My Spanish Surprise

I’ve had a very high sex drive ever since I can remember, I’m thinking about fucking and wet most of the time. Plus I know I look pretty good and when guys stare at me in the street I feel my juices start to flow immediately. Sometimes I like to lick my lips when I know they are looking or cross my legs to expose even more leg than my very short skirts already show.

I masturbate a lot! It’s the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep – and is pretty much all I think about in between too! Needless to say my unquenchable desire to cum has landed me in some trouble from time to time and so I have decided to tell other people about my encounters.

When I was 17 I went to work in a club in Spain, I lied about my age and said that I was 18 and the owner of the club Juan seemed to like me so he didn’t ask for any proof. I liked him too, he was fucking hot! He was Spanish, dark, great body and tall. After the club shut at 5am all the staff would stay behind for a drink, I would usually get home around 8am and I would already have my hand inside my panties as I turned the key to the door of my apartment. I could finger fuck my pussy and cum 2 or 3 times just imagining riding Juan’s cock. I knew he would have a big cock, you could just tell from his physique.

I knew Juan fancied me, I had started wearing shorter and shorter skirts for work and purposely bending over in front of him to reach for bottles and he made no secret of the fact that he was watching very carefully. The problem was that he was married and his wife, Lucia, also worked at the club. His wife was also very hot she was petite like me, with dark hair too but hers was curly and mine is straight. She had nice tits too, not as big as my D tits but a good C and firm. I had noticed that she too had started wearing shorter skirts for work and I think she realised that she had some competition for Juan’s attention because I would catch her looking at me a lot too.

One night we held a promotional wet t shirt competition at the club and Juan made all the bar maids enter. I didn’t mind as I am an exhibitionist anyway. We got paired up and I was with Lucia, so the music came on and we were dancing and being sprayed with water and Lucia took her t shirt off so she just had a bikini and denim skirt on. Naturally I did the same and then she began to rub the water into my tits, I was a bit shocked but I thought what the hell so I did the same. The guys in the club were going wild! Then all too soon the music stopped and our turn was over. About an hour later after the crowd had seen all the girls the winners were revealed – Lucia and I. As soon as the competition was over I disappeared to the cellar as I really needed to masturbate! I always volunteered to go and get bottles from the cellar so that I could have a quick play with my pussy.

I went downstairs and jumped up to sit on a keg, where I then slid my panties off and spread my legs wide. Now I was wearing just a short short denim skirt and a black bikini top. My pussy was already soaking – I had gotten so turned on by Lucia rubbing my tits! As soon as I slid 3 fingers in and thrust them in and out of my tight pussy a couple of times I exploded! I was disappointed though, I like to have a good decent finger fucking session and so when my orgasm had subsided I licked my fingers clean and began to run them up and down my slit again. I had my head back and eyes closed, thoroughly enjoying the mounting pleasure and so I didn’t hear the cellar door open. Suddenly, I heard a voice say “Well, well whats gotten you all horny?”. I sat up quickly and saw Lucia standing in front of me.

“I’m so sorry” I said “I don’t know what to say, how embarrassing”.

Lucia was smiling and I thought she was happy because she now had a reason to fire me and get rid of her competition. Instead though, she said “No need to be sorry, just let me join in”.

I was shocked but I so fucking horny for her, “What, seriously? Sure you can join in!” I said.

She hopped up onto another keg and spread her legs. She had already taken off her panties and her slit was glistening so I could see that she too was horny. She began to stroke her pussy and moan a little. She told me to do the same, so we were both sat facing one another fingering our cunts. After a few minutes she slid off the keg and dropped to her knees in front of me and her tongue joined my fingers darting in and out of my soaking pussy. “Mmm you taste so good” she said. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She was nibbling on my clit and pushing her tongue deep inside my cunt and I felt like I was in heaven. Then she stood and removed my bikini top, as she leaned forward to suck on my nipples our pussy’s were pressed together and as I continued to probe deep into myself she began to writhe against my hand so that I was getting us both off. She was moaning and nibbling on my nipples, my head and back were arched back and I was thoroughly enjoying my first encounter with another female. She stood straight and pulled my head to meet hers and began to kiss me roughly, our pussy’s hard against one another’s and our tongues circling inside the others mouth. Then she cupped my bare ass, gently pulled me off the keg and swapped places with me. She spread her legs wide and held her pussy lips open.

“I want you to lick me clean” she said. I had never licked another womans’ pussy so I was a little nervous but as I looked at her cunt as she held the lips apart I could see her juices glistening along her slit and couldn’t wait to lap them all up. I knelt down in front of her doggy style and she put her legs over my shoulders so that my face was nestled in her cunt. First I licked slowly up and down her slit, licking up her juices and tasting her sweetness. Then I plunged my tongue deep inside her pussy and began darting in and out hard and fast. She was gyrating against me and I had her juice all over my face. I brought my hand up to meet her cunt and began to rub her clit as I continued to lick her, then when her clit was hard and throbbing I took it in my mouth and sucked on it long and hard. She was moaning so loud and playing with her tits and I could feel my own juices dripping from my soaking cunt. I took my hand away from her and began to finger fuck myself as I nibbled on her throbbing clit. Then suddenly another hand joined me in my pussy. For a split second I presumed it was her hand but I quickly realised that she was playing with her tits and there was no way she could reach my pussy from her elevated position on the keg. I looked up at her and she was smiling at something behind me. I turned around and saw Juan!

