My Newest Adventure

So me and my wife went out on a date. She had to get sexied up in a nice, tight dress just long enough to cover her ass and a shirt so tight and low that her DD tits looked like they were in her face with her nipples about to pop out. You could see that they were erect through her shirt. We were just a bar to have some drinks and meet some new people.

We sat there looking around and talking about how our week was when I saw her eyes wander away to a man who just walked in. You could tell she was getting excited and undressing him with her eyes. I turned to look and he was gorgeous. He was very tall and muscular with blonde hair and blue eyes. It was like he walked in slow motion. It took her so long to look back at me. Even when she started to talk to me I could tell her mind was elsewhere. I asked her if she was ok because she was acting weird. She said, “Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to get my mind off of the man who just walked in.”

I asked what about him. And she said that she could imagine him spreading her legs and sliding his huge hard cock into her. So I sat there in awe. She apologized for saying that. I told her that it was fine and I said that if she really wants him that she should go see if he would want to go home with us. She asked if I was serious and I told her that I sure am. She nervously went to go sit next to him at the bar. They started to make small talk and kept chatting and laughing, and as soon as I saw him put his hand on her thigh, I knew that he was in.

My wife excused herself for a minute and came back to talk to me. When she got to me she had a huge smile on her face. She sat next to me and told me to feel her inner thigh. So I did and I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties and that her pussy and inner thighs were soaked. She told me that he was fingering her while they were at the bar. I told her that if we are going to do this we would have to go soon. So she got up and went to tell him that we are leaving and we all walked out together. And he agreed that he would follow us to our house so we could have some fun.

So me and my wife got in our car and he started to follow us. She was so excited that she couldn’t hold it in. she started to finger herself and she leaned over and pulled out my cock. She sucked my cock like she was trying to get a golf ball through a garden hose. She made me cum in 3 minutes and most of the time she won’t even think about me cumming in her mouth, but this time she let me cum in her mouth and she actually swallowed my whole load. We finally got home and the guy pulled in right behind us. He got out of the car and said that it looked like we were having a great time during the ride home. We asked what he meant. He said that I was swerving back and forth and he noticed that her head was missing from the passenger side seat. We all started laughing and walked into the house.

We got in the house and he grabbed my wife and gave her a very passionate kiss and she kissed him back their tongues going in and out of each other’s mouths. They stopped kissing and he said that my cum tasted good and that she tasted good as well. We all sat in the living room and I got up to go make some drinks. I came back in and saw her on her hands and knees on the couch her deep-throating his hard cock and his fingers deep in her snatch. I set the glasses down pulled out my cock and started to stroke it until it got hard. He pulls her head off his cock and tells me to take her place. I look at her and she nods.

So I got on my knees between his legs and start to suck his cock. My wife is sitting up on her knees with his fingers up in her looking at me sucking this guy’s cock deep throating him and she leans over and pushes my head all the way down until my nose was in his pubic hair.  As she was doing that I heard her scream that she was cumming. She came so hard that she fell over on top of me and at the same time I made him come. I have never had a man cum in my mouth but at this point my wife was laying on top of me and I didn’t have a choice whether or not I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He came so much and so hard I started to choke on it. My wife finally got up so I can pull my head back, but I didn’t stop sucking the cum out of this man’s cock-it tasted so good. It was sweet and salty and thick and creamy. He must have come a lot because I swallowed a lot of it and it was still leaking from the sides of my mouth and down my chin. I didn’t even get a chance to wipe it off before my wife was licking my face off. I pulled my mouth off of his cock looked up and my wife slammed me with a kiss passionately with her tongue in my mouth darting in and out licking up the left over cum that I haven’t swallowed.

My cock was so hard that it felt like it was going to pop. Seeing that I was hard got him hard again and he asked if I liked to take anal I said hell yes I do. So I stood up and bent over the side of the kitchen table. My wife went and got the lube. She was also supposed to get a condom but she didn’t. She wanted him to fuck me hard bareback. I have never had a guy fuck me bareback, but she grabbed his cock, lubed it up for him, and held it as he lined up to my tight little hole. As soon as he had the head of his cock in my ass he was not easy about it at all. He slammed his 10 inch cock deep in me I winced in pain and my wife had noticed this so she dove under the table and took my cock in her mouth once again to get my mind off the pain. Then the pain started to turn into pleasure. I felt her remove her mouth from my cock and then I felt a different feeling on my cock. She had backed her pussy up to my cock and was rolling back and forth on a chair to make me fuck her while I was getting fucked. he shifted his positioning and all of the sudden I felt his cock hit my prostate with every pump it hit over and over it felt so good and I yelled that I was going to cum and him and my wife both yelled me to. So he slammed in me so hard that it hit one more time and then I felt his cock swell up and I felt spurts of cum hit my insides and that just sent me over the edge and I came. When my cock swelled up in my wife and at the same time her pussy tightened up so it made me cum so much harder deep in her pussy and she came even harder on my cock. She screamed so loud it woke up the neighbors. They came over to complain knocked on the door and I opened the door completely naked and they both gasped because I had a hard on again. They didn’t even say a word just turned around and walked away. When I went back into the kitchen it was empty. I went searching for him and my wife. I found them in our bed. She was on top of him and riding him hard. I lubed up my cock while I snuck up behind her. He pulled her over so they were stomach to stomach and her tits were in his face. I got up behind her and slammed my cock balls deep in her ass. She screamed while we both fucked her as hard as we could. And I twisted her nipples and again we all came at the same time.

I hope you all liked my experience.

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