New Year's Baby 8

It was just another hot, August night, Janet thought, or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was hormones run amok. After all, she was pregnant and at seven and a half months, she was really starting to show, but that didn’t mean her hormones weren’t running crazy. Janet sighed again. Whatever it was, Janet was hot. She stood in front of the fan as the cool air coursed over her. One thing was certain. Janet need to be fucked.

That wasn’t likely to happen though. She was hot and sweaty but as far as she could tell, there wasn’t a man in sight. She looked out her window onto the street almost as if she expected to see a man suddenly drive up, but none did.

Janet sighed again as she turned away from the window. She didn’t really want to leave the window and the fan that was spewing out its cold air but her body was tired and aching. She needed to sit down.

But no sooner had Janet sat down on her couch than there was a knock at her door. Janet debated whether she should bother to get herself back up. Maybe if she stayed where she was, whoever it was would just go away.

But then whoever it was was knocking again and Janet sighed again. Whoever it was wasn’t going away.

Janet pulled herself to her feet and she tottered unsteadily over to the door. She looked out through the peephole in her door. There was a man on her doorstep.

She debated briefly with herself whether she should open the door. It was, after all, a strange man. No one would fault her if she chose not to let a strange man into her home.

But almost immediately, she chastised herself. He might be a strange man but she was a pregnant woman. Even if this man did intend her harm, things would go pretty poorly for him if he were to harm a pregnant woman so Janet opened her door.

It wasn’t just one man, she realized. There were four of them but it was the man on her doorstep who spoke first. “My car broke down,” he said, “and I’m not getting any signal on my cell. I was wondering if I could use your phone to call for a tow truck.”

Janet stepped aside and let the man inside. “Sure,” she said. “The phone’s in the kitchen.”

The man stepped inside leaving his buddies outside to let them cool their heels and Janet shut the door behind him. She led the way to the kitchen and she pointed at the phone although the phone was in plain sight so there really was no need to point.

The man quickly dispensed with the call and then he hung up the phone. “Thanks,” he said. “I appreciate it although it looks like there’s going to be a bit of a wait. From what the guy said, there was a big wreck on the interstate and there just aren’t any tow trucks available right now.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I guess we’ll just go hang by the car. They’ll be here soon enough.”

“You could wait here,” Janet said and almost as soon as she said it, Janet wondered why she’d said it.

The man raised an eyebrow. “Really? Your husband wouldn’t mind?”

Janet smiled. She knew what the man was thinking and he wasn’t the first one. Pregnant woman meant married, right? Well not for her. “No,” she told him. “I don’t have a husband.”

“Really?” The man was looking at Janet even more intensely.

For some reason, the way the man was looking at her made her hot and it wasn’t the same kind of hot that came from a hot August night. Janet was hot, and for some reason, she felt like opening up to the man so she told him how she’d been gang banged on New Years Eve and how it was only later that she’d found out she was pregnant. She told him how there wasn’t a husband and how it was unlikely that she would ever know who the father was, and she told him how even if she could, she wouldn’t have changed a thing.

The man was leering now and when he said “Really” again, there was a whole lot more undertones under it this time. “You know, I’ve always been a little curious as to what a girl really looks like when she’s fully pregnant. I was wondering if you could give me a peek.”

Janet smiled. He wasn’t the first one who had asked for a peek at her belly. Somehow, it seemed that when guys found out how she’d gotten pregnant, it seemed as if that made them think she was easy and that wasn’t exactly right. If she didn’t want to, she didn’t but if she did, she was willing, and with this guy, she was very willing.

The girl pulled down her sweat pants and she lifted her top and soon her full round belly was on display.

The man looked at her belly.”Um, can I touch it,” he asked.

Janet grinned again. She’d heard that one, too, and she told the guy the same thing she told every guy who asked the question. “Look, I’ll make a deal with you,” she said. “I’ll let you touch mine if you let me touch yours.”


The girl pushed her sweat pants even further down her legs and then she pushed her panties down, too. “I’ll let you touch mine,” she said even as she rubbed her belly, “if you let me touch yours,” she said and as she said it, she stroked her hand over the front of the man’s pants.

The man looked at her as realization slowly dawned and then he was opening his belt and he was pushing his jeans down over his hips. Moments later, he was pushing his boxers down, too and then he was stroking his cock. “All right,” he said, “I think we have a deal.”

The man took a step forward and even as he did, Janet was reaching out. Even as he touched her swollen belly, she stroked his cock. This was what Janet really liked. It was almost worth it to be pregnant.

Janet squeezed the man’s cock and then she stroked him even harder. She liked the feel of his big, meaty cock in her hand.

