No Holes Barred

After my horny hot wife’s long night with her lover and his brother, she was exhausted. But following a good nights sleep, she was well rested and perky as ever.

“Mikee and Rob asked if I would be their tour guide while Rob’s visiting,” she excitedly related.

She expressed concern that the two of them might be too much for her to handle alone, however. Unbeknownst to me, she’d been confiding recently in her younger sister Lokilani about her extra marital “adventures.”  I was a little shocked she would tell anybody, especially family. Loki was actually her half sister. Loki’s dad had married Lani’s mother.

“Loki’s all excited for me,” she said. “A little envious too, I think. After all, I have a handsome honey at home and get to play a little too,” she went on to explain.

“This revelation has some interesting potential,” I mused.

Both sisters are fun loving with outgoing personalities. In appearance however, they are quite different. Whereas Lani has a full bodacious body, Loki is petite. Both have long black hair and share exotic brown eyes. Lani has big breasts. Loki’s are tea cup size. Lani’s behind is full and rounded. Loki’s more athletic and tight.  The two were BFF and buds back in the day. I knew all this because Loki had stayed with us from time to time. Rent is sky high and sometimes she would fine herself in between jobs. Many a time I’d seen her in tiny bikini’s when she used the pool. On a couple of occasions I’d inadvertently glimpsed her naked, through a door left ajar.

“What would you say if I asked Lokilani to join us?” she asked, interrupting my day dream.

Trying not to seem to eager, I pretended like I had to think about it before replying, “That might not be such a bad idea.”

“It’s settled then. I’ll call Loki and see if she’s interested. I think she will be after I describe the guys. If it’s a go I’ll call Mikee. Loki will be my surprise,” she added.

They’ll be surprised all right, I thought. As soon as the guys laid eyes on them, the addition would be welcomed with open arms.

I had a little surprise of my own planned. There was no way I wasn’t going along. Lani usually played alone. I liked it that way, knowing their love making would be completely uninhibited. My wife could let the inner slut out and have even more naughty fun. Since I always like to keep tabs on her for safety reasons, I knew which limousine  service was going to be used. I planned to call and let them know I’d be tagging along. Riding shot gun. I figured I could watch and enjoy without disturbing the festivities.

Lokilani arrived early as Lani was still getting ready. The searching look she shot me was priceless. She now knew I knew, she knew. If you follow the logic. Loki was wearing a mid-thigh sundress and strappie sandals which showed off her body nicely. Her shapely tanned legs were gorgeous and her toenails wore a coat of bright red lacquer.

“What’s it like knowing your wife is having sex with other men?” she blurted out.

I was taken aback for a minute before saying I couldn’t explain it, but it turned me on. “It turns us both on,” I added.

She shook her head a little and smiled. “I know your wife’s having a good time. She’s told me. Makes me a little jealous.”

“Jealous of what?”

“My sister has a cute husband who encourages her to play. I AM jealous!” she teased.

About that time Lani made her grand entrance. She also was wearing a short sun dress that did nothing to disguise her amazing body. Her long black hair was pulled behind her head. Hanging in a long curly mass down the center of her back. She’d applied her smoky makeup to huge effect. FUCK! escaped my lips.

“I guess that means you approve?” she said teasingly.

I could only shake my head and ogle my own wife in amazement. She pressed her soft breasts against my chest and with eyes downcast said, “My heart belongs only to my baby.” she cooed.

I share the rest of her, flashed through my mind.  Her brown eyes began to sparkle and a radiant smile covered her gorgeous face.

“Ain’t that cute,” Loki teased.

The limousine was waiting out front. Grabbing Loki’s hand, my hot wife squealed as I held the door open wide. The big side door was open and I could see the brothers waiting inside as I escorted the two lovely creatures into their lair.

“Mikee, Rob, this is my sister Lokilani. Everybody calls her Loki. She’s coming along,” she stated.

A big grin lit up their faces as the girls stepped in.  Gorgeous naked brown legs first. Waving a mock goodbye through the open door I waited until the driver had walked around the car before climbing into the front seat. Lani looked up at me, eyes wide,

“You’re coming along?” she asked in surprise.

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” I replied with a permanent grin plastered across my face. “Don’t worry, I’m just going to ride shot gun.” Over her shoulder I saw Loki give me a wink.

