Pirates 6

Wilma had pretty much been given the run of the ship which to Wilma’s mind was an indication of just what her captors thought of her. As far as they were concerned, she was harmless and as long as they thought they could eventually get something useful out of her, they’d keep her around, but should she no longer be of value, they could toss her over the side of the ship with all the rest of the garbage and as quickly as that, they’d be done with her, and the worst part about it was Wilma knew they were right.

The men liked having her around. To them, she was their own little plaything, able to be taken by them whenever and wherever they desired, and the men desired taking her rather often. That, at least, was something Wilma could live with. After so many years of having to live in celibacy, she was making up for lost time.

What gauled her most was what her captors thought. She really was nothing more than a thing.

She was naked, of course, which was pretty much the way she’d been ever since she’d arrived on deck. She was naked and she was horny and she’d strolled down below decks, not really looking for someone to fuck but knowing full well that someone was likely to find her.

She was right.

“Hey, looky who we got here,” said one grizzled sailor. Wilma thought his name was John, but she wasn’t sure. “Come down to see how the other half lives, eh?”

Wilma grinned as she approached the gun crew. They were the only ones on the gun deck. “What are you guys doing here,” she asked.

The veteran looked at the cannon in front of them. “Just doing some maintenance on Old Betsy here. She’s not firing right and we want to know why.”

Officially, since they were on B-deck and since the cannon in question was designated Cannon #42 as the placard above the gun indicated, then nominally this gun was called B-42 but Wilma thought she liked the name Old Betsy a whole lot better. “I don’t suppose you boys could use a break.”

“I dunno,” the old gunner said. “We got a lot of work to do.”

“Aw come on,” pleaded one of the junior members of the gun crew. “We been at this for hours.”

“Yeah,” piped up the third man. “Come on, sarge.”

“Now, boys,” Wilma chided. “Don’t be too harsh on the sergeant. If he says no, then no it is,” but even as she said it, she mounted Old Betsy and looked down at the men. “Don’t mind me,” she said with a laugh. “I just wanted to feel something long and hard between my legs.”

The grizzled veteran ran a hand through his whitened hair. “Well now,” he said, “I s’pose now that you mention it, I s’pose we could use a break.”

“Oh yeah,” Wilma purred as she leaned back on the cannon, letting the boys have an even closer at her wet pussy. “That’s what I was hoping you would say. Now, let me ask you this, boys? Who’s up for eating my pussy out?”

The two junior members of the gun crew jumped at the opportunity, each of them vying for the opportunity to be the first one between Wilma’s legs but Wilma couldn’t help but notice that the leader of the gun crew hung back. She could respect that because she thought she knew why, but for now, she was going to get her pussy licked.

The redheaded kid seemed to win out, at least at first. Somehow, he managed to get himself between wilma and the other kid and then he was pushing his way between Wilma’s thighs.

Wilma moaned as she felt the kid’s tongue on her pussy and then she moaned again as his tongue went after her clit. Fuck, that was good. For a kid who’d probably spent most of his life on this ship, he seemed to know exactly what to do with his tongue.

Wilma moaned again even as her hands went after her tits. Her hands squeezed her breasts and then her fingers found her nipples and Wilma moaned again. Fuck, that kid was good. Fuck, that kid was so fucking good.

His tongue would stay on her clit, taking her almost to the point of release and then it would back off, taking a moment to wade around in her wet, wet pussy, to play with her lips, to lick at her pink, and then it would be back again on her clit.

Wilma gasped as the boy’s tongue played on her clit and she almost came right then and there. Her hands squeezed her tits and she moaned again. “Eat me,” she moaned. “Come on, do it. Eat me.”

Whether the boy heard her or not was irrelevant because in the next instant, his tongue attacked Wilma’s clit and this time, there was nothing to hold her back. Wilma gasped and then cried out in pleasure even as her hand squeezed her tits. Oh yeah, that was good, and that tongue, oh geez, that tongue, it just kept coming after her. Oh geez, it was good. It was so fucking good.

Wilma was still gasping for air when the redhead left his place between her legs and moments later, there was another young gunner there to take his place.

Wilma thought the kid was tall and lanky and just a little bit awkward. He almost looked too tall to be comfortable on the cramped gun deck but he was there nonetheless.

The kid put a hand on Wilma’s taut stomach even as he slipped his other hand between her legs. Wilma could feel the kid’s fingers as they played with her pussy and then gently, almost shyly, he pushed a long finger up inside her cunt.

While it was nice, Wilma thought, it was nothing compared to the pussy licking that she’d just received. Still, not everyone could be a great pussy licker, and the finger fucking wasn’t bad.

