
It was a Friday night and she and I were going up in the elevator to the twelfth floor when the elevator started to slow and the light in it started to flicker. A moment later the light went out and the elevator stopped between the seventh and eighth floors. She screamed, “What’s happened?” She grabbed me, “Hold me, this is a nightmare for me.”
I held her and whispered, “Let’s sit down. This may take a while if it is a general blackout.”
“Do you really think that’s what it is?”
“Er, I don’t have the faintest idea. We have been together through this. I can’t even see my ouija board without lights.”
She laughed, “I’m Jennifer Thompson. We live in adjoining apartments.”
“I knew that we have run into each other before and waved. I’m Bill, Bill Grieg.” She snuggled against me as the elevator lurched.
“Bill, do you think this is going to crash? Are we going to die? I don’t want to die like that.”
I kissed her forehead, “I don’t want to die like that, but I also think that bounce was upwards.”
I was right because a few minutes later a voice came over the speaker in the lift, “We had to shut the elevator down as it blew the circuit breaker again. We should have you going shortly.”
About ten minutes more cuddling on the floor of the elevator and we resumed our ride up. For what this place cost there should not be this kind of problem. We reached the twelfth and Jen said, “I hate to drink alone and I need one after that. Can I buy you a drink, Bill?”
I am 27 and Jen is within five years of that and is attractive, built and has legs a movie star could envy and that was all I knew about her. “It would be a cad who would refuse such a generous offer like that.”
Her hands were still trembling so I took her key and licked it before putting it into the lock. She laughed, “I know that gag about how a woman can tell what kind of lover a man is by the way he opens the door.”
We sat down on her couch and she jumped up, “What would you like?” I thought it was too soon to tell her, “Scotch on the rocks, please.”
She filled two Old Fashion glasses with ice and poured the Haig pinch so the glasses were full to the brim. “Oops, take those jeans off and I’ll wash them for you. When the elevator moved, I peed and got some on you. I better change while you slip out of those.”
Was this a come on or was she just being neighborly? I still wasn’t sure when she came back in a sweater and slacks. “You still don’t have them off.” She unbuckled my belt, “Empty your pockets.” I did and she unzipped my fly and took the pants off. “Hey, I’m a doctor. See naked men all the time, mostly women patients though.”
I still wasn’t sure, even though she had handled the package. She took the pants and I heard the washer start up. “There those should be done. Do you need another Scotch, or anything else?”
Enough of double entdres, I stood up and took her in my arms and kissed her with my hands on her ass. “I like that.” She then put her tongue into my mouth before I had a chance to try to put mine in hers. She then took my shirt off and stood there waiting. It took me at least fifteen seconds to realize that she wanted me to take hers off. Either she hadn’t been wearing a bra before or had taken it off when she changed. I then took her slacks off and she had not replaced her wet panties. I put a hand on her pussy and it was damp, but not from piss. I began massaging her clit while my tongue started playing with her nice tits. The skin around the base was very soft and my tongue pushed in on the side. Jen moaned, I didn’t know whether it was when I moved my tongue and licked around her slightly rougher aureole or it was because I now had two fingers moving in her cunt and my thumb on her clit. I then started sucking and running my tongue on her hardening and now stiff nipple. A little bit of sour liquid came from her tit into my mouth. I shared that with her in a kiss. I was going slowly all over her body and she was responding to this and trying to make me move faster. I had her kneel down and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.
“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me good.”
I pulled back and bent my head down to her butt and began licking her asshole while my finger was back at and in her cunt and rubbing the clit. I finally hit her G-spot as my fingers began opening her asshole. “Put your cock in me and fuck me somewhere. Please, I want you. FUCk Me.”
I shoved my cock into her tight ass and she began moving back and forth taking more and more of it into her ass. It was obvious by the way she moved that Jen had been ass fucked before and she liked it. Finally I shot a big load of cum into her ass and she moaned and climaxed. I slapped her butt cheek and she moaned again.
Jen took out a packaged cleaning square and wiped my dick. “Bill, I was a little horny, no action for a long time. So I figured a neighborly thank you screw, What are you doing?”
I had my head between her legs and my tongue was playing with her clit and my fingers inside her until I found her G-spot again. “Oh God, don’t stop Bill, I’m going over the mountain again.” She took my dick in her mouth after sucking on my balls. I started to get hard again inside her mouth. She was now on top of me and I slapped her butt cheek with my free hand then rolled her under me. Should I fuck her mouth or her cunt? I figured if I took her cunt she would have another Orgasm so I lowered myself down and put a pillow under her ass and lifted her legs onto my shoulders. I wanted to get my whole nine inches into her and to make her happy. I put the head of my cock just between her pussy lips and then rubbed her clit with it.
“Bill, you want me to beg for it every time? Fuck me with your prick, you prick. Hurt me, make me cum again, if you can.”
I laughed my way, my time was the way she was going to get it. “Do you want me to cum in your cunt, you hussy?”
“Yes, it isn’t my time, so fuck me. Now.”
With that I slid into the moistest hottest cunt I had ever been in. Then I withdrew so just the head was in her then up on my arms and then dropped into her. After the fifth time I did this she moaned and she wrapped her legs around my head trying to get me even deeper into her.
To be continued

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