Lani was nestled close to her lover and her sister was in a similar position with Rob as the driver pulled out. I adjusted my mirror for a better view. There was plenty of giggling and teasing going on as we went up Diamond Head, heading for Kahala.  Lani was pointing out the sights while Mikee was sliding his hand under her dress. Meanwhile Loki and Rob were getting better acquainted. He was nuzzling her neck as one hand stole up to her breast. Someone suggested Champagne and a bottle was opened with great fanfare. It wasn’t long before the party began in earnest.

We were somewhere along the windward coast when clothes began to fly. Loki’s dress went up and over her arms first. Rob began teasing her pointy nipples as she shuttered in a long moan. Not to be out done, my naughty wife removed her own dress all the while looking teasingly at me in the mirror. Mikee’s hands were all over her heavy breasts in no time, giving them a good massage. Her eyes closed and a look of pleasure crept over her face as he tweaked her nipples and fingered her dainty rings. When he began to suck her nipples a gasp escaped her lips. On the other side, I noticed Rob’s hand was inside Loki’s panties as she leaned back into him. She flinched when his finger ventured inside. Their tongues were playing tag over her shoulder as her tight ass began squirming all over the seat. He must have been doing something right because Loki’s eyes flew open. They were blankly staring into space as a violent orgasm overtook her. I watched with the mother of all hard on’s trapped in the leg of my jeans.

Distracted from this hot scene by gasping coming from directly behind me, I readjusted the mirror just in time to see my wife’s mouth glide down her lover’s shaft.  Her lips were doing a pole dance while she cupped and massaged his balls in one small hand. He held her hair to the side so we both had a better view. She alternated from licking his shaft up and down to sucking it deep. I’d shared the view he now had on many occasions and knew what he must be feeling. Not only is my wife’s mouth talented, but she truly loves sucking cock.

Not wanting to cum yet, Mikee pulled her face off his shiny shaft.  Lani raised her sweet okole off the seat as he peeled her panties down, stuffing them into his pocket. My wife was in rapture when he got between her knees and began tonguing her pink pussy.

I heard a giggle from the other side and reluctantly re-adjusted the mirror in time to see Rob with Loki’s panties on his head. Loki meantime was unfastening his pants. Her eyes grew wide when she discovered what awaited inside. I swear they twinkled as she lowered her open mouth over the end of his Big Johnson. That’s the only description I can think of that fits. She only managed to fit the head between her lips, while using both hands to twist and stroke his huge member.

“You had this monster inside you?” she asked Lani in amazement.

My wife was too busy at the moment to comment. Mikee had her bent over the seat and was preparing to enter doggy. A loud gasp escaped her lips as his cock descended into her hot depths. He began stroking in earnest as she careened  from one gut wrenching orgasm into another. Rob positioned her sister beside my wife on the seat. Loki’s wide eyes were fixed with her sisters in an expression approaching terror as his monster rod pushed into her tight passage. She was only able to accommodate a little over half on the first thrust. After a pause allowing her to get used to his size, he managed to slowly bury the rest in her as animal grunts escaped her parted lips. They rested for a few minutes before continuing. Before our transfixed eyes, the sisters shared a sweet kiss while being assaulted from behind.

A head poked through the open window behind me. “Mikee wants to know if it’s OK to use my okole again,” my wanton wife whispered hotly in my ear.

“It’s your body. You make a command decision,” I replied.

“My husband says it’s OK,” she excitedly called over her shoulder.

My wife was giving me a deep tongue kiss when I felt her tense. “Go slow sweetie,” she entreated her lover. Then returned to devouring my mouth. She hissed into my mouth when she felt his big head begin to spread her tight little rosebud. A yelp escaped her lips as his shaft  popped inside. “Mikee’s in your wife’s ass,” she whimpered, trembling all over.

Her voice then changed dramatically. “FUCK MY ASS, MIKEE!” she called loudly in a deep husky voice. “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS!” she screamed, as he plunged full length into her bowels.

With a loud groan he began to cum. “HE’S CUMMING IN MY ASS!” she cried. “OH MY GOD, BABY, FUCK MY ASS! FILL MEEEE!” she screamed, before her head collapsed over my shoulder. I heard similar sounds coming from the other side. Loki and Rob watched in awe while engaged in a love dance of their own. Recovering her senses, my wife kissed me sweetly as a big wet spot spread in my jeans.

The rest of the tour passed in a blur. There was partner swapping and DP’s all around. Even the driver got head. Loki has an amazing mouth too, I discovered.

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