nerd sex party 1

The night starts early. Kathy and Tina wait for Leo to arrive for an anime marathon. The roommates have a few glasses of wine before the third part of their trio rings the doorbell.
He enters the apartment and they put the first disk in.. drinking wine, they lounge on the couch.
The tall, lanky Leo sandwiched between the brunette Tina (on her second glass of wine) and Kathy.. much shorter than Tina, maybe five feet tall but stacked.. her large breasts hidden away behind her favorite video game shirt. Tina has on a similar tee only with a comic book logo on the front. Leo is excited but hides his hard-on under a throw pillow.

One bottle down. Tina has changed into a pair of boxers and Kathy switches the discs. Pressing play before laying out on the couch, her head on the throw pillow resting in Leo’s lap.
She slips her hand beneath the pillow to brace her head, grazing the mound of throbbing dick in Leo’s pants. She doesn’t say anything.. to avoid embarrassment. Though she does smirk to herself, imagining hes long third leg swinging in her face.

Another bottle down and a few pills from the prescription bottle above the bathroom sink.
Tina has gone into the bathroom while Leo, feeling a little crazy has found Tina’s closet.
Kathy still laying on the couch has slipped her hand into her panties, rubbing herself as she watches the anime porn she has slipped into the player. Cartoon demons rape a  girl as she fingers herself.. legs doubled curling as she works her wet lips with her warm slick fingertips.
Leo reenters the room in a pair of Tina’s tights and a superhero tee, his long 9 and a half inches barely hidden behind the thin tights. He sees Kathy masturbating, mouth open gasping for breath.. her eyes closed as she dreams of demon cock.. when a very real cock slides in her mouth.
She opens her eyes to see Leo standing over her, pulling his tights down to reveal his long member. He slides in into her mouth gently cradling her head as he gropes her large tits.
She moans, pushing her head upward to take him deeper in her mouth as Tina walks through the kitchen.. stunned that her friends are screwing on her couch.
Though she isn’t so stunned that she doesn’t watch, reaching up her shirt to play with her ample breasts, a generous handful.. C cups that at the moment she wish someone was sucking on..
Tina downs another glass of wine and pulls her tee over her head.. walks briskly into the living room to present herself to the others.
Leo continues to slowly fuck Kathy’s mouth as her begins to suck Tina’s tits.

Leo is laying on the couch as Tina grinds her crotch onto his face. He laps at her wet crevice as the two girls share his long slender dick.. sucking and kissing their way around the firm head. Taking his low hanging sac in their mouths as they work his shaft. Kathy grinds her cunt into Leo’s leg as he slaps Tina’s sexy ass, furiously eating her pussy.
She gushes onto his face first his tongue and the second time after he fingers her.. sucking at her clit.

After Kathy mentions that she’s always wanted to have sex in a shower, the three of them move to the bathroom. Kathy is bent over, screaming as Leo pounds his long rod into her fat lipped cunt. He reaches around to cup her large tits, pulling her small frame onto his rod.
Tina sits on the toilet, pushing the handle of her hairbrush inside her cunt.. she watches them fuck in the shower, talking dirty, telling them what she wants to see.
As Kathy shivers, squirting out Leo’s long meat Tina says she wants pizza.

Tina is on her knees, near the door sucking the cock of the delivery guy. Still riding the hairbrush, she gives loud sloppy head.. drooling down her chin as she devours the guy’s sausage.
Kathy rides Leo, pulling his head to her tits, begging him to bite her nipples.

Tina is bent over taking a cock up her virgin ass, imploring him to do her harder. The delivery guy slaps her ass as he pounds her. Leo makes kathy lick his asshole and suck his nuts, she fills her pussy with three fingers as she licks and sucks whatever he demands.

In Tina’s bedroom, Kathy is shoving a double dildo up Leo’s ass as he eats Tina out. She smacks his cheeks, calling him her bitch as she fucks his hole. Tina grabs the sides of Leo’s face as she cums again..

The three of them have collapsed on the bed, naked and worn out.

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