Night on the Plantation

Coli is a slave at the Magnolia Plantation. Coli is 26 years old. She works in the laundry house. She is the Master’s mistress. Coli was noticed by the master’s son Nelson. When Coli was 18 her breasts were at C cups on her short curvy body, Nelson noticed.

Coli was now 5,4” with big melon breast and dark chocolate skin. Nelson was a breast man and wanted nothing more than to suck on those big round tits. The first time Nelson got his hands on Coli, she had just reached her 18 birthday. She was doing laundry alone in the laundry room. No one was there. Nelson walked behind Coli his 6’5 frame towering above her. He was a decent looking man and definitely not a nice man. The only reason he had waited so long was his father saw everyone under 18 as children, even slaves.

Tonight the Master, Mr. Reynolds (their neighbor), and Nelson had Coli. Coli was on her knees getting fucked by Nelson when his father and Mr. Reynolds came in. Coli’s tits were swinging and her ass was jiggling from the force of Nelson fucking her. Her body was so fucking hot taking Nelson’s dick. His dick felt so good inside of her. She didn’t want to like when he fucked her, but she loved it.

“Reynolds, go fuck that pussy over there. It’s good; the only two people that use her are me and Nelson.”

Nelson nutted and let Reynolds behind her. Reynolds was no little man, he was big and fat and sweaty. But he had a short fat dick. Coli felt when he entered her. His belly was on her back. He was pounding that wet black pussy hard. Nelson got on his knees and let Coli clean his dick off while Reynolds fucked her. He liked tits so he played with Coli’s nipples. Coli swirled her tongue around the head of Nelson’s fat long dick and did her best to swallow it. She gagged on his big dick. His playing with her nipples and gagging her was making her wetter.

“Reynolds, move,” Master got Coli off the floor and sat in a chair and put Coli on his dick. She began to ride him. He took her chocolate nipples in his mouth and sucked. She was riding the fuck out of his dick. That pussy was so wet and dripping.

Nelson was hard again and was ready to fuck Coli. He had Coli lean over and suck his dick again, getting him wet. While she was sucking his dick he eased a finger in her ass, slowing getting her ready for entry. Master was getting ready to cum. He got Coli off his dick and nutted on her stomach.

“Hey, can I fuck that pussy again?” Reynolds ask, laying on the floor on his back.

“Go ride Reynolds’ dick, Coli,” Master commanded.

Coli got on top of Reynold and started riding.

Nelson was now ready to fuck Coli’s ass. He pushed her ass checks apart and slowly eased into Coli. Goodness! Coli didn’t understand why she liked the feeling of dick being in her, but it felt so good to be fucked in both holes. She just kept getting wetter and wetter. Her nipples were feeling so good getting rubbed on Mr. Reynolds chest. He was moving in her and Nelson was fucking her ass. She was moaning so loud she was scared someone would hear her. She could feel both of their dicks moving in her and she was about to explode. She could feel both dicks swelling, ready to cum. Coli came and Reynolds’ dick came out and sent cum everywhere. Reynolds’ dick was rubbing against her clit while Nelson nutted in her ass, making her come again and clinching her ass around Nelson, dick milking him.

She was always so tired when they finished with her. They would take her back to her room downstairs after there nightly fucks. She liked her pussy getting used.

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  1. HereForTheArt

    It skips over all foreplay and just kind of jumps to the act of fucking and doesn’t add elaborate detail to it either.

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