New Year's Baby 1

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“Come on. It’ll be fun.” That’s what Darlene had told her and from where Janet was standing, it was fun. The joint was jumpin’ and the speakers were thumpin’ and there were some cute guys there, too.

Janet had lost sight of her friend a while back but as crowded as the place was, that wasn’t all that surprising, but Janet wasn’t worried. She knew her friend wasn’t going to leave without her.

“It’ll be New Years in about a couple of hours,” she heard someone say.

A guy came up to her and handed Janet a drink. “I haven’t seen you around here before,” he said.

“I came with my friend, Darlene,” Janet told the man.


“I came with my friend,” the girl shouted. “My friend Darlene.”

“Oh.” The man was quiet for a couple of beats. “Who’s Darlene?”

Janet giggled at that. For some reason, she thought that was funny. She took another swig from the drink she’d been handed. “My name’s Janet,” she said.

“Oh, hey,” the man shouted back. “I’m Darrell.”

“Hi, Darrell. You a friend of Jim’s?”

“Yeah. Jim and me went to school together.”

A pause developed and Janet took another swig. “It’s really jumping here,” she said.

The man looked at her. “It’s too crowded for my tastes, if you know what I mean.”

“I agree.”

“I know a place where we could go where it’s less crowded.”

Janet took another swig from the drink. “Now, Darrell,” she admonished, “let’s not move too fast.”

The man grinned and that was the last Janet recalled seeing but then suddenly, she found herself being pushed down on a bed. She would later suspect that there had been something in the drink but there would be no way ti tell. Someone was undoing the buttons on her blouse and somewhere in the distance, she could hear the muffled sounds of a party.

The blouse was opened and then the man was opening Janet’s bra. Janet’s vision seemed to clear a little and she suddenly recognized the man as the guy named Darrell but she seemed unable to say anything intelligent.

The man moved down and suddenly he was pulling the zipper down on Janet’s short, little skirt, and after a few tugs, he was pulling the garment free and suddenly, Janet found herself in just her panties and nothing else.

She wasn’t going to be wearing those panties all that much longer. The man quickly grabbed her panties and then he was pulling them down her legs and suddenly, Janet gasped. She was now completely naked.

Darrell pushed the girl’s legs apart and then he was sliding up between her thighs and that’s when Janet realized that the man was naked, too.

It was weird, the girl thought, almost as if she was apart from herself, watching this naked man come at her naked body, watching but detached, almost as if this were not happening to her.

But then he stuck her with his cock and the girl moaned and she knew. This was happening to her, and damn, it felt good.

The girl moaned again as that cock stuck her again and again and again. She pulled on her nipples and she moaned again. Fucking had never felt this good.

The man was savage in the way he used her pussy and the girl kept moaning. There were no thoughts as to whether this was good for her. All that mattered, it seemed, was whether it was good for him and so the man brutally fucked the girl’s cunt and Janet just kept on moaning as she took that cock harder and deeper than she had ever taken any cock before.

The man was groaning now with every thrust of his cock and if anything, he seemed to be burying his cock even deeper in Janet’s wanton hole. She could feel his pelvis bang up against her cunt and then he would pull back again and the girl loved it. Damn, that felt good.

The man finally buried himself in the girl’s cunt and with a loud grunt, he kept himself there even as the juices started to flow.

Janet knew the man was cumming inside her and there was a part of her that knew she should be worried. She wasn’t on the pill or anything like that and she didn’t even know who this guy was. What if he got her pregnant? But there was a whole other part of her that didn’t care. All that mattered to this part of her was how good it felt to have this guy cumming inside of her, to feel him shooting his load deep inside her wanton pussy. The girl moaned again. She loved the feel of this guy cumming inside her.

The man grunted even as he pushed the last of his cum out of his cock and then finally, he was pulling out.

So absorbed was she in what was happening with the man between her legs that Janet wasn’t aware that others had come into the room. That was about to change.

“Oh my,” the girl exclaimed as another man stepped forward and pushed his way in between her legs. “Who are you?”

“The name’s Adam,” the man told her.

“Oh my,” the girl groaned as she felt the man press his cock up against her already used cunt and then she felt him enter her. “Oh my. Oh yeah, Adam. That’s what I like. Do it like that.”

The girl moaned again as the man drove his cock into her wanton pussy. She just couldn’t help herself. All it took was getting one cock inside her. All it took was one cock and suddenly, she couldn’t get enough.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Come on, fuck me.”

Adam was more than willing to accomodate the girl’s wishes and like the man before him, he just kept ramming his cock in the girl’s cunt.

Janet couldn’t help but moan again. She knew the man was going to cum and she wanted him to do it. She wanted him to cum in her hungry, little cunt.

Almost as if on cue, the man groaned and Janet knew why. He shoved his cock inside her and he groaned again, and Janet could feel his cock convulse inside her as the man emptied his seed inside her pussy.

It wasn’t long before Adam had left all he had to give in the girl’s cunt and then like the man before him, he too pulled back and pulled away.

And like the man before him, he was quickly replaced by another one.

This one was a little older than Darrell or Adam had been and he was a little fatter, too, but that wasn’t what caught Janet’s attention. He wasn’t just a little fatter around the waist but he was fatter where it really counted. “What’s your name,” she asked.

The man didn’t answer right away. Instead, he pushed the head of his cock against the girl’s pussy and he shoved and only then did he answer. “The name’s Charles.”

The girl groaned as her pussy took that cock. He was certainly stretching her wider than she had been stretched before and the girl moaned again. It was a good thing she already had two generous helpings of cum in her cunt because at least she was well lubricated. Taking that cock without any lubrication would have been hard although she was certain that just the sight of him would probably have caused her to generate all the lubrication she needed.

