“Uh…Miz Preston, you wanted to see me?”

You look up from your desk, all sleek and businesslike, with your dark hair pulled back and heavy reading glasses perched on your nose. Your violet eyes regard me above your glasses, and you do not smile. “Oh. Oscar. Your name IS Oscar, isn’t it, and you’re the new intern?”

“That’s right.” I shift from one foot to the other, wondering why the lady boss would call me in. Did I goof up in my first day on the job?

You walk around your big desk, letting your black-rimmed glasses dangle from your right hand as your mature hips sway to and fro. You are in your forties and wear a dark business suit, the skirt ending just above your knees. Your top is loaded. Boss or not – forties or not — you are hot.

“Oscar,” you say, letting a superior little smile toy with your cherry lips, “I noticed you in the outer office when I arrived this morning, and I thought we should have a chat. You’re kind of old for an intern. How’s that?”

“My college got interrupted. Long story. But I’m back at it now. And yeah, I’m 30.”

“Well! What I wanted to talk to you about concerns your appearance. That long hair specifically, and those baggy pants. It is not the image that our company seeks to project.”

What the fuck. I was hired looking this way, so what’s wrong with it now? Or is this uptight broad just hassling me? I think she needs a comedown.

I give her a cocky grin and crack, “If you don’t like my baggy pants, I’ll take ‘em off right now.”

You blink, suddenly uneasy on your high horse. “Oscar, do you want to lose this job?” you ask.

“Up to you, lady,” I say. “It pays squat, so I can pick up a gig like this anywhere.”

You raise your head haughtily. “Then you’re fucking fired!”

“Hey, I like that. You used the f-word, Miz Preston.”

Color rises in your fair cheeks. “Just what are you trying to do to me?”

“Trying to fuck you,” I say.

We stare at each other for a few seconds and then your eyes soften. “Lock the door,” you say in a slightly roughened voice that matches those smoldering eyes.

As I obey your order, you pick up your desk phone and tell your secretary that you are not to be disturbed. We confront each other once again, in the center of your office. Since you objected to my baggy pants, I let them drop and wear nothing underneath. Lifting my hose-like appendage, I shake the plum-colored knob at you. “Want it?” I ask boldly.

You could quickly summon security, or you could shame me with a laugh. But you do neither. You just stare, your lips growing slack, and the softness in your eyes turns to surrender.

“I won’t tell anyone about this if you don’t,” I promise and smile reassuringly.

“Please,” is all I hear from you as you take two steps forward, sink to your nylon-clad knees on the carpet, and curl your delicate fingers around my suddenly stiffened cock. You lean close, your rosy tongue coming out, and begin to lick my cockhead all over. The knob swells pleasurably as your tongue buffets it. Your cherry lips capture the head of my dong and creep along my thick hard rod, taking more and more of me into your mouth. I caress your sleek dark hair as your warm mouth pumps slowly forward and back, forward and back, on my blissfully throbbing pecker. You make contented little sounds in your throat as you suck.

“What a hot cocksucker you are, Miz Preston,” I say, petting your head. You just keep at it, gliding your lips on my dick while my knob rides your restless tongue into the confines of your throat. You have had considerable experience with this, but not for awhile perhaps, since authority crowded sex out of your life. I knew you were frustrated the first moment I saw you sitting behind that big desk.

I gently rock forward and back, fucking your mouth as you suck me. Your muffled groans grow louder, and you are really into it. I remove my dick from your mouth, hold it straight up against your pretty face, and let you lick my nuts for awhile. You seem to like the taste of them. Now I am getting anxious to taste you.

“Sit on the edge of your desk,” I say softly, feeling very tender towards you now. We are no longer boss and intern, no longer older and younger. We are just two people who want to enjoy each other and the wonderful quirk of fate that has brought us together.

You quickly rise to your feet, your face flushed, lips moist and slack, and you do as I have requested, hiking your skirt yea-high so that you are sitting on just your panties on the edge of the desk. You wear thigh-highs and pink bikini briefs. Your thighs are full but creamy smooth, and your hips are broad without being bad at all. In fact, you are fucking beautiful!

I spread your thighs wide apart and kneel between them. I turn my head to one side and the other, licking along your smooth, warm and tasty inner thighs. I lift your legs in the air and continue licking you between your stocking tops and your pants, going all the way around your thighs. You are breathing hard and murmuring slight mindless sounds. I nuzzle close to your crotch where only a narrow strip of pink nylon conceals your goodies. I kiss your panty crotch and lick it, all the while inhaling your delicate scent.

My cock is like a fucking rocket on a launching pad as I slip a finger under an edge of your panty and lift the pink nylon away from your snatch. Baby, you are gorgeous! Sparse black hairs curl along the edges of your puffy slit with a thick tuft above. I open your pussy with my fingers and bend to lick the soft moist flesh within. You writhe pleasurably, your fingers threading in my long hair which you supposedly did not like. Hah.

I suck your sweet juices because I enjoy a woman’s taste. I also enjoy your clean tangy scent which I inhale deeply. I tickle your prominent erect clitoris with the tip of my tongue, then lick the hooded nubbin round and round, before swirling it into my mouth for a long hard suck.

“Oh, you do that so fucking good!” you exclaim as if from afar because your soft warm thighs are agitating against my ears as you squirm with delight. While I continue pleasuring your clit, I tickle your pussy lips with the tip of my middle finger. Excitement infuses those delightful little folds of flesh, causing them to open like the petals of a flower on a warm Spring day, and I insert my middle finger into your wet, warm cunt.

