Night with the Sales Rep (Part 1)

Night with the Sales Rep (part 1)
By Eretto Phallus
We usually had dinner with a few people from work, but for some reason or another, they had to take rain checks. So on this night it was just my sexy sales rep and I, no big deal, she usually came up to wine and dine me, I was the one who always bought her products anyways. We had been friends for a couple of years, so it was like having dinner with an old friend. I always was attracted to her; she was an even five foot tall, beautiful long curly hair, with sexy eyes, great ass, and fantastically huge tits. She really did have everything going for her.
She was already at the table when I arrived, she was wearing a sexy dress that was cut so low, her cleavage and hard nipples that were poking through, was getting me turned on instantly, we hugged and kissed cheeks, and I immediately had to sit down to avoid showing off the hard on I was developing at a rapid pace. I think she noticed, because during dinner, we would share stories and she was constantly showing off her cleavage and finding some way to jiggle her upper body, making those beautiful tits of hers bounce around. At the time I could have swore she was sending me those “bedroom eyes” the whole time. We were always sexually attracted to each other, we just never said anything, or acted on the impulses. I should have known it wouldn’t be like that forever.
After we finished a wonderful meal, and lots of wine, we stood up to leave, knowing my cock was still hard as a rock, I thought screw it, let her see it. As we headed towards the foyer, the restaurant was in the hotel she was staying at, so at the stairs I started to say goodbye, when she asked me if I wanted I night cap upstairs. How could I say no to such a hot woman, so I told her I love a drink. She turned to head upstairs, all I could do was to google at her incredible ass, as it swayed side to side as she climbed the stairs. My cock was almost at the breaking point, could it get ant harder I thought.
When we arrived at her room, we went inside to continue the evening, as I closed the door and turned around, she planted the wettest, sexiest, hottest kiss on me, and said with a giggle “I think we really need to do something about that huge hard cock in your pants.” I just smiled and said” I thought you’d never ask.” We continued kissing, tearing each other’s clothes off, and slowing shuffling towards the bed in hurried manner. So now,here she was, lying on the bed, her gorgeous face and hair, those huge tits exposed for me to dive into, and oh my god her pussy, she had the landing strip thing going on. Her pussy was so smooth, wet, and sexy. I wanted to suck on it so bad, I wanted her cum all over my face. I crawled on top of her and started kissing her lips and neck, letting the tip of my cock gently bush up against her clit, her pussy was so wet my cock almost slid right in. She was squirming and moving her hips around, gliding her hands across my back and ass. She paused and looked me in the eyes and whispered “We may never get to do this again, honey, I need you to fuck me in the nastiest, hottest, wettest, hardest way you can.” I smiled and said” Sweetie, I’m way ahead of you on that!” I do believe we were both prepared to fuck each other senseless that night!
I slowly kissed my way down to those tits I dreamed about so much, sucking her nipples, and tickling them with my tongue, nibbling on them. I let go of her hand to move down and squeeze her tit into my mouth and nibble and suck some more, she moved her hand through my hair and squirmed some more. Next, I slid down to her belly button, kissing it and tickling with my tongue, massaging her tits with my hands as I continued down to her little piece of sunshine! She started thrusting her hips and pussy upwards towards me, moaning and squirming around. I dropped my hands down to her inner thighs and spread them so I could tongue that sizzling pussy of hers. It looked so tasty and smelled like honey flowers, when I started tasting her pussy, her hands replaced mine around her thighs, she spread and pulled the even more, allowing my hands to play with her. I moved my hands in to spread her wonderfully pink pussy lips and proceeded to give her best pussy sucking she’d ever had, I just love sucking on pussy, when you love sucking on pussy as much as I do, you always give your best performance!
She managed to prop her thigh against her arm as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled it closer into her pussy, tossing her head back and muttering “OH, GOD, just like that!” Thrusting her hips forward and backwards, repeating herself “OH, GOD YES!” She was unbelievably wet, my lips just glided across her clit. My hot tongue was sliding in and out of her pussy, tickling her clit, I couldn’t help myself, and I even nibbled on it. I thought she was going to have an orgasmic explosion. I think I sucked her pussy for 20 minutes, and still didn’t want to stop, but I knew she was close to cumming. I paused, looked up at her and asked if she was feeling good, she just grinned and giggled. I told her I wanted her to cum in my mouth, she caught her breath and started pulling me back towards her pussy. I stopped her, and rolled her over on her belly, maneuvered her on to all fours, so her ass and pussy were staring me in the face.

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