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My Story,

I was a shy and unlucky as a teenager, I married the first girl who I had sex with. Not that I didn’t dream about the girls that I got shot down from (there was Vicky, Anita, and Cecelia and others). But they just thought of me as a friend. So I spent 18 years married to a woman that I thought I was in love with and she was in love with me. But she was always a stick in the mud sexually. She would try my suggestions but… it always ended up the same way. Our life was in a rut. So after 17 years of marriage (and for the most part HAPPY), I had an affair.

I met this wonderful woman and we struck it off, she was brunette, very good looking, my age, and height weight proportionate to my self and she had wonderful 44EEE Breasts, and a pussy that was wet tight and mmmmm very tasty. Her name is Cheryl.

Sherrie and I met online and we chatted about all kinds of things before we met for our first date. We went to a bar and we shot pool, danced a little, and as the evening winded down we went back to her place and she had me sit on the couch. We were there for only a moment before she had my pants down around my ankles and had my cock getting hard in her mouth. Before I knew it she was sucking the head of my cock and licking the shaft, he hands stroked my shaft and cupped my balls. Her tongue would lick the shaft and then she would pump her mouth down over my hard cock. I blew my nut deep into her waiting and willing mouth. We then reversed the rolls as I put her on the sofa and went between her legs to lick her dripping wet pussy. Cheryl’s pussy was a lovely sight, her pussy lips were pink and puffed needing attention and just a hint of her flavorful dew was glistening there. I buried my face between her legs and began by licking her lips from the bottom of her pussy to the pink nub of her clit repeating but rubbing harder and harder on her love button. After a few moments of this I wetted my middle finger and slipped it in and rubbed her G-Spot while I was licking her labia and clit. She was starting to breathe heavy, and I had not had the chance to suck on her lovely enormous tits. So I reached up and undid her blouse while I was licking her love canal and to my surprise she had a front closing bra on. I undid the hook and the loveliest pair of breasts I’ve have seen sprang forward and awaited to be suckled I stopped licking Cheryl’s pussy and moved up to kiss her with her juices still on my lips, she devoured my kiss. I moved down to suck on her lovely breasts and my mouth found her nipple extremely hard. Cheryl’s breasts were huge and firm, not saggy like other large breasted women (my ex had 40 DD that weren’t as nice). I spent another 20 minutes sucking on her nipples and fingering her clit. By that time my cock was in need of her wet pussy.

I put Cheryl on the floor in her living room, in front of her balcony sliding glass doors and slid my hard cock into her pussy and OMG was it TIGHT and WET. She could tell I was going to be hard for a while and we fucked missionary for a bit then, I wanted to see her ass as I fucked her doggy style. I moved Cheryl so her head was facing the doors so she could see my reflection in the doors and I could see hers. I slipped my cock into that waiting pussy and began to pump. Her huge tits swayed with the pumping and we found our rhythm. I was pumping good and hard when she came, covering my cock with even more pussy juice, the sudden hot wetness made me shot my load deep into her soaking wet pussy. As we stayed in that position for a few moments I wetted my middle finger with our juice and slipped it in her back door. That was like flipping on the overdrive switch. She spun around and licked my cock clean of our cum and got me hard again. She said I turned that switch on and I had to turn that switch off by filling her ass with my cock and its love juice. Well needless to say we fell asleep in front of the glass doors and woke up to a hard on but that is another story.

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