I stroke my finger in and out, in and out of your joy-hole as I suck on your clitty and nibble gently with my teeth. I lash the little sex sentinel with my tongue. You are writhing, smearing your sauce all over my lips and nose, and I keep losing contact with your clit. But my finger remains sunk in your channel, and I add a second digit to the job. I stroke both fingers in and out, in and out, while my other hand pinches the top of your split to resume stimulating your clitty. You gasp and hold your breath. I can feel that you are about to climax, and I quickly fasten my mouth onto your pussy again and suck hard, fucking you with my tongue.

“SHIT!” you cry, and you shake all over.

I stand up, grinning as I wipe my wet face. But your scent clings to me, and I love it! “Take all your clothes off, Miz Preston,” I say. “I want you naked.”

“Ellen!” you exclaim. “Call me Ellen.”

“Ellen…baby…honey…precious…” I lean and kiss you on the mouth so that you can enjoy with me the flavor of your pussy that clings to my lips and tongue.

I help you undress, taking off the top of your suit and then your bra as you continue to sit on the edge of your desk with your legs spread, wanton as hell. If the board of directors could only see you now!

Your titties are bountiful, hanging down just a bit, and I like that. Natural boobs, natural hair, and natural curves. That’s what makes a
woman. I lift each titty in turn and lick your large aureoles all over, then tease your nipples into pebble-hardness before I spend a lo
ng time sucking each one of them while squeezing and rolling them about. Meanwhile your hand has found my erect woman-pleaser and begun stroking it.

“You like dick, don’t you?” I ask, just wanting to hear you say it.

“I LOVE dick!” you say huskily and grab the head of mine as if it’s the knob of a shift lever.

“Let me take your pants off,” I request and back up, running my hands under your rumpled skirt at both sides so I can curl my fingers around the top elastic of your panties.

You raise yourself slightly off the desk so I can pull her panties out from under your rump, and I turn the intimate garment inside-out as I tug it along your thighs and up your lower legs which you have lifted in the air. I pick your panties off your pumps and toss them aside. I turn you onto your stomach and urge you to lay your titties on the desk top. The edge of the desk presses against your private region as I drop to my knees to inspect your bottom.

Your buttocks are generous but firm and smooth, and I gently shimmy them with my hand. I pinch one with each hand and spread them. I check out your cute asshole, a little nest of converging beige puckers set between the creamy-white divisions of your butt. I am moved to kiss it, I do, and I do not regret it. In fact, I linger there, licking your asshole thoroughly and drooling saliva into it.

“Ooh goddamn fuck!” you cry, your ass jerking spastically against my face, and I wonder if your secretary in the next room heard you.

I skid my tongue along your crotch to your pussy and lick your soft tasty folds for the second time. I wiggle my meaty oral instrument into your slippery snatch, and you moan as it strokes your clit and all the sensitive nerve ends around the mouth of your pussy.

I straighten up and give your ass a whack, shaking the cheeks and making you gasp, and I begin to fuck you from behind, thrusting my stiff dick up your snatch and immediately stroking briskly.

“Oooh, good God!” you cry. “Fuck the shit out of me! Be rough. I need it.”

I ram you hard with my pile-driving prick, slamming my straight front against your bouncy buttocks. Your hands are clawing at your hair, taking it apart, and you implore me, “Pull it! Pull it fucking hard!”

I grab two handfuls of your silky black mane and yank as I stroke my long rod rapidly in and out of your pussy from behind. After awhile I let go of your hair and start slapping you on the buttocks, this way and that, right then left. You wail, and your ass bobs, quivering lusciously.

I reach forward and offer a finger to your mouth. You suck on it and I wiggle it around in your mouth so that it becomes richly coated with your spit. I quickly bring it to your rump and twist it against your puckery bunghole. You gasp but have no time to protest before my finger is caught in the grip of your sphincter, and I twist it, gradually relaxing your muscle and widening your hole. As I keep fucking you, I add a second finger. I stroke my fingers in and out of your ass, and they feel my dick stroking in and out of your pussy at the same time. You feel both of them working inside you, and obviously you like it.

“Ooh…ooh…ooh!” you pant, enjoying yourself a great deal. You say, “I’m going to cum!” and I tell you to fucking do it.

I keep boning your cunt and diddling your asshole, and you cum for me big time. Immediately I transfer my slick prick from your pussy to your servants entrance and, before you can say don’t you dare, I am fucking your hot tight asshole.

You buck and squeal, loving it while it hurts a little and pleases you a lot. You are grinding your clit against the edge of your desk and getting ready to cum for a second time as I pump my prick in and out of your tight rippling anus. You bellow. I pull your hair. You climax ecstatically, and I shoot spurt after spurt of warm cream up your chute.

“So what do you think about my long hair and baggy pants now?” I ask a few minutes later as we relax in each other’s arms on your leather sofa.

“You can keep them,” you whisper and plant hot little kisses on my mouth. “What’s more, you have a job here for as long as you want.”

“No thanks,” I say. “That wouldn’t work. Not after today. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other and it would interfere with business. But after hours is something else. I’ll give you my phone number, and you can call me any time you like.”

“I might just do that,” you say.

I’ll be waiting.

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