It’s been about a month since I split with my ex. It’s been better without him however every once in while I miss how he used to fuck me good till my pussy vibrated…

“Hey, I need you to sign some papers and I want to file them today, can I stop by around 2:00,” Jared asked?

“Sure, just come on in through the garage, I’m cleaning out some stuff,” I replied.

We have been civil lately so I didn’t think anything of the request…I was getting a lot of work done with my storage area in my garage. Moving the heavy boxes though was getting hard and tiring, getting me all worked up in a sweat. I decided to leave it for later and ask a friend of mine to lift them for me. That’s when Jared walked in.

“Hey, you need some help with that,” he asked?
“If you don’t mind, I’ve got too much junk in there, I replied.
What is it anyway? He peered into the box and his face fell when he saw it was some of our momentos that I would keep, cards, letters, old photos and albums.
It just so happenned that on top were pictures from last years Vegas trip… we were frisky that trip and took pictures of ourselves during our multiple sex encounters.
“Wow, I remember that trip.” He picked up the photos and started to flip through them. Feeling uncomfortable I started to slide some of the boxes out of the way so that I could park my other car in the garage. I glanced over and I saw that his eyes were entranced, yes those were some good pictures. Our favorite was the one of me fingering myself with that sly look of “fuck me now”
He caught me looking at him and I turned away. “here’s your favorite picture…”
Cutting him off I said, no that was your favorite picture. Put that away. Are you gonna help me or not? I want the boxes up on the top shelf.”
As he put the pictures away I saw a bulge from his swishies pants. Hhmmh, I always new that was his favorite picture.
“I’ll get you a drink,” I said, pretending that I didn’t notice his excitement.
Walking into the kitchen a big smirk came upon my face. Poor bastard still wants me…maybe it’s time for a little fun. It can’t hurt..obviously I still turn him on and I could use a good fucking, the guy from last night wasn’t any good.

I walked back into the garage with his drink and handed it to him. Our hands brushed and I noticed beads of sweat on his nose. All of the sudden a little zip went up and down my spine. I paused not knowing what to say but knowing that I wanted a good fucking.

I leaned in for a kiss…I wiped the sweat from his nose and caressed his cheek, moved down to his neck and slowly to his chest right over his nipple and pinched it. I whispered in his ear, how about a round or two for old times sake?

Without a lost beat he turned me around and bent me over the hood of the car. Pressing his already hard dick up against my ass, he said, “you teasing me? you better not be because I have been dreaming of your good pussy, if we are going to do this I don’t want you to go weird on me, I want all my usual.”

I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down to me, “you better not be teasing me, and get it straight, I want all my usual too, but me first.”

With that he began to rub my ass and then worked my pants down. running his fingers and playing with my thong, “I see you are still a fan of thongs, squeezing with his big sweaty hands never felt so good. I began to relax- the feel of the cold steel of car and the warmth behind me felt so good. He then began to finger me from behind. I was hot and breathing heavy. Ooh he knows my spot and he worked it just like he always did. Going fast and hard and then slowly tickling my clit getting me worked up to almost climaxing but then bringing me down before I came.
Give it to me, please I said.
He said, you like that? you miss that don’t you. See how wet you are? He put his fingers up and I couldn’t resist licking them. I sucked on his fingers just like I would his dick. Licking up and down and sucking hard.

I turned myself around and pushed him up against the car. I looked him straight in the eyes while I slowly went down on him, pulling his pants down then his boxers and exposing his big hard dick. Slowly I teased the tips with my fingers, “you miss this too don’t you? With one hand I cradled his hung balls and the other I lifted his dick and then proceeded to lick the base of his dick and work my way down.
Tell me you miss this, that you need it. LIck, slurp, lick and lick. Then the quick pressure on his anus with a good hard long lickkkkkkk.
Aggghhh! You know I want it bad. Real bad, don’t stop, please!

I loved the control that going down on him gave me, With my other hand I squeezed his throbbing dick up and down slowly then hard. A little cum came out and I licked my hand. Taste sweet as ever I said,

to be continued

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