That’s when the kid pulled the finger from between Wilma’s legs. Moments later, his lips were kissing hers, and then moments later, he wasn’t just kissing her. Moments later, he was licking at her tender pussy.

Wilma moaned. This was better. Mmm yeah. Her hands squeezed her tits. Better.

And then the boy licked her clit and Wilma moaned. Oh yeah. That was good. Better got even better.

Wilma moaned and squeezed her tits. “That’s it,” she moaned as one of her hands grabbed the kid behind his head and pulled him even tighter between her legs. “That’s it. Oh geez. Eat me. Eat me right there.”

The kid just kept eating and Wilma kept right on moaning. She couldn’t believe it. Two guys and two totally awesome pussy lickers. She couldn’t help wondering if the old geezer who was leading the gun crew was as good as these two. All she knew was she was more than willing to find out.

But first, the kid between her legs had some work to do. Wilma moaned as the boy’s tongue found a good spot. Oh geez, that was good.

The tongue burrowed into her tiny pussy and then it licked her again and once again, it was back on her clit and Wilma moaned. Oh fuck, ths was it. She was going to cum. She was going to cum. She was going to …

“Oh shit,” the girl cried out as that tongue finally completed its dirty work. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Shit, that’s good. That’s so fucking good.”

Wilma just kept on moaning as that tongue kept taking her. Fuck that was good. Fuck that was good. Oh geez, that was so fucking good. The girl moaned as she took that mouth on her cunt. Oh geez, that was so fucking good.

The old man had his cock out and he’d been watching the youngsters eat that pussy out, but now that there was a lull in the action, he was ready to make his move. “All right,” he told Wilma, “you’ve had your fun. Now, why don’t you get your ass down off that cannon and let me show what we do to pirates around here.”

Wilma grinned back at the man. “So you think you can handle me,” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” the man told her. “I know I can handle you.”

Wilma grinned even broader as she climbed down off the cannon. “All right, old man, let’s see what you got for me.”

Her feet had barely touched the deck when the old gunner grabbed her. Quickly, his old, gnarled hands had turned her around and then Wilma found herself being shoved up against the barrel of the cannon,

Wilma loved t
he feel of the hard gun against her soft skin. She loved the way the man threw her up against the weapon and she loved the way her tits mashed up against the cold
steel, but what she loved most was the feel of that cock as it slipped between her legs.

What with all the licking and cumming she’d been doing, Wilma was plenty wet already when her pussy took that cock and she was glad of it because she needed every ounce of wetness she could get to take that cock. That cock was big, not so much long, but thick, and Wilma groaned as she took that cock. Fuck, that thing was big.

The old gunner’s hands seemed to latch onto Wilma’s thighs as he pushed himself inside her and then he was pulling back only to shove himself inside her again. Fuck, this was good. This was so fucking good.

“So you think I got a big enough gun for you,” the old gunner said with a smile.

Wilma groaned again. “Fuck, I … oh geez, I love the feel of the barrel, but I ain’t seen it fire yet. You … fuck … you ain’t firing blanks now, are you?”

The old gunner growled. “I ain’t never fired no fuckin’ blanks,” he said, “and if you keep that up, you’re going to see just what I mean.”

“Show me,” Wilma taunted.

She hardly needed to taunt the man but she did and if anything, it just made him fuck her harder. Wilma hung her head as she took that cock and she moaned again. She was panting and moaning. Fuck, that cock was good. That cock was so fucking good.

“Come on,” she pleaded, “do it. Show me. Show me. Do it now.”

The man was groaning, too, as he pumped away at her fuck hole. His hands gripped her thighs even harder.

Wilma let out a sob. “Oh geez,” she cried. “Oh geez, you’re going to do it. You’re going to make me cum. Oh geez, you’re going to do it. Cum inside me, You’re going to do it. Cum inside me now.”

The man groaned and then almost as if on command, his cannon fired.

And Wilma screamed. “Oh yeah,” she screamed. “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it. Cum inside me. Oh geez, you’re doing it. I love it. Oh geez. It feels so good.”

The old man didn’t say anything. He just stayed where he was with his cock buried inside that gripping, little hole and he let his cock say it all.

Wilma moaned as pleasure continued to course through her. Fuck, that was good. That was so fucking good.

And the best part about it was that she wasn’t even done.

It was the tall, geeky kid that took her next. The old gunner had barely pulled out of Wilma’s pussy when Wilma felt a pair of hands on her ass. They were caressing her and surprisingly soft, almost tender.

She moaned as those hands continued to explore. Now, it was just one hand on her ass while the other fondled her tits. The hand on her ass squeezed first one cheek and then the other even as the hand on her tits squeezed first one tit and then the other, and then the hand on her ass was sliding in between her cheeks and Wilma moaned.