“I told her I would taste her pussy before you did” Lucia said to her husband.

He just grinned and said “And how does it taste darling?”

“Amazing” she said. Then she looked down at me and said “We have CCTV down here and Juan and I have been watching you come down here to masturbate for weeks. Sometimes we take the tapes home with us and play them whilst we are fucking, you get us both very very horny so we had a bet who could fuck you first”.

I couldn’t believe it! Being such an exhibitionist though I was extremely turned on by the thought of the two of them watching me finger my cunt. I looked back at Juan and he had his cock in his hand and I had been right it was big and thick. “Why have you stopped sucking my wife’s clit?” he said “I suggest you carry on whilst I stick this in your dripping cunt”

This was it, finally I was going to feel him inside of me! Quickly I parted my legs and whilst still in the doggy position on the floor and buried my head in Lucia’s pussy again. As I plunged my tongue inside her again, I felt Juan running his cock up and down my slit. I paused and stopped licking briefly to say “Do it! Fuck me Juan!” and with that he thrust his cock deep into my cunt,
I let out a huge moan which vibrated against Lucia’s clit and
then she was moaning too. Juan pulled his cock all the way out again and thrust inside me again even harder. Then he found a hard and fast rhythm and just kept driving his cock deep inside my throbbing pussy. Soon I was lapping at Lucia’s cunt like a dog, I had never known another pussy could get as wet as mine! Juan was now gripping my ass and banging away hard inside my cunt and I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. His grip tightened and I knew he was about to cum. I took Lucia’s clit in my mouth and sucked on it hard, my pussy gripped Juan’s cock inside of me and as I began to cum my throbbing pussy lips sucked his cock deep inside of me where he held it whilst he began pumping his cum inside of me. At the same time Lucia went rigid and all of a sudden it was as if a dam had been opened as she came and squirted her cum into my mouth. All three of us were stiff and still for a minute, moaning post orgasm groans, Juan’s cock still buried in my cunt and my tongue still slowly circling inside of Lucia.

Slowly Lucia moved and slid off the keg, Juan removed his cock from my soaked cunt and I sat on the floor. I reached for my bikini top but Lucia turned to me and said “Juan gets hard again very quickly so don’t think for one minute that we are done babe”. She took his limp dripping cock and began to rub it whilst they kissed one another. She was right, almost immediately I could see Juan’s cock standing to attention again. He picked his wife up and she wrapped her legs around him. Then he lowered her onto his stiff cock and they fucked standing up for a few minutes. As I watched them I could feel my pussy start to ache again. Juan lowered his wife onto the floor and she lay down. She glanced at me and said “Give me your cunt”. I stood and moved over to where she was lying and straddled her face. My pussy was dripping juice onto her lips within seconds and she pulled my lips apart and began plunging her tongue in and out me. Juan came and stood in front of me with his hard cock in his hand and looking at his cock he said “Now this is drenched in my cum, your cum and her cum and I want you to lick it clean”. I didn’t even hesitate I took his cock in my mouth immediately and sucked deeply, taking him all. As I sucked him harder and deeper into my mouth he began moaning and pulling on my hair. I leant back slightly and found Lucia’s pussy with one hand, my other holding the base of Juan’s thick cock. I was flicking her clit and sucking hard on her husbands cock and she was rubbing two fingers against my slit and nibbling on my clit. I stopped sucking Juan’s cock for a moment and instead began sucking on his balls whilst I jerked his cock hard and fast. He grabbed my head and said ” I’m going to cum” so quickly I took him in my mouth again. Lucia had 3 fingers in my cunt now and I could hear my juices squelching all over her face. Juan exploded in my mouth and at the same time I poured my cum out into Lucia’s expectant mouth. I swallowed most of Juan’s load but as I took my mouth away he was still pumping and so the rest sprayed over my tits. As I lapped up the remaining cum from the head of Juan’s cock, Lucia sat up and licked my tits clean of her husband’s juice.

Suddenly, Lucia was stood up and left the cellar. Juan zipped up his trousers and said “See you tomorrow” and walked away and left me soaked in cum on the cellar floor. I put my bikini top on and walked upstairs to the club. I was about to leave when Juan came over and handed me a plastic bag. When I got home I opened the bag and found a tape. I put it into my VCR and pressed play and there were the 3 of us writhing around in the cellar. The tape lasted over 2 hours and I masturbated all the way through it!

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  1. Amanda19

    lucky girl all I can say is I’m envious.

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