Where the other two had been more forceful in their fuckings of her, Charles was more methodical, taking it slower and harder, and Janet was glad for that. It built the anticipation inside her as the man pushed and pushed and when he finally bottomed out in her pussy, she couldn’t help but shiver with delight. It felt that good.

The girl pulled on her tits as she watched the man fuck her. “Oh, Charles,” she would moan, “that feels so good. Do it again. Fuck me just like that.”

And Charles would do that, pulling his cock back only to drive it forward and stuff the girl’s pussy with the fullness of it.

Someone was taking one of Janet’s hands but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Charles to see who it was. Whoever it was was pulling her hands away from her tits and the girl moaned but then Charles bottomed out in her pussy again and the girl couldn’t help but moan again. They could do whatever they wanted with her hands.

And it was
hands because someone else was holding her other hand, too and then Hanet felt it, one of her hands being wrapped around a thick, warm shaft just as the other one was and instinctively, she knew
what to do. Instinctively, she stroked the cocks she was holding.

But not too hard. She didn’t want them wasting their sperm on her hands. She’d stroke and squeeze them just enough to keep them interested but what she really wanted was their sperm in her cunt.

Janet could feel the change in the cock in her pussy. Where Charles had merely been methodical before, now his cock was becoming more and more insistent. He would drive it home, pushing her harder and deeper, and Janet knew what that meant. She moaned as the man continued to fuck her. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me. I want you to fuck me and I want you to cum inside me. I want you to do it.”

The man didn’t say anything. He just kept fucking Janet’s cum-filled hole and Janet kept moaning even as he did it.

Of course, nothing lasts forever and that goes for Charles, too. The man buried his cock in the girl’s cunt even as his cock began to surge and in the next instant, the man grunted as cum flowed down his fleshy pipe.

No sooner had Charles left his place than there was another one moving in behind him. This was one of the one’s whose cocks Janet had been stroking so she knew what it felt like in her hand. Now, she wanted to know what it felt like in her pussy.

“It’s getting pretty messy down here,” the man said. “If you want, I can clean you out first.”

“What’s your name,” Janet asked.


“Well, Bill, I don’t care how sloppy my pussy is getting. What I do care about is getting your cock in my cunt so stop dicking around and start dicking me.”

The man didn’t say anything. Instead, he just pressed his cock up against Janet’s hot, little hole and in the next instant, he was shoving himself home and eliciting another string of moans from the dick-impaled girl.

Janet moaned contentedly as her pussy took that cock. She’d lost track of the number of times she’d cum that night but she was sure she was going to cum again. Bill’s cock just felt so good in her pussy.

The man locked eyes with Janet and he drove his cock yet again. Janet could feel her eyes widen just a bit as that cock bottomed out inside her and then her eyes would relax as he pulled back, only to widen again when she took the full length of him inside her. She knew he had seen that and she knew that he knew what he was doing to her and it excited her to know that he knew that.

“Oh, Bill,” she moaned. “Oh, Bill. That’s it, Bill. That’s it. Oh geez. You’re going to make me cum.”

And then she did and even as she did, she felt Bill cum, too, adding his sperm to the copious amounts of sperm already oozing from her cunt.

And then there were others following on the heels of the ones who had come before, all offering to fill Janet’s cunt with their seed and all of them having their offers accepted. Janet just kept getting fucked and fucked.

And then Darrell was back and Janet moaned as she once again took his cock in her cunt. “Did you enjoy yourself,” he asked her.

“Oh yeah,” the girl moaned. “I loved it.”

“I kind of thought your might,” the man said even as he stuck the girl with his cock yet again.

“Oh gawd,” the girl moaned. “I loved it. I love it. I love your cock. Fuck me again.”

Darrell grinned. “I’d be happy to but do you know what time it is?”

The girl shook her head.

“It’s almost the new year and it’s time to make you pregnant.”

Janet would have said something but at just that moment, Darrell stuck her with his cock and all she could do was moan.

“It’s almost time,” Darrell said again. “It’s almost the stroke of midnight. Are you going to cum with me?”

“Uh huh,” the girl moaned.

“I thought so,” Darrell said even as he stuck the girl yet again. “Here we go.”

Somewhere behind the closed door to the room, Janet could hear a countdown progressing.

Ten … nine … eight …

Each number was punctuated with a jab from Darrell’s cock and it felt so very good.

Seven … six … five …

Janet moaned. She could feel her body responding to that cock. She’d been fucked and fucked all night long and now she was going to cum. She was going to cum so hard.

Four …

Janet knew Darrell was going to do it. He was going to cum inside her right at the stroke of midnight.

Three …

And she could feel her pussy responding. She wanted him to do it. She wanted him to cum inside her. She wanted him to make her cum.

Two …

Janet pulled on her tits even as that cock savaged her cunt. She moaned again. She was going to cum. She was going to cum so fucking hard.

One …

Outside the room, there were cries of “Happy new year” and noisemakers were making noise but that was nothing compared to what was going on in Janet’s head. As promised, Darrell’s cock had detonated in Janet’s pussy right at the stroke of midnight and instantly, her pussy was filled with a gusher of sperm, but more than that, her pussy was cumming too, and it was cumming harder than it had ever cum before. Her pussy grabbed the cock inside her and it wouldn’t let it go, and Janet sobbed tears of relief as that final, wonderful orgasm finally took hold of her body.

And somewhere in the back of her mind, Janet couldn’t help but wonder if the rest of what Darrell had said was true. Had he really given her a new year’s baby. Only time would tell.

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