Peeping Deven

“Peeping Deven”
By: mojojojo

Deven quietly turned the knob on her bedroom door, and pushed it ajar. Her muffled moans gained a little clarity, and much to Deven’s surprise, she was alone. He inconspicuously peered through the door’s narrow opening, and carefully noted her every movement.

She lay sprawled across her creamy satin sheets, with her back slightly arched, and her legs spread invitingly in his direction. Her smooth, bronzed skin glistened with perspiration, and she was firmly pressing a pillow over her face to lower the decibels of her explosive and incredibly vocal orgasms. Deven watched as her hands traced the gentle curves of her torso, as her fingers pinched hard and protruding nipples, and as her moist palms cupped and squeezed her generously proportioned tits. Gradually, her fondling worked its way down, and between her steamy thighs, where a shaven, and already glistening pussy waited. She slid her middle finger between her pink and silky lips, and stroked softly towards her clit. She cried a gentle sigh of pleasure as she began to massage her hood in a firm, circular motion. Being careful not to waste the use of her other hand, she continued to fondle every inch of her salty skin. Her breaths became increasingly shorter and more intense as the brief gasps of air desperately tried to escape her pursed lips. Her entire body writhed in overwhelming ecstasy when she came closer to orgasm.

Deven felt his cock harden beneath his shorts, and push against the seams, eager to escape. He cupped his pulsing, and still hardening dick in his palm, and massaged it slightly, as if to keep it restrained and well-behaved. Despite the pillow over her face, her moans were becoming increasingly louder, and the pure primal enjoyment of the moment allowed Deven to shed all outward inhibitions, and burst through her door to finish the job.

Startled, she sat up, desperate to catch her breath. Deven brought his mad dash towards her hot pussy to a halt, suddenly realizing how bold and confident this move was. He stood still, at a loss for words, hoping that she would speak first. She gathered bit of composure, and tried to identify her intruder, her gaze helplessly wandering towards Deven’s massive cock, bulging beneath his clothes. The creases of her lips began to lift and curl, to reveal a captivating and scandalous smile.

Before either of them had managed to speak, she had already begun to approach him. She eagerly tore off his clothes, revealing a slender, tone, and blue-collar chiseled body. His testosterone permeated the room, and it wasn’t long before she became completely submissive to his every whim.

Firmly grasping a large ponytail of hair, he forcefully turned her around and pushed the small of her back down to raise her perfectly round ass high in the air. He entered her from behind, nesting his swollen cock just outside her pussy’s lips which radiated a warm and inviting sensation. She was already dripping with anticipation, when he allowed himself to be engulfed inside her silky, cavernous cunt.

He began with a firm and steady beat of fucking, tugging on her hair for leverage while her ass routinely slapped against his thighs as he pumped. His beat steadily began to increase, as did his force, causing her plump cheeks to beat harder against him, creating stinging and loud claps. Deven felt his dick begin to pulse as the walls of her pussy tightened around him, as she began to climax. No longer concerned with stifling her pleasure, she moaned loudly when she came. He started to pull out slowly, feeling the muscles of her cunt gradually release the firm pressure they held around his dick, and as soon as his cock had passed her pulsing and swollen lips, he shot a long and overdue load of bittersweet cum all over her back and in between the pink crease of her ass. Exhausted and panting for air, he casually pushed her aside, and headed for the door.

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