The man let out a moan. He’d wanted to touch the girl’s belly but the way she was stroking his member was getting to be quite distracting. “You really like that, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl said as she stroked it even harder. “I like it a lot.”

“Well, let’s see if you like it like this.” With that, the man turned the girl around and then he pushed her up against the bar in the kitchen.

Janet moaned as the man bent her over the bar. It wasn’t the first time she’d gotten a man to bend her over the bar but now that she was pregnant, getting bent over the bar wasn’t quite as easy as it had been before. Not as easy but also not impossible.

Janet moaned as she felt that cock being shoved up inside her wet pussy. It wasn’t the first time a man had fucked her wet, little pussy from behind. She liked being fucked from behind.

Janet moaned again as that cock pushed deep inside her pussy. The man pulled his cock back only to push it forward again. Again, he pulled it back. Again, he pushed it forward. Janet moaned again. Her pussy really loved the feel of that cock inside her.

The man had his hands on her hips as he worked his cock in and out of that cunt. In and out he went. In and out he went. His hands squeezed her waist and then his cock fucked her even harder.

The girl moaned again as her body bounced against the bar. She moaned again and then again. Fuck, it had been a while since she’d had a cock like that in her cunt and damn, it just felt so good.

The man groaned even as he thrust his cock deep inside Janet’s cunt. Janet could hear the man groan again even as his cock swelled inside her and then in the very next instant, he was groaning again even as his cock came inside her.

That was all that Janet needed. Her pussy squeezed that cock even as the cum flowed inside her and in the next instant, she was cumming, too.

The man stayed where he was, his body pinning Janet’s against the bar even as the last dregs of his cum oozed from his cock into the girl’s aching pussy. His hands reached around her and reached up under her shirt and he squeezed her tits even as the last remnants of his jizz finally oozed away.

The man pulled his still dripp
ing cock from Janet’s pussy as he fell away and it was only then that Janet heard the knocking. Someone’s knocking at my door, she realized.

She looked at
the man with the spent cock and then she picked up the clothes she’d discarded and she made her way back to the front door. A quick look through the peep hole revealed the situation to her. The man’s friends had become curious as to what their friend was doing and even as she looked, one of them knocked yet again.

But then an impish grin slowly spread across Janet’s face. She’d meant to put her clothes on if she’d needed to but now she dropped the clothes she was carrying as she quickly shed the rest of her clothing even as someone knocked yet again. Now fully naked, Janet reached for the knob and she opened the door.

Seeing a naked Janet was most likely not what the men expected to see when the door opened. Janet smiled warmly at the men. “Boys,” she said warmly, “won’t you please come in.”

The man who’d been knocking on the door looked at Janet. “What’s been going on here,” he asked as if he was not sure he believed what his eyes were telling him.

“I’ve just gotten my pussy fucked,” the girl said brightly, “but I haven’t gotten nearly enough. I need to get fucked again.”

The men looked at her and then they looked at each other and then they were entering Janet’s home. The men crowded around Janet and Janet loved it, the feel of all those big men crowding around her not-so-little, naked body. She wrapped an arm around the waists of two of the men even as the third one moved in to squeeze her tits. “So you want to get fucked,” the man with his hands on her tits said and the girl just nodded.

The man slipped a hand down and rubbed it between Janet’s legs. The girl couldn’t help but moan as the man roughly pushed a finger inside her pussy. “Someone’s already been here,” he said.

“I told you,” girl said. “Now are you going to give me what I want.”

The man grinned. “Don’t you worry about that, honey,” he told her. “We’ll give you what you need. Let’s get our clothes off, guys.”

The men quickly stripped off their clothes and then the one who’d been playing with her tits once again slid his hand between her legs. “What’s your name,” he asked even as he again drove his finger deep inside the girl’s cunt.

The girl moaned. “Oh geez. My name’s Janet. Oh geez.”

“Well Janet, my name’s Craig, and I’m going to lick your pussy because that’s what I do.”

Before Janet could barely register what the man was saying, she was being lowered to the floor of her living room and then Craig was pushing her knees apart and sliding in between her thighs. She could feel the man’s fingers rub her pussy yet again and then in the next instant, he was bending his mouth down and he was licking at Janet’s clit.

Just having Craig lick her clit was enough to make the girl gasp. It wasn’t the first time someone had licked her pussy before but no one had ever licked it like that. Janet moaned again. That tongue was just so good on her clit.

The other two men hovered over her and then Janet found her hands being led to their two big, fat cocks. The girl moaned again as Craig’s tongue continued to stroke her pussy and then her hands squeezed the other cocks. The girl moaned again. She loved the tongue on her clit and she loved the cocks in her hand.

