Orders for you to carry out as we meet

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Although we live close i would still like to meet you somewhere like a train station, where there is plenty of people around. I want you to wear a short coat, that barely covers your ass, and only that!! being gegnerous i might let you wear a nice high pair of heels and a smile as well! underneath i dont want a single hair on your body and i want you to be oiled up from head to toe. You will also have a nice sized butt plug in your ass by the time you walk out of the station. When you are pulling in i want you to go to the toilets and fuck yourself silly so your pussy is dripping wet, your juices are running down the insides of your legs and you stink of sex. When you walk outside of the station i will be waiting in my car somewhere where i can easily see you….with plenty of people still around you i wil text you telling you to open the coat fully so i can see both your tits and your pussy and also to turn around and lift the back up so i can see all of your ass……I will then get you to move away from the main crowd to where there are only a few people about and start to get really risky…next i want you to face away from me, open your legs wide apart and bend right over. Then i want you to lift the coat up and pull your cheeks apart so i can clearly see the butt plug deep in your ass. Finally i will get you to walk over to the car and for the last 5m or so take off the coat completely so it is just you and your shoes….dont worry i will be parked somewhere very quiet with no cameras. I will then get you to walk round to my door and facing away from me bend right over again. i will pull the plug out of your ass and play with both holes before directing you to finally get in the passenger seat so we can drive off………..when you go to sit in the passenger seat you will see an even bigger butt plug on the seat waiting for you. you wil lower yourself on to it and lay back in the already reclined seat. Placing your feet on the dash and spreading your legs wide you will you will use one of your toys to fuck yourself silly on the way to our next stop. You will still be naked and i will purposely drive along busy streets so people walk can see you sitting naked in the car. Finally we will stop at the local nature spot and will park the car and both go for a walk….once we are a fair distance away from the car i will suddenly rip your coat off you and push you hard aginst a large tree, with the bark digging into your naked back……I will then force you to your knees and place both your legs and arms around the trunk. I will then pull a rope out of my bag and tie all of your limbs together so you cant move at all. Coming back round the throat i will unzip my flies and place it in your mouth…slowly i will start to fuck it getting quicker and deeper until your eyes begin to water and you gag everytime my cock hits the back of your throat….finally i will pull out just before i cum and spray my hot load all over your face and open wide mouth….you may think the humiliation is now complete but to finish off i will take a step back and you realise what i am about to do….a large smile appears as you see that i am going to piss all over you and you lift your head back, open your mouth wide and tell me to piss straight into your mouth. Proving how dirty you really are you alternate between swallowing whole mouthfuls to gargling it in your mouth and dribbling it all over your cold rigid body. When i finish i will then walk off, leaving you there, making sure that you cant see me but i cant see you. I will leave you for 10 mins or so, with the risk of anyone just walking past before coming back and untying you and making our way back to the car…… we now make our way to the hotel where we will be staying….you now drenched from head to toe in both cum and piss….when we get there i will wait in the car while you go and check in. If i see you try and wipe anything off n anyway i will punish you for it later…..
Once done you will then make your way up to the room and text me to start coming up….i reply saying im on my way up and i want you to look in your bag as there is a “little” surprise. Inside you see a large butt plug, ready to really stretch your ass…..i text you and ask you to leave the room door wide open and get on the floor with your ass in the air and your face in the carpet. I then want you to force the plug into your now gaping ass and wait for me to walk again. Again there is obviously a risk of people walking past and seeing you naked on the floor…..i will then walk through the door, lift you up onto the bed and thats where the foreplay stops and the real action will start…

I would love to know what you all think of this (my first fantasy) email me nicetoknow@live.co.uk

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