Overnight Guest, Part II (The next morning!)

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I smell coffee. I sit up. “Good morning, sweetheart!”, says Cheryl. She’s got my robe on and looks great. She leans over, handing me the hot cup she’s brought in. I set it on the nightstand, it’s too hot to drink – – besides, when she handed it to me, her (my) robe opened a bit and I quickly decide what I want for breakfast!

“You’ve got something on your cheek.”, I said and leaned in close as if I was about to brush her face. Instinctively, she closed her eyes and I softly kissed her neck. My hands were inside the robe, playing with her tits and roaming around as I pulled her close. She’s been in my life for four years now and I still get so turned on by this beautiful angel. Cheryl is always ready for sex and she has a natural talent that makes you feel as if you’re the luckiest man on the planet.

“Something on my cheek, my ass!” Laughing, she jumps up and pushes me back on the bed. “I have to turn off the stove. I’ll be right back. Brush your teeth, caveman!” She runs out.

“OK, OK, here I go.” I call after her as I stumble into the bathroom. “Wow, what a night I had last night!” I think. “How am I going to tell Cheryl?”

“It’ll happen.” (That’s my conscience talking.)

“Lie down and close your eyes.” she says as she walks in. Something’s behind her back.

I obey. I stretch out in the middle of the bed on my back with my hands folded behind my head.

The bed moves. “Keep’em closed!” She’s straddled me. I can feel her hair lightly falling on my stomach as she bends down. What’s she doing? Her hand softly strokes my cock and caresses my balls. I can feel her breath.

Her hair brushes back and forth over my stomach. I arch my back. She whispers, “Lie still.” I feel both her hands on my shaft; soft but completely in control. I feel her hair move over me again as her lips brush the tip and SUDDENLY she shoves her mouth halfway down my hard dick. HOT!!!!! I try to get away! AHHH!!! Wait. Warm. Thick liquid oozes all over my crotch.

I’m sitting up now. My eyes aren’t just open – they’re BULGING! Now I see the squeeze bottle of honey. She heated it in the microwave!

A sticky hand on my chest pushes me back down. Now, her mouth and left hand are working on my cock as she pivots around begins to rub my chest and stomach. Now it is just her hand on my cock as she positions herself over me. I’m pretty lubed up and Cheryl’s certainly wet and she guides my dick smoothly into her warm pussy.

Her hair is tousled and wild. Sexy! I swear, the word was designed for this woman and this moment! She is every dream anybody has had of a turned on, sex goddess!

She leans back, way back. I am completely buried and I just look at her supple body. Her legs are gorgeous and her pussy is beautifully trimmed. Her belly is flat and taut and even though she is laid almost fully back, her tits are standing almost straight up. “Ride’em, cowgirl!” she says.

She snaps upright and I reach for her. “Just a minute.” She twirls slowly, keeping my dick in that warm pussy. She turns around. “Reverse cowgirl!” she says over her shoulder. I start to sit up. “Stay DOWN!” Not a request. She’s playing, but without a doubt, she’s in charge here!. My dick is sort of stretched downward with her facing away and me having to remain on my back.

She knows. Her ass starts to move up and down. What a view I’ve got! I can see how wet my cock is and how her pussy lips move as she raises and lowers that ass. She is gyrating her pelvis slowly and I watch her asscheeks tense and relax. What a show! I could talk forever about Cheryl’s ass but “firm” and “round” and “tanned” and “gorgeous” are the best I can relate to you now. Her asshole is pink and perfect. She lifts up and my dick falls to a 45% angle over my stomach. She stands.

I want back in! I sit up.

“I said, ‘Lie down!'” She turns on me, playing the part of the dominating controller. I’m pushed back roughly and she literally leaps on me, mashing her wet pussy on my mouth. I kiss those pussy lips and tongue her clit. I reach for her breasts but her hands grab my wrists forcing them down. She grinds her pussy over my face then leans back and now it is her ass over my face. I cannot breathe but I don’t care. My nose is at the bottom of her pussy and my tongue is in her ass and I am in heaven.

I take charge. I pull my wrists free and grab her thighs. I run my hand up her stomach and find her nipples. They’re mine! I twist them, knowing I’m twisting too hard. She tenses and tosses her head back and forth. I pull my right hand back down to the top of her pubic hair and begin to massage in the direction of her slick, swollen clit. I’m still pinching and pulling on those nipples with my other hand. I find that clit and roll it between my thumb and forefinger, beginning a steady motion. I’ve worked my tongue into her ass as far as its going to go so I move out from under her, keeping my pussy massage going.

My dick can’t stand it any more! I move around and turn around and position myself between Cheryl’s legs. “PUSSY!” I shout, and pushed her knees up in the air and shove my cock into her as hard as I could!

Now, it was all about need. Nothing delicate here. Now, it was all savagely thrusting my dick in and out, again and again. We were on the same wavelength. Cheryl was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. She scratched my back. I grabbed her ass. She came, her pussy milking the length of my cock. I was SO CLOSE!! Man, how I wanted to cum! Too wet! I withdrew and wiped my dick on the sheet. I needed some friction. As wet as Cheryl was, she easily accepted my dried off member. God! Tight! Her pussy pulled me in. My dick swelled and I absolutely EXPLODED deep in that hot, wet tunnel.

We rolled to our sides; arms still wrapped around each other, my cock beginning to go down inside of her.

“I love you.” I breathed.

She smiled. “I love you, too, babe. Tell me about last night.”

She placed her hand on my face, “It’s OK. Tell me.”

And I did. Every part, every feeling and every act.

“We need to have a long talk with Mary, you know.” Cheryl whispered as she laid her head on my shoulder. “You should go over after breakfast and let her know everything is alright.”

We got up to begin the day and I hit the shower, thinking about how the conversation with Mary would go….

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    Still hooked here. When can I expect number 3?

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