Naughty Angel

Part IV
Angel then left the room, and went into the bathroom. A moment later, the shower started to run. Meanwhile, Harold ran his hand down Maria’s body. She squirmed with excitement. He moved in for a kiss, pressing them gently against hers. He cuffed her ass into his hand, squeezing gingerly. He lied on his back, and Maria got on top, easing onto Harold’s stiff cock. She slid down, as Harold held her hips, helping her bounce. He started riding his cock faster and faster and faster. Harold grabbed Maria’s ass and started pumping his cock in pussy as hard as he could. She screamed with enjoyment. Almost about to cum, Harold lifts Maria off his cock and places her on her back. He slides his cock in, holding her legs wide open, fucking her pussy nice. Then Harold pulls out swiftly, shooting his cum all over Maria’s tits and stomach. She moans whiles rubbing the cum on her nipples, then licking it. They lied there for a few minutes, then Angel came back in the room smiling. She said, “That was very beautiful. I hope you guys enjoyed, but now you have to leave.” The couple laughed in embarrassment. Then they gathered there things and left. Angel threw on some lingerie and snuggled up in bed, exhausted. Maybe 30 minutes later, Angel’s husband, Jon, returned home. He undressed, and snuggled up next to his wife. “How was your night, sweetheart,” he asked. Her response was, “Ah the same ole same ole.”

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