One of Craig’s hands stroked her baby belly even as his tongue savaged her clit yet again and Janet once again gasped. She almost came right then and there but somehow, she managed to control herself. She gasped again. That tongue was just too good.

Again, the tongue attacked her clit and then it attacked it again. Janet groaned. Too much. It was too much. The tongue attacked her again and again and again and that was all it took. Janet’s groaned loudly even as she squeezed the cocks she held and in the next instant, she was cumming hard, her pussy squirting hard even as that tongue just kept right on savaging her clit over and over again.

It was a strong and powerful orgasm and Janet was still coming down from it when Craig suddenly pulled his tongue from between Janet’s legs. Moments later, he was moving his body up over Janet’s and before Janet even knew what was happening, the man was pressing his cock up against Janet’s still quivering cunt.

“Oh God,” the girl moaned even as she let go of the cocks she was holding and her hands went to her tits. The girl moaned again as that cock pushed deep inside her and then she moaned again. “Too much,” the girl moaned. “It’s too much.”

It wasn’t clear if Craig heard her or not but what was clear was that regardless of whether he did hear her, it just didn’t matter. He pulled his cock back and he thrust it forward again. He pulled his cock back and he thrust it forward. The girl’s hands squeezed her tits again and she moaned.

Craig just kept fucking that pussy and Janet kept taking it. She was going to cum. She knew it. She was going to cum. She was going to cum so hard. She was going to. She was going to …

Janet gasped and then she groaned and her hands squeezed her tits even harder and she screamed. She gasped and then she gulped in some air and she screamed again.

She couldn’t help it. Her pussy was squeezing that cock even as it started to cum. She was squeezing that cock and it felt so good. It felt so good to feel that cock cumming in her pussy.

The driver of the car had apparently heard the commotion and had come to watch the girl getting fucked. Now that the man had finally cum in the girl’s pussy, the driver laughed. “You got to hand it to Craig,” he said. “He loves to lick pussy. You might even call him a world class pussy licker.”

Janet was still breathing heavily from Craig’s cum-producing performance. “I’d have to agree,” she panted. “That was incredible.”

The driver laughed again. “Craig does have his way with the ladies but then he’s not the only one.”

“Well, yeah. I’ve seen what you can do.”

The driver laughed again. “Well thanks, but I wasn’t just talking about me. I take it you haven’t met Lyle and Izzy here. They’re brothers.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So they like to share, and they share everything.”

“I still don’t get it.”

The driver laughed again. “Well, if I know Lyle and Izzy, my guess is they’d really like to share you.”

“Share me? What do you mean by that?”

“Listen. Just go with the flow. You’ll get the hang of it pretty damned quick.”

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Janet was vaguely aware of what the brothers were doing but now as she focused her attention on them, she realized that they’d moved up to her and she realized that they were stroking their hands over her pregnant body.

She tried grabbing for their cocks but both of the brothers pushed her hands away. It was clear they didn’t want that.

One of them, Janet wasn’t sure if it was Lyle or Izzy, bent his head down and started to suck on her breast. Almost as soon as he’d relinquished his place, his brother bent down to suck on her other breast and Janet moaned. She’d never been big on getting her nipples sucked but she could get used to this breast sucking.

Back it went to the first brother and then back it came to the other. Then the other one sucked on her nipple and the other one licked her tit. Yeah, the girl thought, she could really get used to this.

Even as they sucked on her tits, they both took turns stroking Janet’s baby mound and the girl moaned again. Yeah, she really liked this.

Their hands moved lower still and then they were taking turns stroking her between her legs and Janet moaned again. She couldn’t help but like the way they played with her pussy but what she really wanted was more.

Almost as if sensing her desire, first one and then the other of the two brothers drove one of his fingers into Janet’s pussy and Janet moaned. Almost as quick as the digital invasion had begun, it had ended, but then it would begin again and Janet moaned. It kept going back and for
th between finger and finger and Janet moaned. She loved it. She absolutely loved it.

Somehow, Janet knew that what they were doing wasn’t going to be co
nfined to just finger fucking. There had to be something more.

There was.

One of the brothers, Janet still wasn’t sure which one it was, pulled his fingers from Janet’s pussy and then he laid down on her floor. He was beckoning to her and Janet knew exactly what the man had in mind and she was more than willing to comply.

Janet straddled the man’s body and she reached between her legs but before she could get there, the hand of the other brother pushed her hand away. The brothers, it seemed, were still acting in concert.

Janet could feel the brother again push a finger into her hot, little box and she had a sneaking feeling that he was holding his brother’s cock. This was weird, she told herself, but as long as she got that cock in her pussy, she didn’t much care. She moaned softly. She needed to be fucked so bad.