And Wilma could feel something else. It was long and hard and it was pressed up against her ass and it felt good. Wilma moaned. As good as those hands felt, what she really needed was the long and the hard.

The kid turned her around and he kissed her. “I’m going to fuck you,” he told Wilma. I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

“Don’t say it,” Wilma told the boy. “If you’re going to do it, then do it.”

And that’s when the boy surprised her. Without warning, he bent down and slipped his arms back behind her knees so that when he straightened up, Wilma could feel her feet coming up off the deck.

And then he was rising higher and higher. “Put me down, you oaf,” the girl squealed. “Put me down.”

“You wanted me to fuck you, then fine. That’s what we’re going to do,” the boy told her and that’s when Wilma felt it, the feel of a cock being pressed up from underneath, the feel of a cock entering her wet and waiting hole.

And then the kid released his hold on Wilma’s legs and as he did so, her body slid down and as it did, it impaled her pussy even harder and deeper on the cock inside her.

She was hanging on that cock, mounted there like a picture on the wall. She was trapped and she loved it.

“You wanted me to fuck you,” the kid said. “Well, I got a better idea. How about you fuck yourself on my cock.”

Wilma looked at the kid and nodded. Trapped as she was with the kid in front and with the gun at her back, she really didn’t have anywhere to go, but she found that if she worked it just right, she could get a rhythm going where she literally bounced on that cock.

She began to pant. Fuck, that was good. That cock was long just like the kid and every time, she bounced on it, every time she came down, her whole body weight drove her down on that cock. Fuck, that thing was going even deeper.

She panted even more. Oh geez, that was good. That was so fucking good. She couldn’t believe how good that cock felt inside her.

And all the while, the kid had his hands under her ass. It was the only support he gave her but it was enough, just barely, but it was enough.

Wilma moaned. Oh geez, that was good. That was so fucking good. Oh geez.

The kid was groaning, too, and Wilma realized what that meant. He was going to cum. He was going to cum in her hot, little pussy, and when he did, she was going to cum right along with him.

The kid groaned and Wilma felt it, the surge of cum as it pushed its way up inside her hungry pussy and in the next moment, Wilma was cumming, too.

For some time, Wilma had realized that impaled as she was, she couldn’t touch her feet to the deck but as the young kid’s cock finally began to lose some of its rigidity, her body slowly began to fall and then she was tumbling off of that cock and she fell to the deck, but when she looked up, she found the redhead standing there in front of her. Red pubic hair, she thought. She’d never seen that before.

But she didn’t have time to consider hair color or much of anything else for that matter because the kid was stroking a big, hard cock and Wilma knew just where that was going to go.

The kid bent Wilma over the open breach at the back of the cannon. “This is where I work,” he told Wilma even as he came up behind her and then moments later, he was plunging his cock into her cunt.

Wilma moaned as she took that cock in her cunt. Oh geez, that was good. That was so fucking good.

“Yeah, you like this,” the kid said as he took a hold of her hips and continued to drive his cock into her cunt.

The kid didn’t wait for a response. He just kept fucking and fucking. Damn, that was good. That was so fucking good.

Wilma’s hands continued to hold onto the back of the gun as the kid’s cock continued to take her and she couldn’t help moaning. Man, that felt good.

“Yeah, you like this don’t you?”

“Yes-s-s-s,” Wilma moaned. “Yes, I love it.”

“Are you going to cum for me?”


“Are you going to cum for me? Are you going to cum right now?”

The one-time pirate moaned. “Yes,” she answered, and then she did.

“Oh yeah,” the gunner said as he felt Wilma’s pussy squeeze his still hard cock. “Oh yeah, there it is. There it is.”

Wilma couldn’t help but moan as that cock continued to take her. She loved that cock. She loved them all.

Finally though, her pussy had had just about all it could take. She was spent and she was worn out. As much as she wanted to make the redhead cum, she couldn’t. Her body tumbled free and Wilma landed in a crumpled heap at the base of the cannon.

And that’s when she found herself looking up at the men standing over her. It wasn’t just the redhead who had a hard cock. They all did and they were all aiming them at her.

“Load and fire, me boys,” the old gunner ordered and almost as one, the three cocks erupted, raining a volley of cum down on Wilma.

And Wilma squealed as more and more cum rained down on her. They were plastering her with their hot, sticky cum and she loved it.
She loved it a lot.

And Wilma smiled. It was so good to be useful. It was so good to be used.

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    Pirates dont shoot blanks. That term wasn’t even around at the time. It was a misfire, or and empty load…

    Great stories tho ;)

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