Opened Up, Part 2

Steve and I only fucked each other every couple of weeks, as he was is married and it is a little hard for him to get away sometimes. As I was fucked more often, his cock would slide into my arse a little easier each time. Between him using his fingers (up to 3), vibrators, and of course his cock, the more often I got fucked the more I liked it. I especially loved when he would blow his load into me, then the feeling of it dripping out. On one visit he mentioned there was a young guy he worked with, he was 18 and still at school, he worked casual on weekends. Steve said they would talk sex a bit. One day after work they went out for a drink and after a few the young guy mentioned that he had a fantasy about having sex with a guy, especially being fucked. On the way home they stopped somewhere quiet and sucked each other’s cocks.

Steve invited Paul to come to my place on his next visit. They both arrived; Paul is 18, about 5’6 slim build, and we sat and chatted for a while and had a few drinks. Then Steve started rubbing his leg and then his cock, which we could see was rock hard. He moaned when Steve touched him. He sat back and spread his legs, then Steve pulled Paul’s 7″ cock out of his pants, wrapped his hand around it and slid his hand up and down, Paul moaning louder with each stroke.

Steve suggested I stick my cock in his mouth, and Paul opened his mouth and willingly took my cock when it was offered. I took hold of his head and started fucking his mouth as Steve started sucking his cock.

After about 10 min Steve and I swapped places; I got between his spread legs and took his cock into my mouth as Steve stood up, put a hand on either side of his head, and slid his rock hard cock into Paul’s mouth and proceeded to fuck his mouth. Between the moaning and chocking noises he yelled out he was going to cum, then almost immediately his body stiffened and  he blew his load into my mouth. His young cum tasted divine; interesting, the same as Steve’s, but different.

I then got up, Steve went down on him  to suck the remaining cum out of his cock, while I dribbled the cum in my mouth into Paul’s mouth. He was a bit surprised but took it all.

After a rest and a another drink, we all took our clothes off. He had a nice little body, totally smooth. I told him to get on his hands and knees so we could see his arse. Steve and I ran our hands over his smooth pert arse and I ran my finger up and down his  crack, watching as his cock got immediately hard again. Steve got some oil and ran it down his crack while I slowly and gently started to work my finger into him. Paul started pulling away but I grabbed his hips and told him to keep still, then pushed my finger in little by little, pushing it in then pulling it all the way out, until he took it all.

I could tell he was a little distressed and probably in some pain, but I said to him his arse is too nice not to fuck so he better get used to it. I fingered his arse for a bit longer as Steve moved around in front of him and slid his cock into his mouth. He held his head and fucked his mouth while I continued to finger fuck his hole, again he was moaning and choking.

I said to Paul, “Well now is the time to decide if you want your arse fucked. But I must warn you, once I start I’m not going to stop, regardless of what you say. Then Steve is going to fuck you. Then me and then Steve again. We’ll both fuck you until we both blow our loads in you, and then you are going to suck us both clean.”

He thought about it for a second then said, “Oh yes, I want that.”

I moved around in front of him, took his head between my hands, and said to him, “Have a good look and suck of the first cock that is going to fuck your arsehole.)

He licked and sucked my cock, then I pulled out and got behind him, telling him to spread his cheeks.

I put my cock against his hole and told him to push back. My cock slowly started to slide into him. God he was tight! Again he started to moan, but I’m sure this time was out of pain. I worked about half my cock in.

I asked him if he wanted me to stop, but he said with a voice which was obviouly in pain, “No, I want you to fuck me.”

So I held his hips tight and pushed the rest of my 7 inches into him. He screamed out in pain, but I just kept going, pumping my cock all the way in and out. I wrapped my arm around his hips and grabbed his cock and started pulling and rubbing it as I pounded his arse. He continued to moan, but to his credit he didn’t pull away. I fucked him for a bit longer, then pulled out. I could see and feel the relief  in his body, but just as he started to relax Steve moved behind him and just shoved his cock all the way up him in one go. Again he screamed out, but to no avail; Steve just pounded him.

I went and stuck my cock into his mouth. I held his hair and rammed my cock in his mouth for a few minutes before me and Steve swapped around again and again. By my 3rd time in his arse, he was pushing his arse back to meet the thrusts of my cock, yelling out ‘FUCK ME!’ Then Steve had one more go but this time he fucked him much harder and then blew his load up his arse. I then got behind Paul again, his arsehole gaping open so much that my cock just slid straight in and I pounded his 18 year old arsehole until I blew my load into him. Then both Steve and I lay down and we told him to lick and suck our cocks clean.

Then I told him it was his turn to cum. He lay on his back and took his rock hard cock in his hand, and I climbed on top of him and slid my arse down on his cock with ease. I slid up and down on it, then Steve climbed on and got his arse filled with Paul’s hard cock. I had another go before Paul blew his large load deep inside me. I was rock hard again, so I suggested a double ass fucking to Paul.  I told him it would really hurt, but he was so turned on that he said I could do whatever I wanted to do to him.

So Steve lay on the bed, Paul got on top of him and lowered himself down until Steve’s cock was all the way up him. Then I got behind him and I worked my cock into his arse. Again he was moaning in pain, but I kept going, looking down at his poor stretched arsehole. We both pounded him, me ramming from behind as Steve was pushing up. The feeling of Steve’s cock against mine in Paul’s tight arse was just amazing. We held him tight and both of us blew into his arse within a few seconds of each other. Both Steve and I shuddered as we blew and I’m Paul did too.

We lay beside each other on the bed and Paul said, “You guy’s can fuck me anytime you like; you can do anything you want to me and I will do anything you want.”

To be continued…


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  1. NCmale

    Love your story. I’d love to be there to suck everyone’s cocks and let you guys take turns fucking me in the ass. Love to have the 3 of you cum all over me. Cant wait to read more..Thanks

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