Apparently, the brother must have thought so, too, because he pulled his finger from Janet’s pussy and then he was pulling her body back. She was almost there. She knew it. She was almost there, and then she felt the head of that cock as it nuzzled up against her lips.

She didn’t need any help here. She knew what to do next. She plunged her pussy down on that cock, moaning as she took it inside her.

She pulled her pussy up and then she pushed it down. She pulled her pussy up. She shoved it down. She moaned again. She loved the feel of that cock in her pussy.

But if she thought that once she was atop the one brother, the other one would simply step aside, she was sorely mistaken. Even as she rode atop that cock, she felt the brother stroke his hand over her ample butt and the girl just couldn’t help but moan again.

Then, the brother wasn’t just stroking her butt. He was sliding his fingers between her cheeks and the girl moaned again. She could feel his finger press up against her little puckered hole.

The finger pulled back but only momentarily and then it was back again and this time, it was pressing even harder against her butt hole. Janet groaned. She knew where that finger was going.

And then that finger entered her. It pulled back and it entered her again. She moaned as it pulled back. She moaned even louder as it moved forward. Shit, that finger felt big in her ass, and all the while, she kept taking that cock in her cunt, too.

The finger continued to finger fuck her butt for just a few minutes longer but then even it was being withdrawn. Before Janet could wonder why, she felt the man pry her cheeks apart and then he was pushing something even bigger than a finger between her cheeks.

Janet moaned as she felt the man’s cock press up against her butt hole. Too big, she thought. It was too big.

But that wasn’t going to stop the brother, whichever one it was, from continuing to push his cock forward. The girl groaned again. That cock was just too big.

Janet groaned as that cock pushed inside her and then she groaned again as that cock pushed even deeper inside her. She was stuck between the one in her ass and the one in her cunt. She could feel her baby belly pressing against the man she was riding and she couldn’t help but recall what the first man had told her. The brothers liked to share and they shared everything.

Janet moaned again. Someone was walking around her and suddenly, she found herself staring at the driver. He was holding his cock.

“My name’s Tom,” the driver said, “and this is Tom’s dick, and I think you know what to do with that.”

Janet opened her mouth. She knew what to do with that.

Janet sucked on that cock even as the other cocks fucked her butt and her cunt. She couldn’t help but groan as those cocks moved inside her. It was just that she was full. She felt so full.

The man in her mouth groaned even as he stroked her hair. “That’s it,” he told her. “You know what to do with this. Suck it. Just suck it.”

Janet just kept on sucking on that cock. It was all she could do. She could feel the cocks in her ass and her cunt. She just felt so full, so very full.

The man groaned again. “Oh geez, I just knew you were going to be a good, little cock sucker. I just knew it. I knew it when I was eating your pussy. I knew you were going to be a good cock sucker.”

Janet didn’t believe the man but she also didn’t care what he said. She knew she had to suck his cock. She knew she wanted to make him cum.

And then the man wasn’t saying anything because all he could do was groan.

Janet sucked him harder. She knew what his groans meant. She sucked him harder. He was going to cum and she wanted him to do that. She wanted him to cum in her mouth.

The man groaned once again and Janet sucked the head of his cock even harder. The man groaned once again and then in the next instant, he was cumming in Janet’s mouth.

He just kept on cumming and Janet kept on swallowing. He filled her mouth and she swallowed it down. He filled her mouth again and again, she swallowed it down.

The man she was riding groaned and in the next instant, he was cumming, too. The man groaned again and more of his cum surged into Janet’s little clenching pussy. She loved the feel of his cum in her cunt.

That left just the brother in her ass. Janet still hadn’t figured whether he was Lyle or Izzy but it really didn’t matter. He was going to cum in her butt and she wanted him to do it. She wanted him to cum in her butt.

Almost as if on command, the man in her butt grunted and then he was cumming, too. He left his cock in her bottom just long enough to give her one long dousing from his member and then he was pulling himself free and in the next instant, he was pulling his cock free and he was pulling it hard even as he aimed it at Janet’s bottom.

Janet moaned as she felt the first burst of cum on her bottom and then she moaned again. That brother, whichever one he was, was cumming all over her butt.

A horn sounded from the street.

“Looks like our ride’s here,” Tom told Janet even as he scrambled to get his clothes. “Gotta go, honey. You were great,” and just like that, he and his friends quickly disappeared out of Janet’s life.

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    I have read countless stories written by you and let me tell yo, you are possibly the best writter on this site. I come back daily to see if you have written anything new. You always have a series for your stories and I love this character Janet. I can’t wait until she has the baby to see what types of fucking she’ll get next

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  2. DarkRider

    I’d like to hear a story about Janet’s kid gangbanging her with some of his friends!

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