Office Hijinks (Part 1)

I locked the office door and turned out the lights with a huge sigh of relief. Some weeks it’s Monday all week! I’d had a lousy week, it was horribly hot out, and my husband had been gone for 3 days now, leaving me high, dry, hot and horny, and I had no desire to go out into the heat and drive for 45 minutes to get home to an empty house. I turned up the air conditioner and the radio and after finishing my filing, wandered to the back office to plop down on the cool, comfy leather couch. I laid there for a while, idly looking around and unwinding, then had a crazy idea. If the couch felt this good clothed, wouldn’t it feel twice as good naked? I tried to put the idea out of my head as daft and potentially dangerous. (Which is probably exactly why it sounded so appealing.)
I finally gave in to the madness and stripped off my clothes, settling gingerly on the cool leather. Oh, this WAS nice!! I laid back down, stretching out and enjoying the sensuous feel of cold leather on my bare, overheated skin. After lying there for a while, I closed my eyes, and casually slid a hand down to my pussy, toying with myself, without any real heat as yet. I opened my eyes and they fell upon my boss’ tie, which he had apparently left behind yet again. I reached out to pull it off the back of the chair, fingering it’s silkiness unthinkingly. Again the devil in my head whispered erotic, thrilling ideas in my ear.
I rubbed the tie across my chest and over my nipples, teasing them with its softness. I played around with it, tying it around one breast, making the plump breast stand at attention so that I had better access to my large nipple. I plucked at first one nipple then the other, twisting them and pinching them, turning myself on. I continued to torture the nipple on the bound breast with one hand, while I moved the other hand back to my pussy, which was now paying attention and feeling distinctly left out. I spread my pussy lips and slid a finger through them, just grazing my clit, trying to tease it into coming out to play, too. Mmmm. This felt so good. I wondered why I’d never done it before. All those late nights…working!! Duh!
I slipped a finger into my pussy, which was already wet with the excitement of the moment. I slid my finger in and out of my pussy, rhythmically, rubbing my clit with my thumb at the same time, and pinching my still bound breast. My legs swayed in and out, enhancing my own pleasure. I untied the tie from around my tit, and slipped it between my pussy lips, pulling it slowly up my slit and across my clit. Oh, that’s good, too. Very nice quality of material. I slid it further down so that I had more of it to pull through my slobbering slit.
Shifting around on the couch, I grabbed one end of the tie behind my ass and slid it back and forth with both hands, pulling the end in front tight against my clit with each slide. It felt good, and dirty, and wrong, so of course, I was enjoying the hell out of it. With the tie wedged tightly in my ass crack and slit, I fingered my clit through the silky material. Oh…..yeah. I poked some of the tie into my twat, needing to feel something inside me. Mmmm, better. I poked more and more of his tie into my cunt, still fingering my clit, more erratically now, as I felt the spring tightening inside my belly.
Wanting to prolong the moment, I quit fingering my clit for a moment, concentrating on pinching and twisting my nipples, feeling a frisson of excitement skitter to my pussy with each tweak. Finally, I could hold off no longer and started frigging my clit in earnest, flicking it at high speed and sliding three fingers and wadded up tie in and out of my cunt as fast and hard as I could. With a wail I came, and came hard, ass clear up off the couch, pussy convulsing hard, over and over, while I slid the fourth finger in too, and planted my thumb on my clit.
After I finally got over the last aftershock, the magnitude of what I’d just done hit me as I pulled the now sopping wet tie out of my snatch. I hoped to hell I could just wash it out in water and it would dry okay….

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  1. justaguy531

    Wonderful! You are a terrific writer! I will certainly read the follow-up stories.

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