One Time, at Science Camp

The sounds of Good Charlotte echoed over the still waters of the pond. Tendrils of fog swirled over its surface; frogs croaked their familiar calls from its banks. Overhead, every star that couldn’t be seen from the valley below winked brightly.

Justin reached for the pack of cigarettes tucked above the driver’s side visor and shook one out, passing the pack across me to Dave. He took one in turn and stuck his right arm out the open window to Mike and Brandon, who’d ridden in the bed of the green Ford Ranger. The ritual was repeated with Justin’s lighter, until four flames glittered in the night, and smoke curled around the truck like the fog on the water.

“So, Nicole,” Justin began, slinging one arm across my shoulders while he blew out a thin stream of smoke, “How’re you liking it so far?” He referred to my first day back on the job as a counselor at the science camp after a three-year hiatus.

I shrugged. “It’s all right. Not much different from before.”

“Yeah, but before, you didn’t have two hot guys who wanted to double-team you.” His blue eyes twinkled behind his glasses and he grinned wolfishly, gesturing at himself and Dave with his cigarette.

I wasn’t too sure about the double-teaming, but he was right about the first part.

When I walked into the morning meeting (late), the last thing I’d been expecting was to find two hot guys working at the camp now – and both hitting on me from the word ‘go.’ This was definitely a new phenomenon in my universe.

And now, here I was, out on the late evening break with a bunch of guys I’d only known for a day. The sexual tension was so thick you could slice it.

The corner of Justin’s mouth lifted as he stabbed his cigarette out. Dave flicked his carelessly out the window while Mike and Brandon jumped down the ground outside the cab and stomped theirs into the gravel.

Everyone was watching me intently. I could feel Dave and Justin’s thighs pressed against mine from both sides. I could also feel my pussy throbbing in my jeans. I swallowed hard.

“So … uh … um … how ’bout those Lakers …”

Justin’s fingers snaked slowly into my fiery hair, caressing, and I moaned before I could stop myself. His hand froze. He and Dave chuckled softly. Then his fingers tightened and he pulled my head back roughly.

“So, you like having your hair pulled, huh?” He gave another sharp tug. I gasped.

“I bet she likes this, too,” Dave said as he nipped my shoulder. His goatee brushed against my skin. I whimpered, turning my head automatically. Justin laughed and scraped his teeth along my other shoulder, pulling my hair again. Another whimper.

Before I knew it, they’d worked my shirt down off my shoulders, and had my breasts shoved up over my practical white bra. Brandon reached in the left window and rubbed his thumb slowly over my left nipple, while Mike leaned in the other side and pinched the right one.

I gritted my teeth, and my hips lifted. Dave took it as an invitation, and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, sliding them off to my knees. He slipped a hand into my bikinis and around to my ass. His fingers rubbed insistently in my crack, and he brushed one finger over my tight asshole.

I moaned low in my throat. Justin took that as his invitation, and pulled my black satin panties down smoothly. He reached up and flipped the cab light on. A collective groan issued from their throats as all of them stared down at my lightly furred pussy. I followed their gaze as his hand descended to rest lightly on the cinnamon curls. He didn’t move it.

“Justin, please,” I begged, moving my hips under his hand. “Please.”

“Please, what?”

“Please … please finger me,” I whispered breathlessly.

His teeth flashed. “I like it when you beg.” He thrust a finger deep into my cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhh, my God.” I panted, loving the feel of his finger ramming me, but wanting more. I reached down and spread myself wide. Another groan from the boys. I looked down at my thick, pink pussy, throbbing and glistening with juices in the light. I watched as Justin began to force two fingers in and out of my cunt. My hips began to move to meet his thrusts.

Then Dave pinched my clit just as he shoved a finger all the way into my ass.

I cried out, head thrown back, my body bucking as I came for them. Minutes passed with nothing but the sound of my hitched panting and tiny whimpers. Finally, my body drifted back down to Earth. I dropped limply onto the seat.

“Holy shit. Breathe, girl,” Justin ordered. “Wow.” I laughed weakly, still a bit light-headed.

Silence reigned. Then …

“You know, you still haven’t sucked my dick, bitch.”

I turned and eyed Justin, lips pursed. “Yeah, I know. What made you think I was going to?”

“But … but … damn!”

I laughed. “Oh, like you’ve got the guts to just whip it out right now. Right.” I yanked my jeans up, unmindful of the cum coating my thighs.

He groaned. “Oh, man. You suck. Shit.” He paused, then looked at the others. “Okay, dude, I don’t care what you guys think or whatever, but I’m gonna jack off now. I’m too fuckin’ horny.” And with that, he pushed his sweatpants down and whipped out his hard cock.

My eyes went wide. My gulp was audible.

His cock was gorgeous. I wanted it in my mouth, now.

“Yeah, you like that, bitch? You want that in your pussy?” He stroked it once, twice.

“Nope. I’d rather have it in my mouth.”

He groaned and gave it another stroke. “You fuckin’ tease. You’re not gonna suck my dick, and you know it.”

“Really? Why don’t you take your hand off it, and let’s find out.”

He gave me a long look, then moved his hand away. I glanced down at his cock, then up at him. And smiled, not moving a muscle.

He gave me a dirty look and put his dick away. “See? I knew you were shittin’ me.” He rested an elbow on the window and glared out into the dark.

“O ye of little faith,” I murmured as I reached over into his pants, pulled his cock out, and took it all the way into my hot mouth.

He his head whipped around as he gasped and lifted clear off the seat.

“Oh, shit, she’s sucking my dick!” He groaned raggedly, and I could hear his nails digging into the interior.

I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and pulled back a bit, until just the head of it was in my mouth. My tongue darted out to tease at it, swirling, tracing little patterns across it. I swallowed more of his meat back into my mouth and began to suck in earnest.

Justin groaned and sank his fingers into my hair and yanked, pulling me up to face him. “Easy, woman. Damn. I’m sensitive. Go easy.” He pushed my head back down to his crotch. He kept his grip on my hair while he slowly fucked my mouth.

Dave’s hands roamed over my denim-clad ass, raised delightfully up in the air for him as I worked my magic. He smacked it sharply, causing me to moan with pleasure around Justin’s cock. He smacked it again, harder, the crrrack echoing. I could feel my pussy throbbing again.

Justin’s fingers tightened their iron grip in my locks, and he began to bob my head up and down rhythmically on his dick. Faster. Faster. Faster.

“Oh, yeah. Suck it, bitch. Fuckin’ suck it. On my God, you have a fucking magic mouth. Ohhhhhhhh, shit.”

He continued to groan words of encouragement as I greedily mouthed his tool. My fingers found their way onto his balls, dancing, tracing patterns much as I’d done with my tongue on the head of his cock. Reluctantly, I released his dick and licked a blazing trail down to his achingly tight balls. My tongue laved other them, long, tantalizing licks. Then I sucked one into my mouth.

“Too … much,” he gasped, pulling me up by the hair again. His eyes locked with m
ine; his frenzied panting filled the cab. His hand closed around his cock. One hard, furious stroke. Then another. And another. He released my hair and lowered his other hand to slowly rub his t
aut balls.

I watched, transfixed, as he pumped his cock and stroked his balls for me. I licked my lips hungrily.

He came then, in great milky white spurts. I propped myself up on one elbow, watching in fascination as it coated the dark hairs of his stomach.

And when he was done, I lowered my head and began to lick …

It was four-thirty when I finally collapsed onto my bunk with my boots still on. The smell of fresh cum was heavy in the air.

I folded my arms behind my head and chuckled. Yeah, it was good to be back.

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