Naughty Angel: Part I

Part I
Angel and her husband Jon owned a huge clothing store in the city. Angel stayed at home most of the time, but helped out around the store when it was really busy. Angel and Jon have been married for 6 years, and Angel was really content with her marriage. Although she was happy, she felt her relationship was missing something; SEX. Angel approached her hubby one evening while locking up the shop and asked, “Why don’t we have sex as much as we use to?” He responded saying, “Honey, you know with the opening of the shop, I have been so tired.” He kissed her on the forehead and proceeded to lock the doors. Later that evening Jon had to attend a meeting, so poor Angel would be home alone and all horny. Angel threw on some shorts and a tank top, gathered her blankets, and headed to the couch for some night time television. She skimmed through the channels, searching for something remotely interesting. She ran across something that caught her eyes instantly. It was a naughty show about a group of women who went on these secret sex missions. Something about watching the show turned Angel on. She curled up on the couch and eased her hand in between her legs. She started rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She could feel it getting moist. She squirmed eagerly while watching the television with great desire. She pulled her shorts to the side, and stared rubbing her swollen clit in a circular motion. Wanting more, she slipped her shorts off and threw them to the floor. She spread her leg wide, and massaged her aching pussy. She moaned and screamed as she stuck two fingers in her wet pussy, teasing it. She fingered her hot pussy faster and faster and faster. About to have an orgasm, Angel thrusts her pelvis in the air, while clinching on to the couch. Then there was a sudden knock at the door. Angel moaned and stumbled to the front door. She opened it and there stood her next door neighbor, Harold.

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